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  “100 Day Report –

Digging Deeper

Branching Out”

“Sir, we would see Jesus.”

October 11, 2008

John 14: 12 – 14

Jesus addresses the question about the church community after his resurrection.  What shape will the church look like?

The model Jesus gives us is this:  The church must not cling to a cherished memory of Him nor retreat in their private experience of Him.  No.

The dynamic HS empowered church must experience the living Christ: 

  1. Live out God’s commandment.
  2. Make God known to all.
  3. Offer salvation to the world
  4. Love fully, even laying down one’s own life.

The result of a HS empowered church is that we believe, share and experience God’s love and “do even greater things than these, because Jesus is going to the Father.”’

I submit to you, Pitman UMC is positioned to “do even greater works.”

100 Day Report

            Through the Building Blocks, I have heard your stories.

            Through the Building Blocks, I have heard your dreams.

            Through the Building Blocks, I have heard you are ready to serve.

Having listened and now here is a task:  Let’s explore God’s extravagant love!  I invite you to an “Irresistible Invitation” where we pray, study and worship for 40 days.

Digging Deeper




“Irresistible Invitation” begins tomorrow as we start our devotions together.  We will study God’s grace.

Branching Out by Dreaming About tomorrow

The premise to judge and discern all faith steps:  Are we a Biblical church acting with justice and mercy?  Are unchurched persons discovering faith in Jesus Christ?  Are we offering Christ and loving fully?

1.      The Men’s Group will grow in Christ and spread Scriptural holiness.

2.      The UMW will create fellowship, growth in study, and expand in missions.

3.      Our Missions, local and global, will send groups on mission trips.

4.      Dynamic worship will change lives & experience the HS.

5.      We will launch a vision committee to discover God’s direction for us.

6.      A Pre-school Committee will bless young parents with a Christian atmosphere where children will meet Jesus.  We will open September 2009.

7.      Our Youth group will lead us, as John states, “to do even greater works.”

8.      Christian education will flourish for all ages

9.      Marriages will grow in Christ.

Faith in the One God, Father, Son and HS will transcend all activities.

a.       Obedient

b.      Dependent

c.       Servant centered

d.      Prayer bathed

e.       Biblical based

f.        Ministry done together

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