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A Family Design

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Joshua 24:14-15


Dysfunctional / Functional - Something is functional if it fulfills the purpose it was designed for. (Car without an engine)

Illust.: In 1947, sociologist and historian Carle Zimmerman, in his book FAMILY AND CIVILIZATION, compared the disintegration of various cultures with the parallel decline of family life in those cultures.  He found eight specific patterns of domestic behavior

that typified the downward spiral of each culture he studied.

1. Marriage loses it sacredness and is frequently broken by divorce.

2. The traditional meaning of the marriage ceremony is lost.

3. Feminist movements abound.

4. Increased public disrespect for parents and authority in general.

5. Acceleration of juvenile delinquency, promiscuity and rebellion.

6. Refusal of people with traditional marriages to accept family


7. Growing desire for, and acceptance of adultery.

8. Increasing interest in and spread of, sexual perversions and

 sex-related crimes.

     - P. J. Burtch

     - PULPIT HELPS, July, 1991

I.                  A Family Is Created By God's Design. (Genesis 2:23-24)

A.     A Divine Institution

The Family is a creation of almighty God. God institutes it.

No other institution may define what family is, for its definition resides with God.

B.     A Basic Foundation

The basic structure upon which all of society is built is family.

II.         A Family Is Connected By God's Design. (Matt. 19:3-6)

A.     Joined By God

Only God can join two people together and make them one. It is a miracle. That is why it is such a shame to see so many people get married by secular authorities (justice of the peace etc.). Is it any wonder there are so many divorces?

B.     Joined With God

***Couple who went to marriage counselor. Are you Christians? He got 6-foot stepladder.  Told both to climb together. Further up, the closer they got. The closer we get to God, the closer together.

III.           A Family Is Committed By God's Design. (Josh 24:14-15)

A.     Committed To One God

You cannot serve God and riches.  To place anything before God is the same as denying his status as God.  He cannot be God in the real sense of the word if he takes second place to anything.

B.     Committed To One Guide

We must be committed to God's leading even when we do not see its outcome.  It is a matter of faith.


Quote: A family is more than a collection of human beings who are blood kin.  A family is more than the sum of its parts.  It is a living, shaping, powerful unit that teaches us our most important lessons in life.  It teaches us who we are, how to act, whom to relate to, and what is important in life.

- Kay Shurden*, Formations, Learner's Study Guide, May-August 1997, p. 4.

 - If our family is to be what it was created to be, we must be connected and committed to God.

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