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Understanding Sign Language

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! Text: John 6:1-15

I.      Introduction: The beauty of sign language can only be understood if we understand the reality behind the movements. We can admire the beauty of the movements and marvel over the rhythmic flow of the Hands, but unless we know what the signs represent, We miss the full beauty of signing, and can only enjoy it on a surface level. Similarly, We can enjoy all of the beautiful things that Jesus does in our midst, and still not grasp the beautiful truth of Jesus that they point to.

II.    We  Misunderstand When We Are Feverishly Gathering In Search Of A Curious Jesus. (Vv. 1-4)

A.    Curiosity excited by  miraculous signs

B.    Curiosity excited by religious tradition

III.   We Misunderstand When We Are Fearfully Gaping At The Scarcity Before A  Capable Jesus. (Vv. 5-9)

A.    Despairing in the face of  mighty obstacles

B.    Doubting in the face of  meager rescources

IV.   We Misunderstand When We Are Fervently Gobbling The Supply of A Compasionate Jesus. (Vv. 10-13)

A.    Eating eagerly with material satisfaction

B.    Eating ignorantly with missed significance

V.    We Misunderstand When We Are Forcefully Grabbing For The Services Of A Captured Jesus. (Vv. 14-15)

A.    Clinging to Jesus as a human resource

B.    Causing Jesus to remove himself

VI.   Conclusion: We must seek Jesus beyond the signs and miraculous experience, seeing beyond the signs to a higher plane. When we have seen beyond the signs to the reality they point to, We will not try to grab Jesus for what He can do for us, but we will give ourselves to him asking what we can do for him. The reality that the signs of Jesus point to should not cause us to try to bind him to our service, but it should bind us to His service. It is not until that happens that we have begun to really understand the signs that point to Jesus.

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