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13/3 2022 Matthew 5: 21-30 You have heard it said part 1.
But I say (Anger and lust).
Read todays text.PPT Matthew 5: 21-30
From the beginning of the sermon on the mount Jesus has been, calling people to be different trusting in God and not them self.
Jesus Continues from last week with saying that your righteousness has to be exceed that of the Pharisees.
Jesus will in the next part correct a misunderstandings/ misconception about the law, with the statement; “you have heard it said, but I say to you.
(Jesus’ displays his authority) In the time Jesus lived, many things had been added to the law, interruptions that sometimes even hindered the meaning of the law, Jesus confronts this in the statements he will make.
(Not taking care of one’s parents saying one’s money was and offering to God,) This is what Jesus is doing in the sermon on the mount, he is correcting the traditions that have risen that are not part of Gods law, and explaining why God made the rules.
(“Six Antitheses.”).
Jesus is explaining, tightening what the law means, it is not just rules to obey, but to be followed in joy, because of the law giver.
It was never just about just following the rules, it was about if we did it with our “heart, mind soul and strength”.
Did we obey or they believe that God, the God they were asked to love with all their hear mind and strength, that God gave a good law, and great rules for peoples good and his glory?
Do you ever think that God is taking joy from you?
By making rules?
Do you sometimes do what Jesus say, but not because you what to, but you’re complaining and frustrated with God, that he asked you to be generous, loving, kind, correcting, paying for taxes, praying for you enemy?
When that happens, what does that reveal?
That God is wrong?
Or that our heart needs to change, one pastor put it this way “God is not glorified by your begrungily submission”.
Doing the right thing with all the wrong altitudes.
We need to have our view of God changed, to who God really is… (The people of Israel in the dessert, keeps complaining and attacking God and Moses, saying that they led them out to die in the wilderness, later in war, ect, God was the whole time trying to lead the people to life and freedom, but all they knew was slavery, and they did not know or trust God).
What about you?
Let’s look at the text again: Jesus said in verse 21 You have heard it say… whoever murders will be liable to judgment… But I say: everyone who is angrywith his brother will be liable to judgment, insults higher court, and if you say you fool, Hell of fire.
Hell – explain what it is… PPTx2 One of the most hated doctrine of the Christian faith, judgment of sinners, that reject Gods law, and Jesus his atonement for sins.
The problem with rejecting the concept of hell, is that Jesus talks a lot about it, as a place to avoid, in history there has been many that have tried to describe what hell is and from what Jesus said, here and other places it is not a any one should what to go.
Fire, maggots, worms, nasing of teeth.
All common grace removed, only sin, hatred against God, being jugged.
Then are you a murder that liable for hell?
(I am… I will explain in one moment).
What we say and do madders; we can murder with our words, cutting down people made in the image of God, for who Jesus died, who are we to make judgments like that? (I do way too often, - I said to a fried in some ways I am like Putin, he was surprised, I said I think and say and do the things he does, but my power it limited, and mostly in my mind.
But how many people did you kill today in your mind?
Or people you were angry with our insulted in your mind, or online etc.
You might have fantasies about setting people in their place, if so, we need to stop and pray instead).
Jesus even says if we call some a fool, we make ourself liable for strict judgment and hell?
I mean come on Jesus.
You called people fools, or in your stories.
(It is not about the word fool, words of judgment and condemnation change over history, so what is it today?
And do you use the words?).
[But Jesus you even got annoyed at the disciples, when the did not have faith and people that kept wanting other things than freedom that God gives in you.
Then what is it that Jesus is getting at?]
The text seems to take a turn, and Jesus say, go and reconcile with your brother that has something against you, fix the relationship first.
Jesus is pointing out is that not only murder, but also anger, insults, slander, judgment, breaks down relationships, we are all just as guilty as the people we are mad at, or tings are fools.
Most times murder starts with resentment….
PPT Matthew 9: 11-13.
An example of what not to do.
The Pharisees judge Jesus, and the people Jesus is hanging out with, they think they know the tax collectors or they properly don’t but hate them for their job, and the rest at the dinner is sinners.
Hmm… So the Pharisees has no relationships with the people if so it is very broken, but think they are able to give a right judgment on them.
And Jesus telling us what the right response is.
Jesus rebukes them, and ask them to go learn what it means that god desires mercy and not sacrifice.
The Pharisees did offerings and worship; but had missed what God was doing in their midst, what they had not done, showed mercy on the sinners and tax collectors.
The Pharisees failed to be poor in spirt… they were proud in spirt and judgmental.
And we are all just as guilty as the Pharisees when we are mad at, or thinks are fools or whatever word we call people in our mind or out loud.
We need to go back and humble our self and trust in Jesus’ judgment, righteousness, etc.
We are to show others the mercy we have received.
Showing mercy is worship, and even more important that making offerings.
(Mercy is a foundation for worship, you can do religious offerings later, - and offer with a good concisens.
And then it says come to terms before you are put in jail until you pay all you owe, - so I might land in prison, but the other person is a fool.
(Anger in slaves a person, to be in the bond of that anger.
In a prison emotion hate, no joy and that is not lifted before reconciliation/restore relationship with God and man).
This is a hard lesson that I am still learning, that my anger most of the time does not a brig about the righteousness of God… (My anger is kindle when I don’t understand, what or why someone did something).
(One of my favorite verse is Be angry PPT x 3 but do not sin).
Anger against sin is good, but it is very hard to control, that it does not spill over to sin, and judgment of our own.
We judge by our own standards, but we don’t know what others have gone true, or how they are made and for what, so if we unkin self-righteously judge people because they are different, or have other opinions that we, or like different music, etc. – This is what destroys relationships.
And that is why Jesus asks us to go reconcile with the people that have something against us, or we owe something.
We can only obey, and love and pray for our brother later even enemies.
Jesus’ says hurry and do it now before you worship, why?
So we can come and worship Jesus not having relationships shaders and broken but restored in Jesus.
We can always try, Jesus made a way for us, and when we ask for others forgiveness and for Gods, we can be forgiven in Christ.
That is why we can worship because of restored relationship to God, in Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and his coming back.
This is the very opposite of judgment and self-righteousness, that we trust in Jesus for his righteousness and rely on his Judgment, we are to be salt and light so people can see Jesus.
Not judge them for being blind but pray they will see and taste that the lord is good and come follow the Lord Jesus.
(Among believers, ever more forgiveness and reconciliations should be done, both have taste and seen and have been forgiven so we should forgive as Jesus forgave us, it is commanded by Jesus).
In verse 27; Jesus says: “You have heard it said, you shall not commit adultery.
And like with anger Jesus explains and tighten up what this command is about.
Yes, don’t commit adultery, [sex outside marriage, when you are married], in verse 28, don’t entertain and live it our in your mind ether, it is your heart the command is about, adultery in physicality and in mind is about what is in our heart, Jesus let us know, that both is not the way of life, and that we need a heart and mind change because the consequences of sin is judgment and punishment, in hell.
And that is why Jesus uses graphic language, cut of your arm and tear out your eye, it is better to lose parts of your old self that all of us go to hell.
Jesus is clear about the concveneces of sin death, and punishment in hell.
This passage has confused many, and it is understandable, the point is not to cut of parts of our body, but to surrender or mind and body to Jesus and let our minds be filled with his word and deeds.
(Our minds and hearts need renewal – that dose not happen if we cut parts of our body, but with a renewal off our mind and heart it will change how we live).
Lust, reduces a person to a thing an object to me used, (Pornography, prostitution, trafficking, even looking at people like Jesus said, we take what is not ours with our eyes and mind, because of sexual brokenness, and brokenness in general – use or abuse what God has given them to manipulate or convince or get what they want, but we should be satisfied in Jesus and not fall for the scams of the enemy) and or not honoring the image of God, that the person is made in, or in adultery the covenant that is made between God, family husband and wife.
Why this strong warning?
Because unfaithfulness and other sexual sin starts in the mind, it should be killed in the mind before developing to lust, - OT Sara was a beautiful woman, so we can see people that are beautiful, and not lust after them, Jesus is taking about intent adultery.
Summing up: (Heart and intention behind the law – to lead to life -and worship )
A question for us today.
Why do you follow the bibles teachings, what Jesus said and did?
Do you do it because you have to?
Or with joy, because you know that life is in what Jesus taught?
Do you make up your own rules?
Or say some of the things Jesus taught (and what the bible say) does not apply to you?
(If we do this, we will only be rubbing our self, from Joy and abundant life and sin against God).
Time to kill sin, in prayer… Land the plan.
Jesus is inviting us to the above, joy and true life in him, repent of anger, lust, and self-righteousness, - Run to and thank Jesus in great joy for all he has done, that we can have life in him.
Do the work, pray, worship.
Want to pray, I am here, Lee Herdis.
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