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Stones to Build - Genesis 28

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“Stones to Build”

“Sir, we would see Jesus”

July 20, 2008

Genesis 28: 10-19

Jacob did everything, both right and wrong, with great zeal.  He deceived his brother Esau and his father Isaac.  He wrestled with God’s messenger and worked 14 years to marry the women he loved.  Jacob is both a strong leader and a servant. 


God speaks and expects our response.

  1. Ordinary to Extraordinary
    1. Stones are everywhere

                                                               i.      A nation of stones

                                                             ii.      Landscape of stones

                                                            iii.      Jesus was a carpenter:  80/20

    1. Stones are the building blocks

                                                               i.      Temple mount built of large stones

                                                             ii.      All that is lasting

                                                            iii.      Our call from God is carved in stone

    1. Ordinary moments become extraordinary when God is invited.  

What happens when we see the common elements of God’s creation are all from Him?

  1. God speaks
    1. Not angels but God #. God speaks directly
    2. God wrestles, Jacob wrestles and his name changes to Israel because he wrestled with God. Genesis 32: 22

My call from God

  1. God’s promises
    1. God’s promises are both individual and global

                                                               i.      We hear God’s call

                                                             ii.      The impact of God’s call affects everyone.

    1. God’s promises are everlasting – to all generations
    2. My promises to God are everlasting

                                                               i.      The necessity of Christ’s forgiveness

                                                             ii.      Jesus died and rose for you and for me.

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