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Agents of Reconciliation

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2nd Corinthians 5:11-21


            Through an exercise of will, Adam declared himself free of God.  The breaking of the relationship that once existed between man and God was all man’s doing.  God has never broken His word nor broken the peace.  In this dispute He is the injured party!  What Adam failed to understand, until it was too late, was that the Heavenly Father created mankind unable to live apart from Him.  Adam was no doubt sorry for his actions but like us it took years of living to truly understand what he had given up.  Consequently, the first attempts at reconciliation were not made by man the offender but by our offended Lord.  That reconciliation is possible has nothing to do with the efforts of men but is altogether the work of God.

            There is a famous saying among jurors concerning those that defend themselves in the courts, “The man that defends himself has a fool for a client.”  Those not trained in the law had best leave their case in the hands of those that are - especially when one’s life is at stake.  Jesus alone is uniquely qualified to defend man before the great high Judge.  He has experienced humanity and is able to plead our case from that unique perspective.  He is also heir to the throne of heaven and as such has God’s ear.

            For some reason known only to the Heavenly Father, the messengers of reconciliation are human beings.  We are God’s field representatives.  He might have employed any other means for winning the lost but for His Own reasons chose not to do so.  Thankfully He has chosen to give this great honor to us that have claimed His Son as Savior and Lord!


I.                    The Agents of Reconciliation Are Men


A.    We were once lost

1.      Nothing special, just saved sinners

2.      We are still sinners and ought to better understand the plight of the lost

B.     Angels are not qualified

1.      They do not possess will nor can they be saved

2.      Angles would more likely feel disdain than pity

C.    This brings God greater glory

1.      The weaker the instrument the more honor to Him that uses it

2.      God has chosen to use those that are meek and lowly.  The gospel cannot adequately be presented in a haughty manner by overly proud people.

D.    We are an insult to Satan’s pride

1.      To be defeated by puny humans is a mortal humiliation

2.      He thought to use mankind’s weakness to gain freedom from God’s curse and now God stalks him with men


II.                 The Message of Reconciliation Is the Gospel (vs. 19)


III.               The Recipients and the Method of the Message


A.    To all the people of the earth

1.      Rich, poor, ignorant, and educated

2.      Best received by the desperate

B.     We are to convince and not simply to argue

1.      This requires compassion

2.      Impossible for the proud

C.    The message is lifestyle

1.      The message is not about doctrine but a way of life

Every other consideration is of secondary importance

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