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Are You Planted in the Truth

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Colossians 2:1-7


     Today, the word Christian has come to mean many things to many people.  Some consider a Christian as being anyone who attends church on a regular basis.  Others consider themselves Christian if they hold to a certain moral standard.  The term has become so broad that many groups in the united states have adopted the name, even though their beliefs differ markedly from what is traditionally thought as being Christian.  These groups range from Spiritists and Psychics to more organized groups such as the Mormons and Jehovah's (false) witnesses.

     Many have taken the truth of Christianity and blended it with other false teachings and have produced falsified hybrids of religious thought.  Some will declare truth as being whatever an individual perceives it to be and that no one person's truth is greater than another's.   This is known as relativism and it stands against truth being absolute, meaning what is true is true whether you believe it or not.  Acknowledging truth as an individual choice can only lead to confusion, because no two individual people think alike.  1 Corinthians 14:33 tells us that God is not the author of confusion.

     The word Christian means little Christs or followers of Christ.  In order to  avoid confusion, and in order to live and think properly, we must understand what it means to follow Christ.  The bible gives us sound doctrine that we may live rightly.  Lets take a look at how sound doctrine helps us.  First, let's take a look at:

I. The Profit of Sound Doctrine.

     A. Encouragement

     B. Unity

     C. Assurance

     D. Protection from falsehood

II. The Practice of Sound Doctrine.

     A. Discipline

     B. Stability

     C. Growth

     D. Gratitude


     We need sound doctrine to live rightly as true Christians.  It encourages and strengthens us.  It provides assurance and protection from falsehood.  Sound doctrine gives us stability and discipline, and we grow and are filled with gratitude as we are filled with the truth. 

     As much as some people dislike the word doctrine and think it dry and boring, we need doctrine to keep us on the Christian path.  Tryon Edwards, great grandson to the preacher Jonathan Edwards, said "Doctrine is the necessary foundation of duty; if the theory is not correct, the practice cannot be right.  Tell me what a man believes, and I will tell you what he will do."

     Donald Barnhouse puts it this way.  He said "Some people decry doctrine and say experience is the thing.  But there can be no valid experience that is not founded on truth, and truth is doctrine.  If you are lost and going in the wrong direction, calling South ‘North' will not bring you home.  It is only the knowledge of the truth that will enable you to reach your destination

     In our Christian walk, it is the truth of sound Christian Doctrine that will enable us to finally make it to our destination.  It is only through the use of sound doctrine that false teachings can be destroyed and we are free to live as true Christians.  Study the Bible that you may not fall victim to the falsehood that seeks to destroy you.

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