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Easter 2001 -- Meeting the Risen Lord 3 -- Peter

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Reading: John 21:1-19
Jesus said, “. . . do you love me?” . . . [Peter] said, “Lord you know all things; you know that I love you.”
John 21:17 (NIV)

I.   Peter Runs to meet his Lord

     A.  We go back to what’s Normal

           1.  They were supposed to go back to Galillee

                 a.  These were their Easter orders

                 b.  Home for Peter, James & John

           2.  When nothing makes sense: Go Fishin’

                 a.  Peter decides to go fishing–the others agree to go with him

                 b.  This is what they did before Jesus

                 c.  What to do about betraying Him, about Him rising from the dead? Let’s just fish.

           3.  They get snookered.

                 a.  Sometimes God gives us nothing, to show us where everything comes from.

                 b.  Luke 5:1-11

     B.  A moment of Recognition

           1.  Try the other side of the boat!

                 a.  At first they don’t recognize Him.

                 b.  Frustrated fishermen will try anything.

           2.  The nets are too full haul in.

                 a.  Jesus gives more fish than necessary

                 b.  Jesus keeps the net from breaking.

           3.  It is the Lord!

                 a.  John recognizes Him first

                 b.  Peter acts firstst. (& remembers modesty!)

                 c.  To see is one thing, to act another

     C.  Breakfast on the Beach

           1.  Jesus has a fire going for breakfast.

                 a.  He meets them in their day to day

                 b.  He meets them in a day to day way

                 c.  Where do His fish come from?

           2.  They have to count this many fish: 153!

                 a.  Peter jumps in when Jesus gives orders

                 b.  So many fish! The net isn’t torn!

                 c.  Fishers of men? Like this?!

           3.  Jesus feeds the 7 (8 including him)

                 a.  How about breakfast?

                 b.  He gives bread & fish as if it’s normal

                 c.  As he had once done with 5,000

II.  Do you Love me?

     A.  Of all the Questions

           1.  Do you love me [unfinished point]

     B.  This is The question

           1.  Growing Love [unfinished point]

     C.  Lord . . . you Know that I love You.

           1.  Doesn’t Jesus believe him? Do you have to keep asking?

                 a.  Peter’s hurt shows his love too.

                 b.  It’s important to Peter that Jesus trust his love.

           2.  “Lord, You know all things. . .”

                 a.  Don’t take my word for it.

                 b.  I know that you know me better than I know myself.

III. Feed my Sheep

     A.  Love is the Test for serving

           1.  Each time Peter answers the question, Jesus opens the door to Christian service.

                 a.  It is almost an “If. . .then” situation.

                 b.  How often is our service built on our love for God, rather than a need to feel busy?

     B.  Love is the Foundation of serving

           1.  This question is the question for all of us who serve God and his people in the various ways He calls us.

                 a.  Am I doing this out of my love for God, or just some sense of duty?

                 b.  Am I doing this to impress God or earn his love? Or to express my love to Him?

     C.  Love is the Basis of discipleship

           1.  Do you love me? [unfinished point]

The Bottom Line:

Jesus asks us, “Do you Love me?” and tells us “Care for my sheep.”


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