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Several years ago, the winter season brought a number of extremely heavy snows to the Forsyth County area of North Carolina. Between Winston-Salem and Kernersville, along the interstate highway, were a great many tall, young pine trees, lining the highway.

Following one of the six-inch snows that was extremely wet, the pine branches were bowed down under the weight of the heavy snow. The thick grove of trees looked like a picture out of a storybook.

But in addition to the grove of pines, a good many trees stood alone in the sparsely wooded area next to Interstate 40. Without the protection of being able to lean one against another, many of the beautiful trees broke off and fell to the ground. However, those trees that were in groves bent under the load of snow, leaning one against another. In those thick groves, none of the pines were broken.

This demonstrates the importance of standing together in the time of trouble. There is strength in leaning one against another.

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