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Accept One Another

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Accept One Another

Romans 15:7 “Accept (welcome) one another as Christ has accepted (welcomed) you, for the glory of God.

1. Our Mandate: “Accept one another”

Q: What are some reasons the average person won’t befriend another person?

This concept comes after the verses on unity and is key to it.

Q: What does it mean to accept someone?

Definition: Eng – to give admittance or approval…to receive willingly. Grk – “bring into the circle of fellowship with no reservations for non-doctrinal issues.”

Q: How are Christians commonly seen as being “un-accepting”?

James 2:1-9: Favoritism (a type of prejudice) is sinful.

A large issue here is Legalism vs. License.

*Unity happens through diversity. (Lesson from last week)

2. Our Method: “as Christ accepted you,”

Q: What limits, if any, should there be on accepting people?

We must avoid the ditches of Legalism vs. License

Examine Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8 & 10:14+

In areas of precept we are to be clear cut. In areas of preference we are to be diplomatic. Explicit vs. Implicit / Clear vs. Vague

*Acceptance should be based on mutual beliefs, not practices. We must never sacrifice doctrine for “unity”!

Present concentric circles of fellowship based on the gospel - cardinal beliefs vs. pet beliefs.

3. Our Motive: “in order to bring praise to God.”

Q: What motivates people to be accepting? (keep peace/look good/lots of friends)

*Our actions must show others what God is like.

We must not set up fences around God’s laws that we equate with God’s laws (making our preferences a criterion of spirituality for others) and we must not live a life of loose sinfulness.


What preferential standards have you seen in our church?

What value do they have?

In what areas are you a weaker brother?

In what areas are you a stronger brother?

If we have areas of prejudice, we need to identify and confess.

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