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The Wonder of Symbols

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The Wonder of Symbols

Text: Gen 9:12-17

Intro: The Symbols of Christmas/Faith

            - too many wonder at the symbols

            - to many the symbols cause wonder

I.                   Symbols Provide a Scale of the Kings Severity

A.    A severe standard of righteousness

B.     A severe penalty for rebellion

II.                Symbols Provide a Measure of the Kings Mercy

A.    They mirror His grace to our benefit

B.     They mirror His love on our behalf

III.             Symbols Provide a Reminder of the Kings Rule

A.    Rule with absolute ability

B.     Rule with absolute authority

Concl: The symbols help to bring us into the King's presence as they communicate His holiness that demands justice, His mercy born out of  love and grace, and His sovereignty and leadership in our lives. As we observe the symbols this season, O come let us adore Him.

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