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1.Brief prayer.
Lord, use me today to speak what you would say to your children.
Move through the deep places in our hearts, open our minds to your truth, and penitrate the lies every person has come in agreement with and cancel it in your sons name.
Everyone repeat after me: “Lord, what are you saying to me today?”
2. Honor and thank Pastor.
As a Church, Pastor Juan has invited us to build a solid foundation in Christ and understand how to be, and, raise up STRONG disciples through the “Purple Book”.
As we begin moving past elementary teachings, coming off milk and graduate to more mature foods ,we begin to understand , and have a clear perspective AND mature in our walk with Christ.
lesson one in the purple book : Understanding sin and Salvation, there was a question that stood out to me.
I want YOU to take a moment and think about the question you are about to hear.
“What would you do, if someone could offer you a BRAND NEW LIFE?”
I want you to keep that question in the forefront of your mind.
Chew on.
Today, We are going to reference Matthew 13 the parable of the pearl.
Our lives are a lot like the Process of the Pearl.
Some of you here feel as if you were brought into this world the same way a pearl was formed.
Rejected, unwanted, a mistake, as if you have been at the bottom of a dark, cold place alone and no one to relate to.
no one to connect with, and no purpose in your position.
You see, BEFORE a Pearl is formed, it goes through a process.
As the oyster sits at the bottom of the dark, cold ocean floor, an invader, or particle that enters into the personal space of the oyster the oyster immediately detects the invader as a threat and posing harm to it, and its environment.
As a defense mechanism, the oyster begins to secrets fluids that coat and cover what is sees as an irritant.
The goal of the oyster is to reject, get rid of and eject the particle.
This process goes on for three years before it is considered an “adult” Pearl.
It takes another three years to form into a fully mature Pearl that is now considered of high value and cost.
what started off as in invader and seen as an irritant being rejected, is now held at high value, unique, one of its kind AND sought after by people all over the world AND IT HAS a high price tag.
How you came in here today does not matter as much as how you LEAVE HERE!
Megan: connect and give example of moms Journal.
It is the Spirit of GOD the does the work invisibly inside the human heart.
We cant SEE it happening, BUT! WE can SEE is the RESULTS!
Lets jump into our verse this morning.
The Parable in Matthew:
The Message: (Chapter 13) Matthew 13:44-46
God’s kingdom is like a jewel merchant on the hunt for excellent pearls.
Finding one that is flawless, he immediately sells everything and buys it.
Tony Evans commentary reads:
The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure, buried in a field and like a priceless Pearl.
Discoverers are willing to give up everything they possess in order to GAIN their prizes because they recognize their INCALCULABLE value.
BACK TO THE ORIGINAL QUESTION: What would you do if someone offered you a NEW LIFE?
He wants to wipe your slate clean.
He wants to give you a new Heart.
There is purpose in your position.
Jesus gave the Parable of the pearl, as a merchant was on the hunt for EXCELLENT Pearls.
not just OK ones, but ones of Excellence.
God gave his only son Jesus to pay the price for you and every sin, addiction, stronghold, secret, and sickness.
His gift of salvation is FREE for us but...
It costs us everything.
Are you willing to give up everything you are holding onto?
self indulging in, selfishly gratifying yourself with, the hatred, unforgivness, or secrets for the kingdom of Heaven?
We can’t be completely free until we respond to his LOVE.
I challenge you today to treasure God above all things.
You are of value.
Respond this morning to open your heart and recieve your new life.
You are valuable and of great value.
Get connected, get under discipleship and begin to mature!
intoduce ray.
I'm going to leave you with this thought.
there may be TWO categories of people here today:
1. those who have not accepted the Lord as your savior.
Today, respond to the pounding in your heart and begin your new life.
Get the purple book, plug into a hangout and begin the process.
discipleship, community and accountability are criticle.
You are not meant to do this walk alone!
God wants to give you a NEW HEART.
Just like the peral, he wants to give you a NEW LIFE!
2. THERE ARE Those who have started your life in Jesus, but deep down, this message has surfaced feelings and emotions you thought were gone.
Don’t allow the lie of the enemy make you believe you are not enough, that you have not been redeemed or made new.
Lay your hurt, resentment, and pain at the alter, pick yourself up and keep going.
Remember, Just because you have a new life in Christ does not mean there are not areas he is still trying to expose and show you so he can bring dead things back to life...
Are you going to miss it?
Or respond?
Jesus spoke in parables to “ come along side” and give understanding about the secrets of the Kingdom of HEAVEN to his disciples, while at the same time bringing confusion to those listening in the crowds they had calloused hearts and were in disbelief.
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