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Waters of truth

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Text: 2 Tim. 4:1-5

Thematic focus: If we allow the truth to guide us, we will find ourselves in the right port at the end  of our journey.

I.     Declaration of the Truth Challenges us to Check Our Compass

A.  whatever the season

-even if we do not like what we hear. Whether it sits well with us or not.

                        - A word in Season is not always pleasant to us.

B.  Following Orders

-As the word reproves, rebukes and exhorts.  listen to the Captain of our soul.

C.  accepting Instruction

- be teachable

II.   Desire Apart From the Truth Challenges Us to Change Our Course

A.  Murmurring

-not enduring sound doctrine

B.  Mutiny

- Making ourselves the master of truth, instead of truth being allowed to master us. (relativism)

- accumulating other teachers.

                        - do away with the captain, so we can do what we want to do.

C.  Myths

-falling prey to false stories to their own destruction

III. Dedication to the Truth Challenges Us to Stay the Course.

A.  A serious charge

- Sober, no rum on board to, this is a serious mission. We will be held accountable for how we finish our mission.

B.  a strong sailor

- Enduring hardship

C.  a set course

- we have to fulfill our ministry by sticking to the truth.  The course is set by the truth.

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