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Sometimes Things Fall Apart

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Sometimes Things Fall Apart
Text: Acts 27: 20-
Hangout in verse 22
The book of Acts records the three missionary journeys of Apostle Paul. After his conversation on the road to Damascus, Paul is assigned by God and by the power of the Holy Spirit. To travel throughout the Greco-Roman world preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.
In chapter 27, Paul is on a ship headed to Rome, and this ship has had problems from day one.
· Storm after storm, contrary wind after contrary wind, mechanical difficulties after mechanical difficulties.
· They had to reroute and go around islands navigate around rocks; this ship was plagued with bad luck.
And in these verses, I read for you Paul had been giving a word that he has to share with everyone on the ship.
· It’s a word that no one wants to hear
Paul gets up in the middle of a storm and says-- this is what I have to say
· This ship is not going to make it
· The vessel we are in isn’t going to take us where we need to go.
· The thing we’ve given ourselves to will not survive
· I know you’ve been praying, and I know you’ve been fasting
But God wants you to know that sometimes the ship you are on will not make it.
· That’s not the word I want to hear.
· I want to hear God say it’s going to be alright
· That I’m going to make it through this
· I want to hear if you just hold on a little longer, you are going to make it
But sometimes, God gives you undeniable evidence that the ship you are on is not going to make it.
· That this thing is about to end
· That it’s about to be broken up
· This thing will not make it where you thought it would take you
· That this thing is about to go down, and at some time or another, you will have to get off because this ship is going down.
I know you want me to give you a prophetic word:
· That things are working out, but sometimes the word from God is… it’s falling apart!
And the reason it was hard for the sailors to receive that word is the same reason someone has a problem, receiving this word today!
· Because they had high confidence in the ship… No one gets on a ship that’s going to fall apart!
· If you knew it would end like that, you would have never said--- I do!
· If you knew that it would have gone down like this, you never would have started
· If you knew they were going to lay you off, you never would’ve taken the job
· If you knew they would stab you in the back, you never would’ve befriended them
· If you knew that child wasn’t going to do what you thought they would, you would have done something different
· Nobody gets on a ship thinking it’s going to fall apart!
But you know what’s the hardest thing to accept… When you been praying for the ship and it is still falling apart
· Have you ever prayed about something, and it still fell apart?
· You had dreams of happily ever after!
· You had dreams of sailing into your golden years
· And you find yourself at this stage of your life--- To find out the ship won’t make it
It’s hard because they had high hopes
· It was hard because they were skilled sailors.
· They weren’t freshman sailors
· This wasn’t their first rodeo
· They have sailed through storms before
And they believed they could save the ship when God said no!
· Some of you are quiet because you think you have the skills to save the ship
· And the reason it’s hard for someone to digest--- is because your pride says everything is going to be alright
· That as long as you give it your all, you are going to survive
That if you go to:
· Therapy
· Talk things out
· Pray that everything will be alright
· But sometimes God’s word is… no, this ship is falling apart
I don’t care:
· How wise you’re
· How much money you have?
· How much skill set you have?
· You cannot save what God is allowing to fall apart!
It’s hard for the sailors to let the ship fall apart because--- it had been through so much before.
I find it hard for me to accept that things have fallen apart because:
· I had been through the storms
· Through the winds
· Been through rough waters
· I’ve forgiven too much
· I’ve cried to much
· I’ve reconciled to much
· But the problem is that we have experienced the pain, and we tell ourselves we’ve been through too much
· We’ve been through hell, and after you’ve been through hell, the ship should not break up now
And it’s hard to hear the Lord say… The ship is breaking up!
But what you should be asking God, why is the ship breaking up?
· Why are you allowing this?
· Why so much pain
· Why won't God fix everything we prayed for
· Why doesn’t God save me
Why does God allow things to fall apart?
Can I tell y’all why Paul’s ship is falling apart?
· Because God told them back in Crete not to sail!
· I don’t care how much you prayed
· How skillful you are
· Or how much you been through
· The destruction is tied to your disobedience, and because you didn’t heed my word, the ship is falling apart because you didn’t obey what I told you to do.
He says I told you not to sail because winter is coming
Your first problem is
· You sailed in the wrong season
· You are headed in the right direction, but it’s not the right time, and because you are not moving in God’s time
This was not the time to set sail. It was the time to sit still, and not only did you not sit still, but you also got on the wrong ship!
Watch this: God did not tell them to get on this ship; it was at the port and was getting ready to set sail, so they got on it.
· This wasn't what they prayed for; this was what they found
· God didn't ordain it; they found it
· And when you are on something that you found, and God did not ordain, you can't help but watch it fall apart.
Because if you found it--- That was something you wanted, and God did not tell you to get on, and if you found it, you can't help but watch it fall apart
But!! I got some good news for someone who is on a ship that is falling apart; this is the easiest Amen of the sermon.
· Here's what the Lord said.... Paul, the ship you are on won't make it, but you will!
· The ship won't survive, but you will
· The ship won't make it to Rome, but you will
· Because my hand isn't on the ship, but it's on you!
If you believe that-- tell someone, I'm going to make it
· My ship may be breaking... But I'm going to make it
· I may be by myself... But I'm going to make it
· It may hurt like... But I'm going to make it
· I may be in pain.... But I'm going to make it
· Because God's hand is on me!
Can I drop this on you? Some of you might get it. But God said not only are you going to make it, but everyone else who is on the ship is going to make it because of you!
· There’s someone around you whose ship has fallen apart, and the only reason they are making it is because of you
· Paul, there are some criminals on the ship, and the only reason they’re going to be blessed is because of you
· There is some folk who don’t know Jesus on the ship… But they’re going to be blessed because you’re on the ship!
· There are some coworkers who don’t know Jesus… but they are going to reap the benefits because you walk into the building every day!
· Because of the favor on your life, the anointing on your life, the blessing on your life, they are blessed because of you!
That’s a good word right there because the next time you see the unrighteous blessed
· Who got a new car!
· Got a new boo!
· Living a good life, they don’t have any business living just walk up to them and say you welcome!
Because you ought to be thanking God that I’m in your presence
· Because you are blessed because of me
· God’s blessing is on my life, and everyone else in my presence is blessed because of me
God says Paul, you’re going to be alright, but the ship is not going to make it, but in order for you to make it, there are some things you need to get in order.
There are some things you got to do when your ship is falling apart
· When know it’s crashing down
· When you know all hope is gone and it can’t be saved
God says there are some things you have to do; there are five of them
First One:
Be cautious of your counsel; let me break that down
· Watch who you are listening to who you allow in your ear
· Be careful who’s giving you advice cause if you haven’t figured it out by now, you can’t tell everybody your business
· And you have to be cautious of who’s has your ear when things are falling apart Because the devil knows you’re vulnerable
The devil will surround you with people who mean well but have no discernment of what God is doing in your life!
See, the question you should ask is, when things fall apart, how do I know who God is using and who God isn’t?
· How do I know who I can trust when things are breaking down?
· When they were in Crete, Paul told them not to sail, and they ignored it, and that was God
· When they were in the storm, some of the soldiers started to get off the ship; Paul told them if they get off, they will die--- That was God!
· When Paul spoke the first time, they ignored him
· When Paul told them not to get off the ship, they listened to what he had to say
· The first time they didn’t see God in Paul
· The second time they could see Paul was speaking for God
What happened to make them believe God? The answer is clear in verse 29: 29 And fearing that we might run on the rocks, they let down four anchors from the stern and prayed for day to come. [1]
· They dropped anchor and prayed for daylight to come
· Then they realized Paul was speaking for God
· The first time they didn’t pray before they left
· The second time they prayed, and they knew Paul was speaking for God
If you want to know who to listen to
· If you want to know who to trust
· You have to start with your own time on your knees
· And when you pray to God, you’ll know who’s voice you can trust!
· The more you pray, the more you can discern who God is speaking through
First Point: The Lord says when things are falling apart, be careful of your council
Second Point: Be consistent in your character
· Keep doing what you are supposed to do
· Vs. 35: Paul took bread and gave thanks and broke it
· Paul didn’t let the storm stop him from doing what he knew what to do
I say that to say this… Don’t let the storms of life alter your relationship with God
· Don’t stop coming to church because things are falling apart
· Don’t you stop praying
· Don’t you stop worshiping
· Don’t you stop reading the Bible
· Don’t you stop signing
· Keep doing what God has called you to do
The devil’s most profound desire when things are falling apart is not to kill you but to change you. The devil gets no glory out of killing you; because if you know Jesus Christ, you are going to heaven.
He only gets glory when he changes your character
He loves it when you allow the crisis to change your personality.
Because everything you’ve gone through has changed who you are, and you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror
· You --- never been this angry
· You --- never been this bitter
· You --- never been this cold-hearted
· You’ve never been this selfish
· And you allow what they did to you and said about you to change you.
The devil loves it
· When their ugly makes you ugly
· The devil loves it when their mean makes you mean
· The devil loves it when their nasty makes you nasty
Is anyone willing to say-- I’m not going to let the storm change me
· No matter what they say
· I’m going to lose my joy!
· I’m peaceful
· I’m happy, and no devil is going to change me!
The Bible says: Paul took bread, broke it and gave thanks: stop pause rewind
· He’s in a storm, and he’s giving thanks
· The ship is falling apart, but he’s giving thanks
· Things are not going the way he prayed, but he’s giving thanks
· All hell is breaking loose, but he’s giving thanks
Is there anybody who is willing to say-- I will bless the Lord at all times, and His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Is there anybody here that no matter my storm --- I will bless Him!
No matter what my situation is --- I will give Him thanks!
Is there anybody here that will praise Him at all times?
I know you are wondering how can-- I praise Him at all times?
· The Bible says: That Jesus took bread and gave thanks and that every time we take bread and give thanks do it in remembrance of him
· Remember how he brought you through the last time
· Remember how he answered your prayer the last time
Is there anyone who can remember what he’s done?
Is there anyone here who can remember and bless His name:
· For the ways, He’s made!
· Is there anybody here who knows you have a reason to bless His name?
Here it is. I know you had high hopes, and I know that you have given it your all
I know you think that you’ve been through too much, but you have to realize Paul said that all hope was gone for saving the ship.
And I know it’s hard when your ship is falling apart, but sometimes God wants you to open your eyes that winter has come.
· Nothing will grow in this season, but here’s the good news when the ship doesn’t make it and it’s falling apart --- You still will.
The 3rd thing you have to do when things are falling apart
· You have to take care of your physical condition
· You have to learn to take care of yourself
they hadn’t eaten in 14days
The Fourth thing:
You have to learn to live with less
There was those who could swim, and it was those who had to hold on to broken pieces of the ship.
· Phil 4:11: Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.
The Fifth thing:
Be confident that your journey will continue, that this is not the end of your journey. That the Lord is so good that the shipwreck wasn’t the end.
In chapter 28 after they had been shipwrecked for 3 month there was another ship at the dock heading for Rome.
Your shipwreck is not the end of your life.
God always has another: whatever you need -- job -- car-- man--- woman ---
I Cor. 2:9 says: But as it is written: Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.
When Paul finally got to Rome, he still arrived two years before his court date to stand before Caesar
He was shipwrecked but didn’t miss his court date
He was shipwrecked but didn’t lose no time
He was shipwrecked but didn’t miss anything
Even though the shipwreck caused a delay, it did not create a denial
When things fall apart, we sometimes get mad because people have taken years of our life
We get mad because of the wasted time
But no matter how long your shipwreck is, God is a redeemer of your time.
Be careful of who you listen to
And be committed to who you are; stop allowing the storm to change you.
The worst thing that could happen at the end of the storm is that you come out bitter, angry, and cold-hearted
Maybe you know someone, or maybe your ship has fallen apart; remember that even though the ship has fallen apart, your life isn’t broken:
God still has his hand on your life!
Lord, I thank you that when the ship has fallen apart, you sustained me and gave me strength to continue. That when the ship fell apart Lord, you showed me, I didn’t lose anything and it is better now.
It’s not the time to give up but to trust you, Lor
[1] The Holy Bible: English Standard Version (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles, 2016), Ac 27:29.
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