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1) Introduction.
“How To’s”
Brothers and sisters, we serve a miracle working God!!!!
Think about this: When you and I see a miracle happen, that is very much a special event!
It’s not something that happens everyday!
Some people have seen one or two, or even twenty!
But even if you have been around many miracles in the making, still they are the exception.
We are mostly used to that which is normal and expected.
We are used to the natural.
But God is not natural.
He is supernatural!
The miracle that will change your life and your family forever?
That same miracle to Jesus, is just another Tuesday!
When He heals you and delivers you or changes the desperate situation you have been heartburning and praying that’s, that’s just natural to him!!!!!
It won’t be the first miracle He has performed that hour, nor will it be the last!
All over the world, people are calling out to God!
In different time zones and languages all over this globe, desperate people will rely on God to save and heal and deliver and before the day is done, he will have done exactly that many times over!
Aren’t you glad that we serve a God who is moved by compassion?
Aren’t you glad that his hand is not shortened that he cannot save, nor his ear heavy that it cannot hear?
He does hear your prayer!
He hears the cries of a desperate heart!
And He is able to help you!
Okay, so maybe you say “I’m one of those.”
“I am one of those who needs a miracle!
Perhaps it is a known situation, obvious to all that you need help with.
Perhaps it is a very internal and private need that only you and God know about.
Well, if you need a miracle today, you’ve come to the right place.
First off, I will tell you that good things happen in relationship.
The casual acquaintance does not do things for you that will change your life.
But those people you call friends, family, those people who share life with you, those relationships are where the best things tend to happen.
The things that make our lives rich and special are most often born out of relationship.
Let me say then, that If you make Jesus your friend, if you spend your life and affection on Him, you will see great and supernatural things!
Life I have learned, is a business of seasons.
We have this ebb and flow.
We have mountain top experiences and then we have those days spent in the valley, the low points.
And there are times in every life, when you simply need a miracle!
Not tomorrow, but today!
In the here and now!
“God you are my only hope!”
“You are my source!”
“Help me Jesus!”
Now if that is you, I am so glad you came to church today!
I’m gonna tell you how to Jump start a miracle!
An Angel, well met!
A few years ago, on a cold Sunday morning, before our hour and a half trip from Daly City to Santa Rosa, I went down to the car, to check the oil and warm it up.
As I left the apartment building, I noticed a little red saturn parked there with a tall, stately man standing in front of it.
I thought to myself: “Surely, you are not gonna try and fit inside that car?”
I was surprised to see somebody else out and about.
Normally, you could fire a cannon down that street on a cold winter morning and not hit a thing!
The hood was up and so I asked him if he needed a jump.
As it happened, He said no, but nothing else.
“Ok, I said, have a blessed day!”
Then as I got to my car, to warm the engine, I realized that my battery was dead!
Oh no!
We left the lights on last night!
Well, I walked back to the guy, pretty sheepish, and I said, “Hey there, I guess it turns out that I’m the one who needs a jump!
So, he pulled the saturn over, I hooked up the batteries and had her going real quick.
He was a big man, but real quiet.
Now, usually, I would take the opportunity to try and talk Jesus with a helpful stranger, but for some reason I can’t explain, that morning, I just didn't feel the need to!
I thanked him and off the Louws went to church!
And the next day, It began to dawn on me….
I had never seen that car or that person before!
I never saw Him again!
I saw the car a few days after, but the lady driving it was a different race and a different life stage than the man I had seen.
She was never accompanied by anyone else and I never saw him again.
Finally, it hit me like a brick!
The man I had seen and talked to…
That man was an angel!
To this day, I am utterly convinced!
It all made sense!
If he had not been there to jump my car when it was dead, I would have never made it to church on time, never!
I knew it then, in my very soul!
Then my wife noticed, the license plate frame on that little car was from a dealer in Santa Rosa!
To this day, I know that God sent an angel to help me and to build my faith!
See, my battery was dead!
Dead as can be!
What I needed was to hook up to another power!
I had to get a little juice running through that battery so I could start the car and get it charged!
All the systems of the car, the electrical system, the engine itself, the transmission, the hydraulics in the brakes, all of those systems upon systems were geared and calibrated to work well and work together!
All it needed was a little jump start!
Just a little jump to get things going!
And I wonder today, whose faith needs a little jump?
Who needs a jump in the hope department?
Do you need a financial miracle?
Do you need a miracle of healing?
It can happen this very hour!
Maybe what you need is Just a little shot of faith, a realization that
“I can make it through this!”
“I will survive and come out stronger on the other side!”
And if God provides for you today, in a supernatural way, it won’t be the first time HE’s done it!
Nor will it be the last!
Hey, it wasn’t that long ago:
We were lost in transgressions and sins!
But God, who is rich in mercy, reached down to you and to me!
He saw us there, trapped in our sin and our shame!
He reached out to you and saved you!
Know this:
Jesus Christ can save anyone from anything!!!!
If you find an addiction that God cannot overcome,
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