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Introduction To Evangelism

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Study On Evangelism


(Mk 16:15)


 1.    Good Evening

            a.    It is good to see each of you once again

2.    We finished…

            a.    Series of lessons on “Defending Truth”

            b.    Our necessity to defend truth is paramount to the success of the church and this congregation

3.    Defending truth is the blossoming conclusion of the infrastructure of roots that are the reality of evangelism.

            a.    It is with this that we are going to look closely at evangelism and our responsibilities.

4.    One study reported the average member of the church…

            a.    Heard 4,000 sermons

            b.    Sung 20,000 songs

            c.    Participated in 8,000 prayers

            d.    But converted zero sinners

5.    What a shame it is that this is the case though we can see the effects

            a.    Evangelism is vital to God and the church thus

6.    It has been said of the church today when dealing with evangelism…

            “…the 20th century [church] resembles a professional football game. Seventy thousand spectators desperately in need of exercise watch 22 men on the field who are desperately in need of rest.” (Hearts on Fire by Humphrey, Don pg. 8)

7.    We must see the need here in Hydro for evangelism and be zealous to follow through with it.

I.    The Most Important Thing In The World Is To Save A Lost Soul

             A.    Why does the church exist?

                        1.    It is not to be political

                                    i.    This does not mean…

                                                a.    We can’t make our voices heard on moral issues

                                                            1.    I Co 6:9-10

                                                b.    We can’t vote or participate in the political process

                                                            1.    I Pt 2:17

                                    ii.   We have a democracy that allows for our voice to be heard

                                    iii.  However this does mean…

                                                a.    As a congregation we are not to endorse political groups that often times have denominational backgrounds.

                                                b.   That we do not “picket, demonstrate, or rabble-rouse to push the truth forward.” (Among The Scholars by Hester, David W. pg. 135)

                                    iv.    The church exists not for politics

                        2.    It is not to be social

                                    i.    The churches focus is not simply on social issues

                                    ii.   The church must be about the…

                                                a.    Taking care of the orphans

                                                            1.    Ja 1:27

                                                b.    Taking care of the poor

                                                            1.    Ro 15:26

                                                c.    Taking care of the widows indeed

                                                            1.    I Ti 5:3-16

                                    iii.  These aren’t the churches reasons for existence but factors that lead to the focus of the church.

                        3.    It is to save the lost

                                    i.    This was Jesus’ first priority

                                                a.    Lk 19:10

                                    ii.   This was the apostles’ first priority

                                                a.    Mk 16:15; Mt 28:19-20

            B.    Somewhere we lost focus on the churches reason for existence

                        1.    I’m reminded of a story of boy who saved up his money to see the circus

[“Years ago, a small boy who lived in the country heard that a circus was coming to town.  In those days, that was really a special treat.  He heard also that it only cost a quart to see.  He worked and saved.  Finally the day came for the circus, so he went to town with his quarter.  He found a prime spot on the curb, right on Main Street.  Perched there, he could not fail to see the circus parade as it entered town on its way to the big tent.  He would be so close that he could almost reach out and touch the clowns and the wild animals.  After working and saving his money and waiting breathlessly on the street, at last he saw the circus parade come blaring down Main Street, much to his joyful anticipation.  It was more than he had imagined: ponderous elephants, roaring tiers in their cages, acrobats and clowns.  It all passed right in front of him, so close that it took his breath away.  As the parade neared its end, the appreciative little boy, who had dreamed and worked for the wondrous moment, ran out into the street, where he handed his quarter to one of the startled circus clowns.  Without a word, the little boy turned and skipped happily home, thinking he had seen the circus!”] (Hearts on Fire by Humphrey, Don pg. 6)

                        2.    We are not here to just see the parade but the circus

                                    i.    Somewhere down the line we have forgotten…

            C.    Every Xian was won to win others

                        1.    Which leads me to my next point…

II.   Are We As The Church In Hydro In The People Business?

             A.    When was the last time you prayed for evangelism?

                        1.    How long has it been since we have heard a fervent prayer for the lost of our great community?

                        2.    How long has it been since you privately prayed for certain individuals for their hearts to be opened to hear the truth?

                        3.    How long has it been since you prayed that you would have the wisdom to see the opportunities that are there and the courage to take that opportunity to teach the lost?

            B.    The field is white here in Hydro

                        1.    The denominations around us are losing members

                        2.    The question I have is why are we not gaining them?

                                    i.    They are our neighbors, friends, family members, coworkers

                        3.    When was the last time you tried to teach someone?

                                    i.    Yesterday, a month ago, a year ago…

            C.    Are you the one that has…

                        1.    Heard 4,000 sermons

                        2.    Sung 20,000 songs

                        3.    Participated in 8,000 prayers

                        4.    Has converted zero souls.

                                    i.    How many souls you converted were outside of immediate family?

III.  Why Are We Not Evangelizing More?

             A.    Xians use to evangelize everywhere

                        1.    Right after the establishment of the church it was persecuted extremely

                                    i.    Xians were thrown in jail

                                    ii.   Xians were exiled

                                    iii.  Xians were beaten

                                    iv.  Xians were even killed for the entertainment of pagans

                        2.    Satan no doubt thought he could put an end to Xianity before it got started

                                    i.    The church grew all the more though

                                    ii.   Historians tell that for every Xian whose blood was shed 4 more came out of it

                                                a.    Pagans were converted seeing Xians had something to die for

            B.    Xians have been lulled to sleep

                        1.    Satan realized persecution was not the end of Xianity…indifference was

                        2.    Now he simply lulls us to sleep w/ the idea that inactivity brings results

                        3.    We must “wake up”

                                    i.    We don’t make up 10th of our community which means over 90% of our community is lost w/o Christ

                                    ii.   We must “wake up”

            C.    The Times Have Changed

                        1.    Humanism, Postmodernism, Realism…

                                    i.    These have gripped our world

                                    ii.   There is no truth or truth is relative

                        2.    This means we have to be simply more active than passive

                                    i.    “Tough times demand tough people” (Among The Scholars by Hester, David W. pg. 147)

                        3.    Are you willing to be tough for the people your love?

                                    i.    This is not being mean or belligerent

                                    ii.   This is not being cruel or insensitive

                                    iii.  This is being and expressing your love for the lost


 1.    C. S. Lewis once said, “To convert one’s adult neighbor and one’s adolescent neighbor (Just free from school) is the practical thing…If you make the adults of today Christian, the children of tomorrow will receive a Christian education.  What a society has, that, be sure, and nothing else, it will hand on to its young.” (The Quotable Lewis edited by Root, Jerry & Martindale, Wayne pg. 190)

2.    We must always keep in mind that “every Xian was won to win others”

3.    The process of which souls are won is seen and will be discussed through later sermons dealing with this subject in this series of lessons on evangelism.

            a.    The necessity to obey God’s Plan of Salvation is now not later

            b.    God’s Plan relies on evangelism wining souls for Christ

4.    Invitation

            a.    To the lost soul

            b.    To the wavering soul

            c.    To the faithful soul

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