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How to grow your faith

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How to grow your faith

Heb 11:8-19


You can observe different stages in the life of faith in Abraham's life

1.  By faith Abraham responded to the call to leave his homeland (11:8): looking forward to promised land

2.  By faith Abraham made his home in the promised land as an alien and look forward to the city of God (11:9): looking forward to the heavenly city

3.  By faith Abraham gave birth to Isaac (11:11-12): looking forward to the birth of a son

4.  By faith Abraham offred Isaac (11:17)

You can grow you faith:

1.  Recognize that faith is a life-long developmental process.  You are faced with faith-stretching experiences at all stages of life.  Never think that we have graduated from the school of faith.  We have learned it again and again, only in deeper and wider manners.

2.  Know that faith looks to the future.  A man of small faith only looks at the present and be discouraged.  A man looks to the future and sees all the possibilities and equip himself for them. 

3.  Accept that faith is to be exercised for it to grow.  Abraham is challenged with difficult choices.  He made them on the promises of God.

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