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Smuan na maduin Jan 09

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Monday (26th Jan 09)- Prodigal Father

Maduin mhath

1.       Ceisd - What is your picture of God?

2.       I grew up with a picture of God as holy, awesome, glorious, just, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent 

3.       A great God and great judge,

4.       thunder – God angry

5.       Today my favourite picture of God is that of the father of the Prodigal son

6.       It was an embarrassment for a father to run in Mediterranean culture

7.       When the father saw his son returning, a long way off

8.       He ran, he embarrassed himself, his love for his wayward son, his delight in him was so much that he didn’t care for his dignity

9.       God running toward me with arms wide open – what a God

10.   1 John 5.16 “Is gradh Dia”

Latha mhath duibh 


Tuesday - The Car Chase


Maduin mhath

1.       Ceisd - What is God like?

2.       On a dark wet night a lady leaves a petrol station and heads for home

3.       No sooner than leaving but a car come right up to the back of her car flashing its lights

4.       She moves over to slow lane to let him pass but he follows her, still flashing his lights

5.       She puts her foot down and moves out to fast lane, but the car follows right behind

6.       She sees a slip road up ahead

7.       At last moment she swerves across road to head up slip road but the other car follows her almost crashing into edge/kerb of slip road

8.       She sees a light, perhaps a farm house in the distant

9.       She heads down a narrow road, but with other car close behind

10.   She pulls up in front of the house, jumps out and runs

11.   A man jumps out of the other car, opens the back door of her car and pulls out a man a crubadh down in the back of her car

12.   “I saw him get into your car as you paid for your petrol”

13.   This is what Gods heart is like toward us

Latha mhath duibh 



Wednesday - The Little Sparrow             

Maduin mhath

14.   We believe that the Creator made everything we see

15.   Ceisd – does the creator take note (tigh araidh), does He care (dragh minutely)?

16.   Mathew (10.29) tells of a story Christ told about two sparrows (gealbhonn)

 “Nach eil da ghealbhonn air an reic airson leath schiling?”

“agus cha tuit a h-aon diubh air an talalmh as eugmhais “freasdail) bhur n-athair”

17.   2 of these small bird are worth (luach) very little (cheapest living food) in our eyes – “½ a penny”

18.   But the Creator knows (fios) when one of these little birds falls to the ground

19.   The Creator takes note (araidh) when one sparrow dies

20.   Not just that he knows but he is present (maille ris / lather) with this little bird as it leaves its life in the creators world

21.   He sympathises (co-arthogine) with such a creature

“is fearr sibse na moran ghealbhonn”

Latha mhath duibh 


Thursday – The Holdouts            

Maduin mhath

1.       Did you hear about Lieutenant Hiroo Onada?

2.       He was one of the “holdouts”

3.       He was a soldier in the army of Japan in the 2nd war

4.       Situated in the jungle (coille) in the Philipines fighting with America

5.       When the war ended in 1945 the Americans dropped leaflets over the jungle to let al the soldiers know that peace was declared

6.       Onada saw these leaflets but did not believe war was over –he thought it was a trick

7.       In 1974, 29 years after peace was declared, Onada cmae out of the jungle

8.        His gun was ready, 500 bullets (pellarin) and 2-3 grenades


10.   Ceisd - Do we ourselves live as “holdouts”?

11.   Do we live as if God is at war with us, as if he is coming after us to punish us

12.   This is what the bible says (2 Cor 5 v 19):

 “bha Dia and an Chriosd a deanamh an t-saoghail reidh ris fein”

13.   They did not say to Onado “The war is over - IF you believe it”

14.   No they said “the war is over - Do You believe it”

Latha mhath duibh 


Friday (30th Jan 09) – Traditions

Maduin mhath

1.       When I was young, almost everyone went to church, Sunday school was busy, and lots of young people in church especially on Sunday evening

2.       Now after having come back to the island after 30 years away it is very noticeable how empty our churches are

3.       Ceisd – are we by our adherence to certain traditions keeping people away from church?

4.       Are we like the mother who always cut a slice of meat off the Sunday roast before cooking it

5.       Her young daughter asked her why she did this

6.       This was what I saw my mother do

7.       The young girl asked her granny – this was what she saw her mother do

8.       She asked her great granny –

9.       The container she used was too small to fit the whole piece of meat!!


11.   Are we mixing our culture with the gospel?

12.   Jesus said to the spiritual rulers of his own day (Mat 15 v 6):

 “C’ar son a tha sibhse a’briseadh aithne Dhe le bhur traditions (gnathachadh) fein?”

Latha mhath duibh 

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