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Oh, what a morning

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Oh, what a great Morning  Matt. 28:1-15

EBC  Resurrection Sunday (4/12/09)

  Today, we are celebrating Resurrection Sunday not Easter Sunday. Easter is believed to be from the word “Eastre” which is the Anglo-Saxon name for “Teutonic”, the goddess of spring and fertility. Her festival was celebrated on the day of the spring equinox.

  Many of the traditions survive today- the Easter Bunny, the symbol of fertility, the Easter egg painted with bright colors (to represent the sunlight of Spring), and the giving of baskets filled with treats are just a few.

  May I reminder you that Resurrection Sunday isn’t about Easter bunnies, eggs or treats- it’s about the resurrection of our Lord.

  With this in mind let’s go back to that first resurrection Sunday:

I.The Approach of the Women (28:1)

  Different groups came to the tomb that morning. They probably came for different reasons- some hadn’t been at the crucifixion and probably were coming just to pay their final respects to Jesus. One thing is sure they were sad, defeated and discouraged.

  A.Some came to look – maybe they were coming to pray at the tomb, maybe to meditate. Maybe they came to make sure all was in order.

  B. Some came to labor (Luke 23:55-24:1)some came to perform one last labor of love to their Lord. They came to finish anointing His body.

  C. Some came to linger (John 20:10-18)here is a women that owed so much to Jesus. There had been a time in her life when she was possessed by seven demons- Mark 16:9- her life had been radically changed by Jesus and she loved him more than life itself. Surely her heart was broken that morning- but she came to worship Him.

     1. Thank God for these women who just want to be near Jesus.  Thank God for Godly women who love the Lord with all their hearts.

II.The Activity of the Angel (28:2-8)

  Heaven sent a spokesman to proclaim the good news that Jesus wasn’t dead but was alive.

 A. He rolled the stone (2)-to these ladies the stone represented the finality of death. That stone that would say forever “He is gone”. Thank God the Lord took care of the stone.

  B. He removed the soldiers (3-4)- the Chief Priests and the Pharisees were  afraid the prophecies of Jesus might actually come true.

   1. They had guards posted at the tomb. Jesus made short work of them.

   2. Not only had God rolled away the stone, but he also had removed the soldiers.

III. The Appearance of the Savior (28:9-10)

  A. The appearance of the Lord

    1. As they were going to tell others Jesus met them along the way and said “All hail” (O joy). He came personally so they would know first hand that he was risen from the dead as he said he would.

  B. The adoration of the Lord- they are so overcome with joy that they fall at his feet and worship him (show his worth ship).

    1. It is a fact those who know and love the Lord have a desire to worship him.

  C. The assurance of the Lord- He speaks to these ladies to comfort them but not only to comfort them but to give them a mission. Go tell the disciples. He tells them that all is ok they don’t need to be afraid anymore. Only a living Lord can speak of peace and comfort.

IV. The Defeat of the Wicked

  As Christ rose from the dead that morning he defeated many obstacles that had plagued mankind ever since sin entered into the world. Let’s look at a few:

  A.Death- imagine that struggle that morning when death had to give up the Prince of life. No more would death be able to claim another victory. Jesus rendered death helpless. Now death is merely to doorway to splendor. Where every tear will be wiped away.

  B. Grave- this old sin ridden body will no longer have top be concerned with the grace. At death immediately our souls go to the Father

  C. Satan- another person that took a fall that day was old slew foot, Satan, the deceiver. He tried every way he could to short circuit God’s plan of redemption. Satan is a defeated person. That day he saw his power broken and his plan defeated.

  Do you realize:

  1-Because He lives I can face tomorrow

  2-Because He lives the grave has no power over those that believe

  3-Because He lives we can have our sins washed away forever.

  4-Because He lives, I’ll never take another step in this world alone again

  5-Because He lives sin had no dominion over me.

  6- Because He lives there is hope, help and a home in eternity.

  Have you come to the conclusion that Jesus is alive and He is who you need? Do you understand what will happen to you if you die without Him? Do you realize there is no other way to Heaven? Do you realize his death will not mean anything to you until you bow before Him in repentance and confess your sins?

  Oh, what a morning that was. 


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