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Peace through Deliverance

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Peace Through Deliverance

2007 was a great year for rollercoasters - 65 massive structures went up around the world in one of the greatest years for the trains

The largest rollercoaster was the Kingda Ka, built up there in NJ, which begins with a hydraulic launch mechanism accelelerating the train from 0 to 128 MPH in 3.5 seconds - it pushes the train up to 456' above it origin - and you know what happens after that for only 28 seconds - up and down really fast.

Since I haven't heard about on the news I will assume that almost everybody comes out okay! They are delivered safely to the end of the journey.

I don't think I'll ride it any time soon - but that is impressive - makes you wonder why people would want to ride a rollercoaster? It might just feel a little peaceful once you got off the thing.jk Do you think one has to have faith in the builder to ride this train?

  I only know of one rollercoaster more dramatic, and that’s the rollercoaster of emotions connected with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I describe it as a rollercoaster of emotions because I want you to try to visualize and internalize the ups and downs of that world-changing weekend—the depths of horror and depression and despair; the tinges of excitement as hints and rumors of the resurrection began to appear; and then the massive explosion of joy which is still reverberating through history and is ringing out in millions of hearts today. 

It is the revelation of Peace through Deliverance - that is what the 'Passion of the Christ' is really about - Peace through Deliverance

That is why the Psalmist and Jesus both cry out - "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me 22:1

Now that I am herer let me tell you about this Psalm 22 - it lies in the shadow of 23rd Psalm a masterpiece in its own right.

Oswald Chamber the great devotional writer says sometimes our deliverance has fire in it. Some Through the Fire

Faith for my deliverance is not faith in God. Faith means, whether I am visibly delivered or not, I will stick to my belief that God brings peace. There are some things only learned in a fiery furnace.

1. Faith for my deliverance is not faith in God.

2. Faith means, whether I am visibly delivered or not, I will stick to my belief that God brings peace.

3. There are some things only learned in a fiery furnace.

Faith for my deliverance is not faith in God.

Was Jesus delivered from death on a cross - NO!

If God did not deliver him - why will he deliver me?

Will God deliver me from sickness, death, people who wish to hurt me ...

In this life NO! Will I do everything in my power to help people who are sick, dieing, or being hurt by others. YES! But you know This man cannot fix everything in this world!

Missionary Story

John Paton was a missionary in the New Hebrides Islands. One night hostile natives surrounded the mission station, intent on burning out the Patons and killing them. Paton and his wife prayed during that terror-filled night that God would deliver them. When daylight came they were amazed to see their attackers leave.

A year later, the chief of the tribe was converted to Christ. Remembering what had happened, Paton asked the chief what had kept him from burning down the house and killing them. The chief replied in surprise, “Who were all those men with you there?” Paton knew no men were present—but the chief said he was afraid to attack because he had seen hundreds of big men in shining garments with drawn swords circling the mission station.

Jesus did not allow the angels to deliver him - He says "No one takes my life - I lay it down of my own accord.

Has there ever been in your life a time when you have prayed for deliverance and it did not come - that is what Psalm 22 is about - how much can we trust God.

Introduction - On Easter Morning in AD 389 Augustine of Hippo - in North Africa approached the grave of baptism in Milan, Italy. An the other side of the water stood the bishop Ambrose holding the towels to dry him off. This baptism was the culmination of a three day long process which eventually became known as the Easter Vigil

Friday - crucifixion the new believers were taught to hold an intense indentification with Christ on the cross -

Sermon text with italics and bold and John 3:16 and v. 20.

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