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Road Rage

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 Road rage is a relatively new term that seeks to define the uncontrollable anger which occurs on the roadways of America. The destructive nature of such behavior was recently demonstrated on the Golden State Freeway in Sylmar, California. Delfina Morales, 42, and her 26-year-old daughter were irritated by an unnamed driver. Other motorists saw the two wo­men tailgate the van and make angry gestures at the driver. When the van exited the freeway, Ms. Morales followed closely, then quickly got into a position to spin her tires and splash the van with mud. She quickly spun around, slinging mud, and then drove up the ramp from which both vehicles had just exited. In her state of intense anger, she lost her bearings and treated the off-ramp like an on-ramp. She drove straight into oncoming freeway traffic. She and her daughter were instantly killed when they crashed into a Federal Express truck. The driver of the truck suffered minor physical injuries. Whether you call it road rage or inappropriate anger, it's a dangerous emotion that can literally destroy lives.

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