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The United Way

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Sermon Title:      The United Way

Scripture Text:   Psalm 133:1



1.       The United Way Organization engages people from all walks of life to benefit society.

2.       To receive the benefits of unity we must engage all our brothers and sisters of the faith.

Thematic Sentence:   Living in unity causes us to experience blessings.


Transition:   If people of faith stand together they will be blessed because:


I.                   The United Way Is A Way Of Blessing

A.     A Blessing that is Good

B.     A Blessing that is Pleasing

C.     A Blessing that is contingent

Transition:   Having reviewed the blessings of unity, lets look at how we achieve that unity.

II.                The United Way Is A Way Of Brotherhood

A.     Brotherhood in the context of everyday life

B.     Brotherhood in the context of ongoing relationship

C.     Brotherhood in the context of an organizing principle.

Transition:   We know that unity brings blessings, and unity is achieved in true brotherhood. In light of this, how should we respond?

Conclusion: We must practice brotherhood in our everyday life, not just on special occasions.       We cannot throw relationships away at the drop of a hat. As the family of faith, we must be united in common brotherhood in order to experience the blessings of that unity.

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