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Entering New Territory

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Deuteronomy 1


-think back over the year

      some years - as expected

      some - "who would have thought"

can't predict the coming yar

any fears, apprehensions?

-New Year's resolutions

something God wants you to do? - lifestyle change, obedience, new challenge?

any fears or apprehensions?


-begin series on Deuteronomy

context - arrive at the Jordan ready to enter

Moses prepared them

      reminded them

      what God had done

      what had happened

      what God had said

            Deuteronomy - second law

Deuteronomy 1

1:9 - "at that time"

reminder of the last time they stood here

1:21 - go, do not be discouraged, do not be afraid

But - they did not go

God punished them for 40 years

lessons from their failure as we enter the new year

I.                   Failure To Trust

A.                 The Story

-reminder of what had happened

      God said go

      sent spies

      2 said let's go

      10 discouraged the people

people's reaction 1:26-28

B.                 Refusal To Advance


What did the people feel?

"our brothers have made us lose heart."

How strong was the enemy?

      -people stronger and taller

      cites are fortified


Was there something to fear?


What do you fear as you look into the new year?

      -young people where to study, get a job


      -who will die?

Is there something to fear?

      Yes! many things could happen that are too much for us to handle.

Why is fear a problem?

2.Questioning God's love

Why did thepeople feel this way?

What did they think?

vs. 27 - "The Lord hates us."

fear overwhelmed them because they did not believe God loved them.

fear and love are connected

illus. Jennifer T. told the story of a girl who was afraid of boys because her father didn't show love to her.

we do the same

      fear comes into our life

      we don't believe God loves us and has our best interest in mind

      fear overwhelms us

But is this the real issue?


What does God think?

vs. 28 -"you rebelled against the command of the Lord."

we focus on fear nad think it understandable, but God calls it rebellion

not to believe that God loves us is rebellion.

The Israelites failed to go forward and do what God whated themto do because they rebelled against God failing to trust His love and allowing their fear to overwhelm them.

As we enter the new year...

What will we do?

Let us not rebel by allowing fear to overwhelm and so fail to advance.

II.               Going With God 29-33

A.                 Promise

as they expressed discouragement, Moses encouraged them with a promise in vs. 30

"the Lord will fight for you"

they did not need to fear not because the enemy was not strong, but because God was stronger.

We have promises

Phil 4:6,7

Mat. 6:25-33

et. al.

B.                 History

not only promises, but a long history of hte fulfillment of htat promnise.



      In the desert

      vs. 31 -"like a Father carries his son."

our history:

      all Israel experiended

      Romans 8:32


            Heidi's parents fleeing the advancing Russian army tried to get into the Black Forest, but they were not going to make it. They prayed that the Lord would blind the eyes of the Russian army and that is what happened.

            Heidi's parents in Canada in poverty. had already gone into line of credit for groceries and needed coal. Coal cost 12.63 and the day the coal came, a letter in the mail brought 12.63. exactly what was needed.

            Kristen's difficult year. we received a verse, Exo. 14:14. we have seen God fight for us.

therefore, we can enter hte new year with confidence.

God will fight for us

Enter the new year with hope.

III.            Don't Go Without God.

but we must be sure to go with God.

A.                 Story

      judgement for 40 years

      realized they had sinned

      went without God's permission

      were defeated

B.                 Application

when they wanted to go God said

"I will not be with you."

what an awful thing to do something or go somewhere knowing God is not going.

Has that ever happened?


      Jennifer T. told of a time when she went out with a guy and her parents and friends said she shouldn't. she did and it ended in broken relationships iwth her friends and parents and a broken relationship with God.

      Mom going into business with Vince. unequally yoked. ended in loss and disaster.

As you enter the new year...

      Are you doing such things?

      Are you planning suchg things?

      "I know it isn't right, but I'm going to do it anyway."

in personal life

in church life

Seek God's direction

      acc., to the Bible

      acc. to His leading

Go where God goes

Do not get into a situation wher eGod says, "I will not go with you."


We don't know what the year will bring.

There will be things we can't handle.

Let us make some New Years Resolutions:

1.Do what God wants us to do.

2.Believe that he loves us no matter what happens.

As in the past, God iwll fight for us if we go His way.

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