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A Fellowship of Sharing

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Colossians 4:7-17


     Many believers feel that they have to do everything themselves.  To them it is a sign of weakness to accept help from others.  Independence is the rule of the day, and the motto is "I can do it myself!"

     In following the Lord and being part of His family, it should be quite the opposite of that.  It is in community that we find strength for the trials and tragedies that come our way.  The sharing fellowship of believers makes it possible to learn and gain instruction from a greater pool than ourselves.  Also, encouragement is a strengthening factor that puts us on a higher road at times than we would be if left to stew in our own gloomy disposition.

     This passage is a pearl of great price when it comes to finding strength outside ourselves that we may continue when we have no strength left.

     As Christians:

I. We Have A Fellowship Of Shared Burdens

A. A burden of concern

B. A burden of prayer

II. We Have A Fellowship Of Shared Instruction

A.Church instruction

B.Individual Instruction

III. We Have A Fellowship Of Shared Encouragement

A. For strengthening hearts

B.For the work of the ministry


     We need the help of each other to pull us through to the end.  God has established the church and has designed that we strengthen and encourage each other

Illust.:     To perhaps explain this a little better, let me tell you a story of a girl named Linda who was traveling in the rugged country of upper Canada in her little Honda civic.  The roads were rough travelling in the Yukon and she needed some rest so she stopped and found a room for the night at a mountain top inn.  She set a wakeup call for five A.M. in order to get an early start

     When she awoke the next morning, fog had covered the mountain.  She got up to go to breakfast.  Two truckers asked her to join them for the meal, and being a small place, she felt obliged. 

     Asking her where she was headed, she replied "Whitehorse."

     "Are you crazy?" they replied.  We'll have to hug you with our trucks. 

     All that morning, Linda followed the bright lights of the truck in front of her  and was assured that if there were any problems, there was another friend behind to help.

      As we are caught in the fog of life, we need other Christians to hug us with encouragement and instruction, and to hold us up in prayer.  Don't be afraid to let others help you along the way, some going before you to instruct and guide, and others following behind providing support and encouragement.  Together we can make it!

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