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Citizen of the kingdom

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Citizen of the Kingdom

Text: Colossians 1:13-20


     The year of 1986 was a troubling year for the Philippines.  Presidential elections had been held for the office of the presidency. Running for the Presidency were Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino.  Marcos claimed the victory and declared himself president but evidence of fraud resulted in a popular uprising, which installed Corazon Aquino into office.

     Further investigation revealed that Marcos had misused the funds under his control.  Marcos was banished from the country and was not allowed to even step foot on Philippine soil.  He spent the rest of His life trying regain the citizenship he had lost.  He was an exile trying to gain admission into his beloved country.

     It wasn't until two years after his death that they allowed his remains to be returned to the country and be buried in his hometown.  Ferdinand Marcos had died a man separated and denied citizenship in the country he loved.

     Many people today are risking their citizenship in a much greater kingdom.  As difficult as it must be to be excluded from your homeland on earth, the tragedy of being excluded from Christ's kingdom is much greater.  The Kingdom of Christ is vast and glorious, and to be denied citizenship by this King is to be denied much.  Looking at the extent of Christ's Kingdom will help us to realize just how serious it is to be exiled from this kingdom.  So what are the boundaries of Christ's kingdom.  Just what is Christ the King of?

I. Christ Is The King Of Creation.

     A. Seen on earth.

     B. Unseen in heaven

II. Christ Is The King Of Preservation.

     A.  He is preserved

     B. All things are preserved by Him

III. Christ Is The King Of Reconciliation.

     A.  Head of the true church

     B. The work of the cross

     C. Displayed to the world

IV. Christ Is King Of The Consummation.

     A. Christs' priority

     B. Christs' authority


     If you were to pass from this world without your citizenship in Christ's kingdom intact, you would forever remain exiled from His presence.  Without Christ as your king, you will be excluded from the wonderful creative, preserving power of Christ.  You will not be part of those who are reconciled and the end of the age will find you on the wrong side of Him who is ageless.  Don't let sin exclude you from your citizenship rights. Do not put off getting your immigration papers.  Until you accept Christ as your king, you can not have your name entered in the citiz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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