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Do you think you are in the right track?

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I find myself with great disgust everytime I hear someone discuss issues of this world using the wisdom of this world, and that to me does not have any bearing whatsoever in the Christians life. Well, that is why I truly believe that we should ask ourselves quite often, if we are in the right track, I personally say that we should do this 24-7-365 till the end of time, when our lord comes with all his glory. Maybe the very thought has cross our minds, are we truly doing everything possible to change anything and everything that is evil and still lingers in our flesh. One thing that has even crossed my mind is the idea if I truly am a chosen one that belongs to God or saved for that matter. Well, according to the gospel of God and I truly believe that its the mentality that we should carry with us always, and by the way its call our guilty conscience. Which infact does enable us to be on the right track, and have a spiritual frame of mind.

For instance, in the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians in chapter 2 and 3 speaks on this very issue, and there is no sense in lying to ourselves, because the facts are there, in our speech, behavior, and way of thinking, and beside the scriptures do not lie at all. So, what we have to really consider and not overlook, and as well believe with all our hearts that everything that is laid before us, that is of this world is infact a form idolatry of covetousness. In (Col.2:20-23; 3:1-5), it unfolds the issue at hand and in reading this passages we really need to show and consider just how strong our fidelity is to our Father. Remembering that the one who knows this is oneself and our Heavenly Father, as our Lord Jesus Christ made mention of this in the gospels (Matt.10:26; Mk.4:22; Lk.8:17;12:2). One thing to truly realize is that admittance is always welcomed in the eyes of God, meaning we need to admit anything and everything, the signification of clearing one's guilty conscience, that way we made at a better position of really considering the fact that we are on track. Lets recall what Paul told the Romans in (Ro.3:10), we need to admit where we came from, and where we are going, in reference to this passage is found in (Ps.14:1-3;53:1-3).Which implicate that we are all sinners by inheritance of sin in our flesh. Assuming that we all do have the acknowledgement that we are born to sin, so, lets put a stop to our own ignorance and foolishness that can and will lead us to our own damnation.

In our worship and glorifying God lets remain always thankful that he chose us by perhaps putting someone in our path, and brought us to a spiritual awakening. To say again admittance is where it all begins, from the beginning to the end of time, to have the courage and admit all. This is place where true Christians are separated from the hypocrite, the admittance that leads us to our guilt and remorse, and binds us to the glorifying word of redemption. This frame of mind can and will puts us closer to God with true confession and repentance to receive God's forgiveness. So, not to say the least lets not forget where we came from, and repent before its to late, our Lord Jesus Christ made mention of this to the seven Churches in the book of Revelation (Rev.2:5,16,22;3:3,19). Fact, if we do not abide and repent, we will remain weak and vulnerable, awaiting our destruction because we know who is on the prowl (1Pet.5:8).

The perception of God's word is for us not give in to anything other that what belongs to him, we must not be deceived, fail, fall, falter, or backslide (1Tim.4:1,2). The counter affect of this passages is in the gospel od John when our Lord teaches all concerning the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God (John16:13). Again the opposing factor to this passage is when Peter talks about the falsehood and deceivers that exist in this world(1Pe.2:1-3), and as well as Paul spoke of this very issue to the Romans (Ro.16:18). So, in all assurance to me it appears that we need, out of necessity look ourselves in the mirror and question our faith, stability, fidelity,and love for our Father (1Cor.13:12). I truly believe we need to do this as often as possible, so that we may know exactly where we stand in the eyes of God. In assuming that everyone is aware of the divine salvation that God has bestowed upon us, through the mercy of God and righteousness of Jesus Christ, its quite apparent what all needs to be done. On the other hand it does not give us the right to get all puffed up and prideful for any reason, thou we are saved yet sin still lingers in our flesh (Ro.3:22-25).

In knowing this lets not make any provisions of any nature, remembering that sin still lingers in our flesh, its to easy to slip and fall(Ro.7:14-21), so lets put into practice what is written in (Ro.7:22), when we commit ourselves to the Lord we should prepare ourselves and remain prepared with all obedience. In the true essence of being on the right track can be formulated on each one of us, pending on each individual conviction(2Co.10:6-7). Basically, if we come close to fulfilling everything that God has put before us, we too can grow to the stature of Christ. Plus we must never ever be selfish, of what we know concerning our salvation, being on the right track is taking part of spreading the good news to all that wants to know. In reference to the scriptures Paul wrote to the Ephesians about this very issue(Ep.4:12-15), so lets give all our diligence to the word of God and not be slackers or procrastinators (2Tim.2:15).

Its not hard to do what the Lord has asked us to do, only if your conviction, devotion, commitment, and having the eagerness to do the will of God in his presence. I personally do implore the word admittance should be a part of the every day Christian life style, I my self declare its a big part of my personage, pattern, and usage.

Admittance-is where salvation begins

Admittance-is knowing your salvation remains

Admittance-is obedience to please God

Admittance-is knowing, if faithful,you will receive the crown of life

When regarding to the word admittance it is used in various ways, and to get a better understanding, the meaning of the word is--the right or permission to enter. Now if we break it down into syllables the first syllable is admit, and the meaning to this word has three meanings--1. to allow to enter 2. to accept as true or just 3. to confess-- What I'm trying to spell out is that we need to stop deceiving ourselves thinking that all is good if I just attend morning service. That to me is hypocritical error that perhaps 9 out of 10 persons make, truthfully, with courage ask yourself a simple question "am I right with God?", besides its a commandment that we need to acknowledge (2Co.13:5). Its a matter of doing the right thing or not, is where anyone stands, this passage definitely say what we must do in order to find ourselves right with God, but Please don't forget the rest of God's will. After all we should know just how easy it is to be a hypocrite, a fake, a liar, and a double minded person (2Co.13:6-9), and in connection (1Co.4:10), one other quote if there is something that is not agreeable with anyone consider what John wrote in (John3:20-21). What we need to note is that the confidence that we have in ourselves is no good, but rather having your confidence with God, because we as well as God know just how wretched we truly are, and need his help always.

In conclusion to this lesson to be wise with the wisdom of this world means nothing to God, because the wisdom of this world is stupid to the wisdom of God. Besides its the failure of this world to think that knowledge originated in man and not from God. Assuming that you are in the right track, do not think that it ends there seeing that we are still sinners (1John1:8-10). Our convictions should be the way God intended it to be, we need to examine,and looking at the inner man, and seeing exactly where we are at and make the necessary changes in order to accomplish what God has instore for us. If we are going to please anyone, lets set our minds to please God!

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