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Then Came Jesus

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Then Came Jesus

Text: Luke 2:1-20


I.                   Jesus came with means of personal invitation.

A.                Approachable

- Not as a king lifted up, but as a king bending                      down.

- the blue collar man.

B.                 Inclusive

- Coming to the least encompasses the whole

- Shows the lowly as just as important.

II.                Jesus came with a message of personal communication

A.                Individual (One on one)

- Concerned with each person as an individual.

B.                 Urgent

- What he was willing to leave behind.

- You are worth everything to Him.

III.             Jesus came with a method of personal identification

A.                Personal in experience

- working with my dad as an Ironworker when I was about 14.

B.                 Personal in example

- WWJD         

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