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Playing with the Artillery

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Your feelings can really deceive and endanger you. Consider what happened to the children of Barneveld Holland. They were playing in the town when they discovered an object they’d never really seen before. They tossed it around in some kind of game. It was so much fun that they returned to play with the mysterious object the next day as well. In fact, they played with it for several months.

That was when their game came to an end. Authorities discovered that the mysterious object the children played with was and uncovered World War II artillery shell. Let me revise that: It was a WW II artillery shell that was unexploded, still live, until containing high explosives. It never went off, however, until officials purposely detonated it.

The children had played with it because it had been interesting and, perhaps, fun. They had followed their emotions, never realizing that their feelings were greatly endangering them.

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