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What does the Bible say on Depression?

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What do you think the biggest problem is with your generation?
What is depression?
Why do we struggle with depression? What is the root cause of depression?
The root cause of depression is sin. When we are in sin, we are separated from God, thus cut off from the one who gives life and joy.
People are struggling with depression because they are looking inward to try and find the answer to happiness.
People think that fulfillment will come in material things or people.
We need a greater joy.
So what the ultimate cure for depression
It is to know and be known by God.
Christ says He is there for the weary and broken.
When we come to Jesus it is not a be good enough and then I’ll let you in kind of welcome, it is come and you can be mine. I will cleanse you.
People who struggle with depression often have never experienced the joy of knowing they are loved by God despite their past.
So to know God is to know the way to overcome depression.
Can Christians deal with depression?
Doubt within a Christian still has the same root causes of the nonbeliever.
Thinking your not good enough to be loved, sin, and doubting God are all causes of Christian depression.
Ps 42-43
The man is longing for God
He is in tears all his days
People mock him
He remembers what God has done
He preaches to Himself.
He is depressed and remembers better days
God has sent trials his way and it has been overwhelming to him
He knows God will send His faithful love to Him
and in the midst of all this he is saying to God why have you forgotten me?
He calls God his rock and goes on to question why he is going through this trouble,
Yet again he remembers God’s faithfulness and preaches to Himself.
Ps 43
God deliver me, you are my savior why must I continue this way?
God deliver me and I will sing to you with joy.
The true cure to depression starts with recognizing the cause, and then turning to God.
The greater you know you’re God the more you can remind yourself and trust in the love He has for you.
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