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Matt 16:13-16


Who do you say That I Am?



Every since Jesus came into this world we have been forced to deal with Who He is!

·                     The early Church had to endure persecution because of their testimony of Jesus in the face of the worship of Caesar

·                     The Church in India today suffers persecution because of their testimony of Jesus in the face of Hinduism with their worship of over a million gods

·                     Even today the church, the children of God are confronted daily in the face of cultural norms & political correctness because of our testimony of Jesus Christ 

The Bible says That every knee will bow and Tongue confess that Jesus Is Lord!

Trans: We all will be required to answer the question of Who Jesus is and what role does He play in our lives 


We find our text, in the Gospel according to Matthew. Matthew is considered one of the Synoptic Gospels which also includes Mark and Luke. Synoptic literally means the same view. The synoptic gospels includes many of the same events but were unique in their purpose. Luke presents Jesus from the viewpoint of His humanity, Mark presents Jesus from the viewpoint a servant, a man of action and Matthew's assignment was to present Him from the viewpoint as King, the long awaited messiah prophetised in the O.T.

Trans: Jesus in Chap 16 verses 1-12 dealt with the religious leaders and his disciples about their lack of faith and the dangers of it

Jesus does not look kindly on the lack of faith 

 For without faith it is impossible to please God and anything that is not faith is sin

A double minded mind is unstable in all his ways

I rather you are with me or not with me but not in between

We must make a choice of what we believe

Trans: In verse 13 Jesus and His disciples enter into Caesarea Phillipi (Bagna in modern day Israel)

There were Two places named Caesarea in Palestine; one Jewish in influence and one Caesarea Phillipi which was Greek in influence with their various worship of pagan Gods especially the Greek god Pan. A temple also was dedicated for the worship of Caesar

Ill: Just like Ny with its various Temples, Mosques and Synagogues vying for your worship of its gods.

And Jesus uses this background to test those close to Him about who He really is


Ill: There are many people even today who have been around Jesus and the things of Jesus and still don’t know who He really is

Jesus understood the urgency of the hour for this event was 6 months before His crucifixiation and His disciples need to be sure for themselves who He is

Katrina, Iraq, 9/11 points to the urgency of the hour,

 We must know for ourselves who He really is for  How many know that Jesus is coming back

Trans: Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?

 What are the people saying about me?

What do they say?


Ill: You have to be careful about relying on They!

You never seem to know exactly who they really are!

You never seem to know how they formulated their opinion!

You never seem to know how many people constitute They!

I have found in my experiences that one person can constitute as they!

I have also found they, they could be wrong!

Don't rely on what They say, make up your own mind

Tell your neighbor be careful of what They say!

Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?

Disciples freely answer for it is always easy to talk about they say

Some say Jesus, that you are:


John the Baptist

 The one crying in the wilderness wearing camel hair and eating locust urging the people to repent and turn to God and baptizing them in the Jordan River.

The one who was beheaded and now have come back to life

But they did not realize that a greater than John the Baptist was among them


Some say Jesus, that you are:


Elijah- (whose God is Jehovah)

The one who called fire from heaven that lick up the water during his confrontation with the prophets of Baal

Who declared to Israel: Who are you going to serve God or Baal?

The one who will prepare the way of the Lord

But they did not realize that a greater than Elijah was among them

Some say Jesus, that you are Jeremiah

Jeremiah-(Appointed by Jehovah)

The weeping prophet who suffered great persecution because of his prophesies concerning Israel to turn to God

But they did not realize that a greater than Jeremiah was among them

Some say Jesus, that you are:

One of the other prophets

But they did not realized that a greater than all the prophets was among them

Trans: And now Jesus asked them a question that He was really after from the beginning

Who do you say that I am? (Emphatic)

What is your opinion!

You That Saw My Power as I:

Walked on Water

Healed the Sick

Feed the 4 thousand & 5 thousand

You That Heard my Words as I:

The Sermon on the Mount

My Parables

You that saw my Passion:

The Kingdom of God

About my Father's Business

WHO DO You Say That I AM?

ILL: I like the use of the word that signifying specific

·         For it was "that I am" when Moses asked God who should I say sent Me "Tell them I Am sent You

*·         For it was "that I am" when Jesus told the Pharisees before Abraham was "I AM"


And on a Personal Note:

·         When I was in a car accident He showed my That I am a protector and healer

·         When I did not know where to turn He showed me that I am Faithful and the Counselor

*·         When we lost our baby He showed me that I am Your confront and your peace!

*·         And in my  life experiences He showed me that “He is Everything I need”.


Who do you say That I am!

For the correct answer to this questions will determine:

·         True Love- He loves you with an everlasting Love that does not fail

It will determine:

·         True value and purpose- For it is He who made you and not you youselfs

It will determine:

·         True Intimacy- For because He is honest and true I can trust Him and because I can trust Him I can allow Him into areas of my Life I can allow no one else

Who do you say That I am?

 Trans: Universal Question, But only few have the answer

Peter steps up to the Plate and He is emphatic!

You, You are the Messiah:

·                     The anointed One

·                     The Christ

·                     The Savior

You , You Are the Son of God:

·                     The same essence of God

·                     The same equality as God

·                     You are God!

You, You are Savior and Lord!

Trans: And if you agree

We must:

Submit our Time:

You can't get to know someone with out spending time. You can't love someone if you are not willing to listen to their heart.

Our prayer time with the Lord allows us to not only share our heart with Him, But for Him to Share His Heart with Us.

We must not just make time for Him we Must take time for Him!


We Must:


Submit our Will:

We must make a decision to remove self from the throne of our choices and decisions. We must make a decision for submission and put His agenda over ours.

Not my will, But yours Lord; yours

 We Must:

Submit ourselves:

When Christ went to the cross to die for our sins, All of Him went. Is it to much to ask in appreciation of what he has done for us to not give Him all of Us! We are to present this body and all the secret closets of our lives to Him so we can be like Him!



Who do you say That I am?


A question that will determine you eternal destiny and how you live your life

If you are here and you don'''t have a relationship with Him as Lord and Savior don't allow this day to pass by without submitting your life to Him when the invitation is Given 

If you know Him, take time to evaluate if Jesus has all of you!


Jesus is coming back!

And one day He will look you face to Face and eyeball to eyeball and ask you:

Who do you say that I am?

What would be your response and would your Life be able to back up your answer!


Who do you say That I am! 



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