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Salt and light
You are the Salt of the earth and light of the world.
Matthew 5:13-20.
(Read from verse 11 to 20).
This and the coming sermons are based on what Jesus already have said, last week.
We stated the part of Jesus teaching that is known as the sermon on the mount.
What we learned last week lays the foundation of what we will hear today.
And that is important, because it is not possible to do what Jesus asks if, we have not expericed that we are poor in spirt and have repent and mourned our sin come to Jesus to be restored, and understood we are powerful, but will live as meek people, that we thirst and hunger for God’s righteousness to rule on earth as in heaven, that we have received mercy so we can be merciful, that we were made pure in heat so we can see God, that we can be peacemakers as sons of God.
If we live like that we will be blessed, as we are made fun of or cursed ridiculed, and falsely accused, because we live for the Jesus.
Then we are to rejoice as we share in what the prophets endured and what also Jesus suffered, we take part in that suffering as Paul and Peter wrote about.
(How does that sit with you 2 examples, true life in Jesus will always be best, even when we think it will not).
(The true Jesus will never be cool, and not expecteda by all, we must live for him and not others.)
Jesus preparing us for what he is going to say next, If we speak the word of God, some people will believe others will be exposed in their rebellion and they will fight back if they will not repent and receive the word.
We should keep remining ourself and one another of what Jesus said.
That if we are in Christ Jesus said we are, salt and light.
I have said it many times before, my sermons are not to give you more work more to do just work harder, but to give you a chance to let Jesus expose our hearts and see what is there.
And call us to something better to follow what Jesus say, and not just because he said it but because we believe it is true, and what we really what… to life for his glory.
Walk in God has prepared for us to walk in.
A question is you exited that we are to be salt and light?
Or are you, nervus, because you know this is Jesus asking you to live out something?
(Examples, embarrassed, afraid of shearing, this is Jesus asking too much?
I can’t do this?
Or I don’t what to do this).
What is coming up in you?
Joy, fear?
Your new and don’t believe in Jesus, you came because a friend asked you great, you came the right day to hear what the live of a Christian, a follower of Jesus is to look like.
It is not only about knowledge but about a life lived on that knowledge and transformation Jesus has done, not just outward obedience, but form the new heart, and in the power of the Holy Spirt.
Salt: picture PPT Jesus said you are the salt of the earth, Here Jesus is stating a fact, you are… salt, and to where?
To the earth?
(here where we are).
Like the father spoke at Jesus baptizem you are my son, in whom I am well pleased.
(Do we believe it is true?
To remember what we are and to act like it).
I tried to think and study about salt, what is it salt does, or should do?
What is Jesus saying?
Also, as we take in to account what Jesus had said earlier about being blessed.
[Ways salt have been used and are used to day.
(Something I did not know was that salt can’t be destroyed by fire or time.)
And the The English word “salary” comes from the word salt.]
PPT Salt has long been used for flavoring and for preserving food.
It has also been used in tanning, dyeing and bleaching, and the production of pottery, soap, and chlorine.
Today, it is widely used in the chemical industry.
Effectsof Salt in our body.
The body uses sodium to maintain fluid levels.
A balance of fluid and sodium is necessary for the health of the heart, liver, and kidneys.
It regulates blood fluids and prevents low blood pressure.
Too little salt Low sodium levels can result if there is too much fluid in the body, for example, because of fluid retention.
Diuretics are given in this case, to reduce fluid retention.
Other causes of low sodium in the body include: a blockage in the small intestine, diarrhea and vomiting, an underactive thyroid, heart failure, drinking too much water,
If sodium levels fall in the blood, this affects brain activity.
The person may feel sluggish and lethargic.
They may experience muscle twitches, followed by seizures, a loss of consciousness, coma, and death.
If sodium levels fall quickly, this may happen very fast.
(I might have tried this during running) In older people, symptoms can be severe.
One study found that when rats were deprived of sodium, they kept away from activities that they normally enjoyed.
The researchers suggested, therefore, that sodium could act as an antidepressant.
Medical News today.
Salt can also melt snow and Ice, it can destroy / kill plants or make hard to grow things Romans did this and some today throw salt to kill weeds.
OT salt as purifying, cleansing.
But to the point what is it that Jesus is asking his disciples and us to be?
To the earth?
A different flavor, a purifying agent, a preservative, salt changes what is around it… (Not the other way around) this is despite of hardships and prosecution.
Jesus is saying that if we are to live that out, in him.
(There seems to be a contradiction because salt can’t lose it saltiness then it would no longer be salt.)
Most people would say that the waring to lose our saltiness is to prevent people from living immoral lives, being a bad witness and bring shame to the name of Jesus.
And accepting the worlds standards, flesh and the devil.
And not be a person with substance like salt that changes taste, purifies, preserves, kills evil, but instead becoming like what is around us.
But what is it that Jesus saying?
If we live just like everyone ells there is no difference and we are not salt, could it even mean we were never salt?
Or just a strong encouragement to be what we are called to be?
(In Christ) You are salt act like it, you’re here in this world to be different to share what is true light in Jesus Christ.
To be an indestructible agent of change, even to kill and expose false teaching like salt kills weeds that grow between the stones in the side walk.
Our mission is to point to the one that has made purification possible for any one that would believe in Jesus the Christ as Matthew writes.
Like the beatitudes so fare, it is a call to be different to live for God’s glory and not my own, or for others, not for money, comfort safety, but for the praise of Jesus that will bring glory to God, and not in our own strength but by the Holy Spirt, Christ in us the hope of Glory.
Jesus just said blessed are you when others persecute and revile you.
We are to live for another kingdom and our reward is in heaven, this is not our home and we are not supposed to fit in… But to live as salt in this world.
Changing what we touch in word and deed, preserving one another, calling people to change, turn and follow Jesus.
We are not to conform to the standards of the world, then we would not be any different, and then not be salt.
But the joy is to follow Jesus even when it is going to give us troubles and problems.
That is what Jesus is calling us to do, to live out who we are in him.
Next, we will talk about Light: Are you afraid of the dark?
If yes, why?
The unknown the hidden?
Light removes darkness, lights up a path, exposes what was in the dark, gives light for other to see, it attracts our eyes, with out light we are all blind, (Light is seen as good darkness as evil).
(In Christ) You are the light of the world!
Are strong encuargemt to live like lights in the world.
And Jesus also say, you are a city on a hill, that can not be hidden.
If you are a light, you will shine, but Jesus explains what a light is for, it is not to be hide away, but let the light shine andgive light to people so they can see.
So that others might praise God and give glory to God for the good works we do as light and salt.
(Example, from helping out Nina, as small group, - she did praise God in the text she sent.
Some things a food bank almost).
Jesus addressing this and that we need to shine as lights, how does that make you feel?
You get exited?
Or afraid or embraced, why?
If Jesus is the most important in your life why would we not live that out and shine a light for others to see? (rejection, persecution, blessed if you are).
Following Jesus is to be lived, not just knowledge we agree with, other people would not be affected by that, our beliefs has to be lived out, and it does contrast the next part where Jesus talks about the law and the Prophets, that Jesus came to fulfill them not abolish them, - and hits hard against changing them and teaching others to do the same.
Because don’t become a person with all the right knowledge but you don’t live it out and don’t change what God has reviled, and don’t trust in your own religious deeds, Jesus then say because you have to be way different that the Pharisees, that look good on the outside (outward conformity – and or making more rules that God has set down, or changing them for their advantage that show that inside is full of selfishness, pride, arrogance, greed,
Light exposes all!
And salt change it, like it melts snow, if people will see Jesus, and give glory to God, - It is the work of the Holy Spirt but let us live lives where others can see Jesus.
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