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Our service to God

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What is to be understood of our service to God, just to kick back and relax and not worry about our salvation? God forbid. As we have committed ourselves to our Father, we therefore made a decision that we need to take very seriously. How else can we expect God to keep his promises if we don't comply with his will.(1Ch.29:5)

One thing that we need to realize is the severity and seriousness of our containment to the will of Gos with all obedience. We must not take this in a literal sense, but with truth and honesty, and not hypocritically. As we search and study the word of God with devout understanding we will find everything that we need, want, and will know about the will of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ put this in simple terms as he taught and spoke with his Apostles and all the people that were around, when he was at the end of his sermon of the mount (Mat.7:7). Many times I and assuming that everyone else has read one important aspect that pertains to us is the fact of our denial (Luk.9:23). Its quite clear that Jesus did not say to be of service once a week,twice a week, or when its convenient to our own will, but should be done in accordance to his words which is the will of God. We all know the simplicity of true religion is either you are in or out, as well as are you faithful or a hypocrite. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus always gave excellent examples for all to follow(Luk.9:26).

If we carry our cross on a daily basis we will never deny him, because we are putting this into practice. Self denial will be bestowed on us out of our own quilt complex and remorseful fate. We then do in fact need to put away our laziness and stop being slackers and procrastinators, that is in avoiding the will of God. If we don't, in simple terms, we are and can be putting ourselves in a major predicament of being classified as the rest of the world -- Faithless, without knowledge, blind, and ignorant in complete denial of God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we truly believe in what we have committed our selves into we need to do it with complete understanding of what is expected of us in return (2Tim.2:12-15).

We of all people know or should know what the classification of this sinful world is and is known as the depravity of the will of God in denial (Matt.10:33; Luk12:9; Mk.8:38). So lets recall what our Lord Jesus Christ told his Apostles in (Luk.9:23) in part , take up your cross daily, and follow me. It's clearly stating for us, they, or whom ever to do the will of God on a daily basis, being faithful and obedient. In order to inherit the glorious promise of eternal life and become heirs with Christ, as it is written in (Rom.8:17). Again, in order for this to happen we need not do our own will but the will of God. To plan it safe in not denying our Lord in any fashion, shape, or form.Lets not forget how unworthy we are, in not disregarding all the blessing's that has been given to us by our Father, but most importantly never forgetting the opportunity of being chosen through salvation. We must not allow ourselves to debase to any level where our faith is to be questioned.

In order to fully understand the seriousness and the severity of our service to God, lets embark and not disregard what is written in (Heb.12:1), with this it goes without saying we need to practice what we preach, so, lets take advantage of the opportunity with great emphasis, devotion, and strong conviction. We must not loose the opportunity that is laid on the table for us, take hold and never let go of the promise of eternal life, before its too late (Heb.10:35-36), we must think,hear,see,talk,work, and walk in faith.

If you're classified like others, sinners of the world, this shouldn't be but as becoming as brothers in Christ. We must always remember where we came from, having the chains of sin broken, in recollection what our Lord Jesus told Paul, when Jesus appeared to Paul with a blinding light and affirmed the acceptance of the gentiles (Acts26:18), and the prophecy is found in (Is.35:5). Just as our Lord Jesus spoke of this very issue in (John8:12), in doing what we've started lets move on ahead in our service to the lord; the same as Paul tells Timothy in (2Tim.3:14-15), and like wise the passages of Paul to the Philippians(Phil.3:13-14).

The truth of the matter is if you are called and commit yourself to God then therefore you are considered children of God, by faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ(Ga.3:26;4:7), in-which also inscribes that we are no longer belong to this world, for God purchased us with a price, so we belong to him and worship him Spirit for he is Spirit, he is Holy and we too need to be Holy. Then as a servant to God, it is our service to be as Christ and suffer for his sake(Phil.1:29). Lets show absolute humility with strong obedience for our Father, that he may lift us up and exalt us as well (1Pet.5:6), and by all means never forget our peaceful and joyful livelihood as brothetrs and sisters in Christ. Oh how wonderful the words through Peter that the Holy Spirit spoke(1Pet.4:13)


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