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When Discouragement Takes Us Down 1 Sam

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When Discouragement Takes Us Down  1 Sam. 27:1    Ebc  4/6/09

  David’s move to Philistia was preceded and prompted by a severe attack of discouragement. He became very discouraged about his situation in Israel regarding Saul’s attacks upon him, and he allowed this discouragement to overcome and defeat him.       Few tools of the Devil are as defective as discouragement. Stan can disarm people with discouragement that he can’t touch with immorality, apostasy and greed.

I. The Reasons for the Discouragement

  David had a number of things going in his life which could produce discouragement:

  A. His perspective was wrong (1 Sam. 27:1)

    1. David thought the way was imminent and He gave up.

     a. We can get like this when we focus on the negatives and not the positives.

       1. the negatives-

         a. The repetition of Saul’s attacks. One scholar has notes that Saul attacked David at least 20 times.

         b. The recanting of his repentance. Saul’s repentance was all for show and none for real.

         c. The reduction of David’s possession. Saul’s attacks kept David poor. David was not able to adequately take care of his family.

      2. the promises

         a. The promise of royalty. David had been promised the kingship. Samuel has anointed David with the promise of a King.

         b. The protection from death. Some of the things that happened David should have known that he protection was coming from the Lord.

        c. The provision of supplies. He may not have had what he once did. But, when he had to write a check God saw to it that the money was there.

  B. His patience was worn (I Should speedily)

     1. His trials had been long and worn.  It’s hard not to get discouraged especially when you have been under siege for a long time and victory seems distance if at all.

       a. Heb. 6:9; 10:36; 12:1-

     b. James 5:7- impatience plays right into the hands of discouragement.

  C. His prayer was wonting

    1. David communed with himself about the problem rather than communing with God.

    2. During this trouble we never find where David  “inquired of the Lord”.

    3. Robert Butler- If we do not pray in the hour of trouble we greatly add to the trouble. When trouble mounts do not only commune with your heart or with your friends but commune with God.

II. Results of the Discouragement

  Discouragement not only defeats us but it adds to the problems we already had.

  A. Distortion of the problem – I shall die one day

    1. In spite of the many things God had done in his life David was sure things were over for Him. He just wanted to throw in the towel.

    2. Discouragement always distorts our vision it makes mountains out of molehills.

      a. Gen. 37:33,35- Jacob talking

  B. Delusion about the remedy- escape into the land of the Philistines

    1. When we are discouraged not only do we distort the problem but we have trouble with the remedy.

    2. The nothing better was actually the worst thing he could do.

    3. Discouraged people everyday go to the wrong remedy- many go to alcohol and drugs to be able to cope with life.

III. The Reasoning of the Lord (1 Sam 30:6)

  We have skipped over many thing of importance that happened in David’s life- once again we see God’s grace in not giving us what we deserved. Because discouragement drove David to do many wrongful things chastisement drove David back to God.

A. The encouragement he got (1 Sam 30:6)

   1. David finally reached a low point and he realized the Lord was the only hope.

    a. Encouraged- strengthened

   2. We can encourage ourselves when we:

    a. recall past provisions

    b. contemplate the great power of God- which is able to deliver you from this discouragement

    c. mediate on the promises of God-

   If David had truly done these he would never have gone to Philistra.

  B. The person he sought ( 1 Sam 30:7,8)

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