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God in the Flesh

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God in the Flesh

Text: Hebrews 2:14-18


I.        In the Incarnation, Jesus Offers a Response to the Devil.

A.       Breaking the Power of Death

B.       Breaking the Power of Accusation

C.       Breaking the Power of Fear

II.      In the Incarnation, Jesus Offers a Relationship With God.

A.       Through His Person

1.        Son of God

2.        Son of Man

B.       Through His Passion

1.        Satisfying God’s Justice

2.        Satisfying Man’s Debt

C.       Through His Priesthood

1.        Faithful to God

2.        Merciful to Man

III.   In the Incarnation, Jesus Offers a Remedy for Sin.

A.       A Remedy for the Penalty of Sin

B.       A Remedy for the Pollution of Sin

C.       A Remedy for the Practice of Sin


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