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The Gospel Train

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I.                   Text: John 3:16


Introduction:       A Trains Movement

-          What powers the train

-          Who is on the train

-          Where is the train going

II.                The Impetus Of Salvation Is Love.

A.    Love that gives (That He Gave)

***Not a selfish, selfcentered love.

                Shortly after World War II came to a close, Europe began

picking up the pieces.  Much of the Old Country had been ravaged

by war and was in ruins.  Perhaps the saddest sight of all was

that of little orphaned children starving in the streets of those

war-torn cities.

   Early on chilly morning an American soldier was making his way

back to the barracks in London.  As he turned the corner in his

jeep, he spotted a little lad with his nose pressed to the window

of a pastry shop.  Inside the cook was kneading dough for a fresh

batch of doughnuts.  The hungry boy stared in silence, watching

every move.  The soldier pulled his jeep to the curb, stopped,

got out and walked quietly over to where the little fellow was

standing.  Through the steamed-up window he could see the

mouth-watering morsels as they were being pulled from the over,

piping hot.  The boy salivated and released a slight groan as he

watched the cook place them onto the glass-enclosed counter ever

so carefully.

  The soldier's heart went out to the nameless orphan as he stood

beside him.  "Son...would you like some of those?"  The boy was

startled.  "Oh, yeah...I would!"  The American stepped inside and

bought a dozed, put them in a bag, and walked back to where the

lad was standing in the foggy cold of the London morning.  He

smiled, held out the bag, and said simply: "Here you are."

   As he turned to walk away, he felt a tug on his coat.  He

looked back and heard the child ask quietly:  "Mister...are you


   We are never more like God than when we give.  "God so loved

the world, that he gave..."

      From Improving Your Serve by Charles R Swindoll  p 52-53 /

B.    Love that is extravagant (His Only Son)

Nansen, the Norwegian explorer, tried to measure an extremely

deep part of the Arctic Ocean.  The first day, he used his longest measuring line but couldn't reach bottom.  He wrote in his log book, "The ocean is deeper than that!"  The next day, he added more line but still could not measure the depth, and so again in his record book he wrote, "Deeper than that!" After several days of adding more and more pieces of rope and cord to his line, he had to leave that part of the ocean without learning its actual depth.  All he knew was that it was beyond his ability to measure.  So too, we cannot plumb the depths of God's love, because our human measuring line is too short.

III.             The Inclusion Of Salvation Is Limited.

A.    Reserved for anyone (whosoever)

"Whosoever will." That reminds me of a penitent in Georgia who came to the altar during a revival service. The preacher went to him and said, trying to encourage him, "Won't you take Jesus Christ as your Savior?" The young man said: "I am not one of the elect. I am one of the reprobates. I feel it all over." I don't suppose a poor soul ever tried to seek God, that the devil didn't slip up and say: "You are one of the reprobates. God didn't die to save you."

   The preacher said to him, "Well, my brother, listen to me a minute. If you could see your name, James B. Green, written on the Lamb's Book of Life, would you believe that Christ died for you and that you were one of the elect?" The poor fellow thought a moment and then said: "No, sir: There are so many more people of that name." "If you could see your name, James B. Green, Sereven County, Georgia, would you believe it then?" "No, there might have been other men of that name before I was born." "Well, if you could see it, James B. Green, Sereven County, Georgia, the year 1867, would you then believe it meant you?" "No, there may have been someone else at this time by that name." "Then," said the preacher, "if you could see it, James B. Green, Sereven County, Georgia, the Nineteenth district and the year 1867, would you be believe it was you?" The young man said: "I could not know definitely."

   "Now," said the preacher, "God Almighty saw all that trouble, and He just put it into these two words and said, "whosoever will," and the poor fellow jumped up and said: "Thank God, I know that means me!" --Sam Jones

B.    Reserved on condition (believes)

*** "If you wish to dwell in the house of many mansions, you must

make your reservation in advance."

-          Unknown

***Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.


IV.             The Intent Of Salvation Is Life.

A.    Imperishable (Condition)

Vital life with no diminishment

Youth and old age- In heaven you will be fully alive, with no decay of life.

B.    Eternal (Extent)

Beyond time

                ***"Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that

it shall never have a beginning."

                     --Cardinal Newman


                Get On Board. . . . .All Aboard!



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