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Light in dark places

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Taking Light to Dark Places

Illustration – Ed Friedman *(Friedman’s Fables)

Friedman tells the story of a young boy in war torn Europe whose town was taken over by advancing German troops. The outlook was dark, the military were oppressive, and the war came at a terrible loss to the small community.

One day the small boy witnessed one of the German storm troopers crash his motorcycle. After the event he investigated the scene and found small pieces of broken glass from the mirror.

He put the small piece of mirror in his pocket, and would often take it out to play with. In the depressed world of his little village that was turning to rubble, he created a game where he would take out his piece of broken mirror and held at the appropriate angle would reflect light into dark places.

He would do this day in, day out, finding creative ways to reflect the sun.

As the war passed, and his village was rebuilt, this young boy grew. He took with him his lessons learned in the darkness of war – that no matter how dark the world is, be the one who introduces light to dark places.

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