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Men Come To Christ In Different Ways

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Mark 8:22-26


            Why do you suppose Jesus sometimes performed the same miracles in different ways?   In this instance, the blind man was brought to Jesus by his friends.  Bar Timaeus heard that Jesus was passing by and called out to Him for healing.  Each was healed but not in the same manner.  Believing that every word of scripture is intended for our learning, I find it necessary to ask why Jesus performed miracles in diverse ways.

            Maybe He needed to do things in different ways to prevent boredom.  I can’t imagine that Jesus was ever bored.  There were too many people needing His help and too much work spreading the word.  Perhaps He changed His methods to bring greater attention to Himself?   No, He always made sure to give God all the credit and never used grandiose gestures.  In this case, He took the blind man away from prying eyes and then told him not to tell anyone in the town what had been done.  I’ve even wondered if miracles were done differently to meet the exact needs of the individual.   This explanation doesn’t appear valid either.  I think that Jesus changed His mode of healing to demonstrate that God is not limited to one way of doing things.

            This should offer us encouragement for it means that there are many different ways for the lost to approach Christ.  You will notice, I did not say there are many ways for the lost to be saved.  There is only one door to heaven but there are many paths leading to that door!


I.                   People Come To Christ In Different Ways


-All men are alike in their need for Christ.


A.    Some find Him after long and careful searching

1.      Weighing needs against desires and discover that Jesus is what they require

2.      For these, He is the pearl of great price for which they would give everything

B.     Others stumble upon Him seemingly by accident

1.      Not planning to be saved, taken by surprise

2.      Never realizing their need till hearing His message


II.                We Must Not Dictate To God the Way He Works


A.    The blind man’s friends asked Jesus to touch him

1.      Naaman expected his healing in a prescribed manner and very nearly missed the miracle for stubbornness

2.      Not everyone is saved in church

B.     We must be wary of superstition

1.      Concerning specific persons – “He led me to Christ and he can lead you too.”  We are often guilty of inviting the lost to our services rather than to our Lord

2.      Concerning scripture – Your favorite verse may not meet someone else’s need

3.      Concerning sermons – “Payday Someday” and its like have no greater efficacy than any other.  It is tempting to use the same blade over and over but then one is apt to depend upon the blade and not the arm that wields it!

4.      Concerning places – Some believe salvation can only occur in the altar where they were saved – bring them to church but witness along the way

C.    We must not trust even to our senses

1.      Some find Christ without our knowing (Uncle Check)

2. How many children have been saved after their praying parents had passed?  Our task is to plant the seed and wait upon the Lord for the harvest!

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