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Can Dry Bones Live

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Can Dry Bones Live?

Text: Ezekiel 37:1-14 (NIV)

        I.            Introduction – The hand of God is on the spiritual pulse of the church. He sees the church as it is. He rejoices when the heart of the church beats with spiritual life, and he mourns when the heart of the church fails for lack of spiritual life. There is no fooling God.  We can, however, fool ourselves. We can pretend there is worship where there is only ritual. We can pretend busy commotion is spiritual activity. We can imagine that we are fine and all is well when in reality we are spiritually dry and as lifeless as old bones. It is not until we come to grips with the need for revival that it is possible. We do not reach out in faith for that which we believe we already have. Who goes to see a doctor if they think themselves well? Who calls the physician unless they feel sick? In the same way, there will be no revival until we feel our need. There will be no cure for a dry dead church until her people recognize their need and call upon God.

      II.            Dry Bones Can Live Only When We Admit The Absence Of Life

a.       We Must Realize The Church Is More Than A Physical Body

                                                               i.      The church is more than a physical institution.

-          Officials, Buildings, and attendance roles

-          A Christian Sub Culture (Shirts, Slogans, Music, etc.)

                                                             ii.      The church is more than physical activity

-          A busy church is not necessarily a healthy church.

-          Live action lures move and appear to be the real thing but there is no life in them.

b.      We Must Admit The Church Is Lacking Spiritual Vitality

                                                               i.      The Reality Of Spiritual Dryness Must Be Confessed

-          The danger is that we fail to confess the lack of life and become satisfied with a physical existence without a spiritual reality. Ritual that is not spiritual is fatal.

-          No Spiritual Energy

-          When the vital signs are flat lined we have to admit that there is no life. (Worship is dry, the presence of God is missing, no spiritual response, no spiritual desire)

                                                             ii.      The Need For Spiritual Life Must Be Admitted

-          We have to admit that we are not okay

-          Adam and his refusal to ask for help from the lifeguard

    III.            Dry Bones Can Live Only When We Appeal To The Author Of Life

a.       The Possibility Of Life: God Is Able To Make Dry Bones Live!

                                                               i.      The Problem Is Big: Can These Dry Bones Live?

                                                             ii.      The Power Is Bigger: You Will Come To Life!

b.      The Reality Of Life: God Is Willing To Make Dry Bones Live!

                                                               i.      Through His Word: Hear! Live!

-          The Word of God is able to bring revival, but only if we will hear the Word of the Lord!

                                                             ii.      Through His Spirit: Breathe of God! Life of God!

-          Apart from the Spirit of God there is no revival. We are dead without the Spirit of God in us.

    IV.            Conclusion – Look at the church. Put your hand alongside of God’s. Feel her pulse with Him. Do you see the need for revival? Do you feel her life beating strongly, or has her spiritual heartbeat become only a faded echo of what it used to be? Is she becoming as dry bones? Oh for a revival of the church that beats strong in this land. Whose pulse is set by the Word of God.  A church that inspires more than activity and the spinning of wheels. Oh for a church in whose veins throb the cadence and power of God’s Spirit. Lord, give us Revival. Make these Dry Bones Live!

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