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Don't Forget

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Don’t Forget

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. (Jn 15:13 NIV)


  • On memorial day, we remember the sacrifice others have made on our behalf.
  • We are the lowliest of all people if we should forget or take for granted the great expense paid by others on our behalf.

I.       Don’t Forget The  Expressions Of Love

A.    Preserving Lives

B.     Preserving Relationships

C.    Preserving Communities

II.    Don’t Forget The Great Expense of Service

A.    They Lay Their Life On The Line

B.     They Pay The Price Of All Time

C.    They  Sacrifice The Last Dime

III. Don’t Forget The Excellence of Christ

A.    The Ultimate Love Extended

B.     The Ultimate Sacrifice Extended

C.    The Ultimate Life Extended


  • The greatest love ever extended to man was that of God through his son Jesus Christ. That love is reproduced in men as they offer their lives in service of their fellow men and women. 
  • Imagine if you will, a fireman reaching out to save a life from the flames, only to have that person run back into the flames and the burning. How much more heartbroken must Jesus be when one refuses the salvation offered through the love and sacrifice he offers, as he watches them turn away from him and enter the fires of hell.
  • Oh God, help us see who it is that needs your love, and help us to embrace your sacrifice. Help us to turn away from the destructive flames of sin, and turn to you for our rescue.

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