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Heaven - Jesse Duplantis

Heaven – Jesse Duplantis
The power of God is much more powerful than our sins. Pray!
Jesse went to a restaurant when the Lord told him to go back to his room. He knelt down. As he began to pray he heard a whoosh sound. Then he was taken out through the roof. He was put in something like a ski cart and saw an angel with him. They traveled at a high rate of speed toward Heaven. The angel told Jesse that he had an appointment with the most high God. Jesse asked what he had done wrong. The angel said, “nothing.” (the angel was blond and he had been with Jesse before). We will be there in short time.
Opened the door to such a beautiful place. He saw colors he had never seen before – reds, blue, purples, etc. Never seen such beautiful colors in his life. It because there was no stain of sin on it. The angel said, “You are in Paradise!” He looked and saw the city and millions of mansions around. It’s a 3-placed tier, there’s the throne, the New Jerusalem, and then there’s Paradise.
Paradise looks like such a green field, valleys, mountains – and he thought, “Wow, this looks a lot like earth.” The angel heard him thinking and said, “The earth is the Lord’s taste.” Jesse said, “Glory to God!” You can’t use praise phrases, because in Heaven they do it. Everybody around said “Glory to God!” You got to watch what you say. They “do” it!
Jesse began to kneel before the angel, and the angel said, “Do not kneel before me. You have an appointment with the Most High God.” I looked around and he couldn’t get over the beauty of it – it was beautiful. Heaven is a planet, it’s about the best way he could describe it in the natural .
This angel didn’t have wings, but others did. He said, “Praise God” and they did. As they were standing there another man came out of the ski cart type vehicle and said, “I made it! I made it! I can’t believe I made it. He started kissing the ground. He didn’t have clothes on like Jesse did. He had a gown. How you know the people is clothes. The clothes of office, like the military. You know the colonel when you see him, a lieutenant colonel, a full-bird colonel when you see him. Their clothes of office dictate their position.
Another angel said to Jesse, “Let me guide you.” The people were lined up heading to that city. Some of the people had gowns on, but some of them had big robes on them with top-stitching. Beautiful stuff. But he noticed the people with gowns would get out of line. The angels would move them over to where the River of Life was. They would eat a piece of fruit and take a leaf and inhale it. Jesse asked, “Aren’t they going to the throne?” The angel said yes! The Great God Jehovah is merciful. They didn’t live the way they were supposed to live, but the Great God Jehovah is merciful.
Jesse check the clothes thing when he got back. In Isaiah it says that He gives us a garment of salvation and a robe of righteousness. They are totally 2 separate things. I saw that with my own eyes. The garment of salvation meant they were saved and a robe of righteousness.
Jesse was thirsty, and the angel asked if I were. The angel was going to give him water, but a man came and said, “I’ll give him water.” I looked and it was a thick, barrel-chested man. He said, “Hello, Jesse!” I’m your Father in the Faith, I’m Abraham.” You should have seen his clothes. This man was more than a 4-star, 5-star, 10 star general… What people had said about Peter meeting you at the gate in Heaven isn’t true. The first person you meet is the Father of your faith, Abraham. He asked if Jesse was thirsty, and he said yes. He got a goblet with sapphires, and diamonds, and emeralds. “Jesse thought, My, look at that cup.” Abraham told Jesse to drink this.
Jesse was dehydrated and was weak. Abraham told him he was going to have to eat some fruit to “withstand the Glory of God.” That’s why I knew I was in my natural body. Jesse started talking to Abraham. I just wanted to stay there and talk, he said, but the angel said, “we must move on, you have an appointment with the Most High God.”
I saw a man from afar who was the only man except Jesus who was wearing a crown. It was David. Jesus had assigned him to take him to his house. (later on) Jesse started talking faith with Abraham, and he asked, “How did you do it, how did you do it? How could you lay your boy down?” He said, “Well, I had a choice, but I chose the right choice. Just like you!” Jesse said he has nothing compared to what you did. Abraham said, Yes, you have.” You don’t know how God judges you until you get there. I’m just a little Christian, but, Ohhh, God has a different scale of moving and touching people. We think this and that, but God is above all that. Then Abraham hugged him and laughed. Jesse thought, “I’m being hugged by Abraham.”
The people in Heaven call one another by their first name. The angel and Abraham called him Jesse…not Rev. Jesse, Dr. Jesse, etc. just Jesse. It’s Abraham, Jesus, etc. They are all servants there in Heaven. Again the angel told Jesse, “You have an appointment with God Almighty.” Jesse asked if he could stay there for a while, and the angel said “no.” They keep you on schedule.
As he was walking, he was seeing beautiful places. As he was walking, he saw flowers with huge big heads on them. They were beautiful. Jesse stopped to not step on them. The angel said, You can walk. They are spiritualized. You won’t crush them. Nothing dies here. He said, “Step.” As Jesse stepped, they went through his legs. As I walked, they could see him (the flowers) and they turned as he went by. They were big, beautiful flowers that were waving back and forth. Jesse heard a sound. Jesse asked, “What is that?” The angel said that was the rushing of angel’s wings. It’s all over.
Then Jesse asked, “What is that wonderful smell?” The angel answered, “That’s the fragrance of God.” Jesse said he was still looking for that smell today. One time at a mall, he smelled that smell on a lady there in the mall. Jesse looked at her (with that fragrance around her) and the woman said, “How are you doing, Brother Jesse?” Jesse said to her that she must be very close to God, and she answered, “Yes, I am!” She said it was a pleasure to meet Jesse and walked on. Jesse just wanted to smell that fragrance as she passed on. It was just a tinge that Jesse could not explain how it smelled. He just smells wonderful. It goes in your body. I’ll never forget that as long as I live.
As he kept on walking, Jesse kept on looking around, and he noticed there were no shadows. He said to the angel, “You aren’t casting a shadow.” The angel answered, “God is light in which there is not shadow of turning. There’s no darkness here.” In heaven there is no darkness, no decay, no dust.
Jesse walked on with the big angel with him. He was noticing things around. When all of a sudden there were children coming out. In Paradise there are pavilion-like places where the children sing and perform. Jesse asked Abraham what he was doing in Paradise. Abraham answered, “Paradise belongs to me. It’s my bosom. That’s like when Jesus walked off into Abraham’s bosom (and set the captives free,) Jesse commented. Abraham answered, “So you have read the Word!” He said, “it’s my place, it’s mine.” There were bunches of them. They were singing and playing instruments that looked like a harp to Jesse. Jesse asked, “Who are all these children?” Abraham said, “These are children that the world did not want.” The Great God Jehovah is merciful. They love to play and sing for Jesus. They were sweet, and they had on beautiful outfits.
All of a sudden Jesse heard, “He’s Coming, He’s Coming!” The kids began to run in front of them. Jesse asked, “Where are they going.” The angel said, “BOW!” and Jesse hit his knees. That city became a light. Diamonds glimmering! The angel told him to bow before the King of Kings. He started repenting, He said, Jesus, listen,” Jesus said, “I have already washed it away, Jesse. Stand up.” Jesse continued, “Maybe, I might have missed something.” There’s such holiness (in Jesus’ Presence), it’s purity! I stood up! Jesus is about 5’11 to 6’1. His clothes look like a sheet of diamonds, and light is just emanating out of Him. In the thread you can see the glory coming out of Him. You see, Jesus is the part of God you can touch. The heart of God is the Father. The face of God is the Son, Jesus. The voice of God is the Holy Ghost. The hands of God is the Church. Jesus looked at Jesse and asked if he were enjoying himself? I said yes. Jesus said, “I have come to hear my children sing!” Jesse said, “That’s great! I’m going to listen, too.” The kids started singing and playing, and it was phenomenal. Perfect, just perfect sound. Jesse just listened.
The children ran up to Jesus, and they would go into His body. They had a spiritual body. They would go into His glory. Jesse went up toward Jesus, and he would hit something. You see if you have a spirit body you can go through the molecules. That’s why Jesus could go through the walls.
When Jesus put His hands out, Jesse looked through the holes. Jesse didn’t realize how big those nails were. He could see right through the holes to the ground. Then Jesse saw this liquid-like substance moving around there in his hands. Jesse asked what that was. Jesus answered, “You know that statement I gave you, that’s liquid God.” This is not a body with blood. A man’s body you can hug. We hug the Father and the Holy Ghost through Jesus’ body. Jesse thought, that hole looks like a railroad spike in his feet. It was the color of but not bronze, but it looked like very shiny brass. It was this glory coming out. When Jesse looked at Jesus’ face, His hair/face was light brown. He didn’t have a beard. There was just pools of love coming off Him. You get weak! The angel said, “Eat this so you can withstand the glory of God.”
Jesus said, “You have an appointment with my Father, and Me, and My Spirit.” Jesse said, “Let’s talk now!” Jesus told Jesse that he had to see other things and that Jesus would meet him soon.
The kids were singing, and it was beautiful. I saw the people were in line trying to get to that Throne. The people in gowns were smelling those leaves on the way. Jesse asked if they weren’t going to go, and the angel answered, “The great God Jehovah is merciful. But they will have to learn some things. But, they will get there. Some had different gowns. Some were walking straight on to the Throne. Everybody wants to get to the Throne.
The Throne was 1500 miles high. You can see God from all directions. As we were walking, I saw mansions after mansions after mansions. Not small places – mansions. They came up to the Jasper Wall and Jesse said, “Stop!” I preach on this. I want to look at this. Jesse saw the names of the Apostles. The first one was Peter, second one was Paul, third one was James, and the fourth one was John. Jesses asked why James was ahead of John, and the angel answered, “He was the first martyr.” He deserved that position. Jesse said, “Paul! You know he wasn’t in the original 12. The answer was, “He was original to God!”
Jesse said he wanted to watch, and the angel said they must keep moving. That’s when David came up to Jesse. David had a red beard like Keith Moore’s beard. It wasn’t shaggy. It was well manicured. David said, “Hello, Jesse!” He knew Jesse’s Name. Jesse started to bow, but David said, You have just met the King of Kings.” Jesse said to congregation, “Buddy, he (David) has a position! He is the King of Israel – even there.” You can see that. David said, “Don’t bow to me. You have met the King of Kings. David said he had been assigned by Jesus to show him around and show him Jesse’s house.
Jesse said, “OK” and then Jesse said, “You were a musician, weren't you?” David answered, “Yes, I was, and you are a musician, too.” Jesse answered, “Yes, he was. Jesse said he has written a lot of songs.” David said, “Me, too!” Jesse said, “Yes, I have read some of them.” Jesse’s exact words. David asked which one Jesse liked. Jesse answered that he like them all, but he really like Psalm 23. David said, “I did my best on that.” He said, “You know I just let the Lord speak through me.” David said in some of his songs, he sang about troubles. You know, some of the times we musicians tell stories in the songs. You have an experience and you make a song of it. When I talked about the worship of God, those were much better. Others were good, but you know what I’m talking about.” Jesse answered that he did. Song writers get their ideas from experiences that happened in their life. David said he wished he had done more when he praised Him and worshipped Him. Some of David’s songs were about some of his troubles. They were still good, but they were so much better when he talked of how wonderful and glorious He is.
Jesse and David continued talking, And David said, “I have been told to take you to your house” Jesse said, OK. They continued talking music. Jesse was getting weaker by the minute, and David said to give Jesse some fruit. It was about the size of a plum. Jesse would eat that, and he would feel strength.
Jesse said to David, “I want to know about Enoch and Elijah. David said what do you want to know? Jesse said, “They came up here where I’m at. How can they stand it, they must have eaten about 10 billion fruit by now.” David said, “God Almighty spiritualized their bodies, so they could function like everyone else here.”
Then Jesse asked, “at the Mount of Configuration, Jesus was so bright that when He dialed up, they could barely see. When he came out of that city, He was so bright and the glory was coming out of His clothes. You could actually see threads…just glory being emitted everywhere all over His body.
As we walked, David said, “Let’s go into this house. I think you will enjoy this place. Jesse said OK. Jesse walked in and saw a bald-headed man about 5’2-5’3” there. He was sitting on a window sill. There were 7-8 people there, and he was teaching the Word of God. He looked at Jesse and said, “Hello, Jesse.” Jesse said, “My, that is the Apostle Paul. Jesse said, “Hello!” Paul said, “How are you doing?” Jesse said, “This place is great!” Paul said through his life he wanted to get here (Heaven) so bad, but he had to stay to help the church.” Jesse sat down, and Paul looked at him. Jesse said, “Let me tell you, if you came back to earth you could sue me for copywrite infringement. I preach all your stuff.” Paul laughed. He thought that was so funny. Jesse said, “I was serious! I preach his epistles, I preach everything he said.” Jesse said that Paul had said that he had been caught up, and he didn’t know if he were in the body or out of the body and you were caught up…” Paul answered, “Just like you! You have experienced what I experienced when I was in a body.” Jesse said, “Man, that’s heavy!” and Paul agreed.
Jesse asked, “What was your greatest surprise? Paul began to tear up. “Jesse, I never thought that God would make my words His words. I was writing to the churches to do my job as an apostle. When I got here (Heaven) God said, Paul because of your love for Me, because of your tenacity, I made your words, my words. My (Paul’s) words became Holy Canon.” Jesse said, “You sure did some great stuff.” Paul said, “I’ve got a lot more that I will teach when everybody’s here.” Jesse answered, “I’m going to your Bible study.” Paul laughed.
There you can talk to one or millions. That’s how the language is. Jesus could talk to you or to millions of people. Jesse and Paul continued to talk. The angel said, “You have an appointment.” Jesse said, “We need to talk some more.” Paul said, “You know when I wrote to my church in Corinth, my affliction was much for the moment?” Jesse answered, “Yeah!” Paul went on, “The church made it (a moment) a lifetime.” He leaned over to Jesse and said, “Do me a favor. Change it back to a moment!” Jesse answered, “I’m yours to command. I’ll change it back to a moment. Persecution don’t mean nothing to me. I don’t care what they say.” Paul said, “You are a lot like me about that.” Jesse said, “But I haven’t been beat up like you.” Paul answered, “don’t even be concerned about the tribulation that I’ve been through. My whole body was beaten. I was thinking maybe they will kill me, and I can get to Heaven.” Paul said he could care less about all that. He was interested in one thing – coming here (Heaven), staying here, and starting his eternal work.
God hasn’t stopped creating. The universe is expanding now as we speak at the speed of light. That’s God! He’s a creator. Jesse said to Paul, “Listen I want to come back and talk.” Paul said, “OK! Jesse, thanks for coming home.” Jesse said, “You’ve got a nice house.” Paul answered, “Wait to you see yours.” Jesse said, “You have seen mine?” Paul said, “Jesus personally built it for you.”
Jesse said, “let me back up. When Jesus put His hand on my shoulder, He said to go tell His people that “I’m coming!” Sometimes He would hear me and answer my thoughts. Jesse said, “Lord, you have the wrong man here. I’m just an evangelist preaching Wednesday to Sunday meetings. It was 1988, you know! You need Billy Graham. Go tell my people! “No, he said.” He knew what Jesse would be doing today…on all the tv channels, preaching to 2.9 billion people in 14 different languages. From 2020 to now over 19 million people have contacted us on social media. So, what are we telling them, “Jesus is coming!”
So, Jesse asked the Lord, “Why are you doing this Lord.” Jesus said, “I brought you here to tell everybody I’m Coming! You tell everybody I’m coming sooner than they think! He didn’t tell me when He was coming, but He’s coming sooner that we think.
As I’m walking, I’m running into horses. You haven’t seen horses like that. What was so wonderful about the animals is that you can hear them think. They talk to you. You can talk to them. I saw cats, little ones, big cats, Lions, tigers, horses, dogs…now I’m not saying your dog went to Heaven, I just saw dogs. Don’t put words in my mouth. I don’t know about that. I just looked at one horse and he looked at me, and I could hear him thinking. He said this, “Thanks for coming.” I said, “where’s that white horse that Jesus is going to ride. I didn’t see it, but I wanted to. I love horses…I think they are beautiful animals.” There were lambs and lions playing like it says in the Bible. Just playing around. And you see the little babies.
Those children. They would run up to Jesus and would hug them, and He would hug them. It was amazing. The angel said, “We have to move your faster.” Jesse said, “OK!’’ But as he walked he was really getting weaker. He held on to the angel’s arm. He said, “Eat this.” Jesse said he hoped that angel had a lot of fruit, he was so weak.
As he walked there, it was like millions of people standing up to the throne. I heard this, “whoosh, whoosh. And that’s God’s sound. Our Father…that’s energy, that’s power, I don’t know how to explain it...such power and smoke. These angels cherubim, at least 30 foot tall, with a 30 ft. wingspread, that’s big. But the ones that blew me away was those Seraphims, with the 6 wings. And they put their wings over their feet. Jesse asked why the wings were covering their feet, and they said those angels so as God send them as messengers and they don’t want any dust on their feet or they can not approach God. Those Cherubim’s fly around the throne.
Jesse hit the dust, he couldn’t stand any more. He heard, “Holy, Holy, Holy the great God Jehovah as they went around the Throne. The Power! And out of that fog, comes Jesus Christ in human form. He came out, and I saw the difference between the Father and the Son. Jesus would turn around to look at the Throne…the Son and the Father can’t stay away from each other too long. Jesus would go back into that smoke. You would hear power. If the Father would move his fingernail slightly, He could annihilate the universe. Then Jesus would come out…Jesse said he had always thought of Jesus as a teacher (blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God)… but that’s all wrong. Now He can do that (teach). Jesus came out of there and said, “I’m going to get your brothers, I’m going to get your sisters, and I’m going to get your family. (Loud like preaching) Jesse said, He’s like R. W. Schambach, He can Preach! (He was a dear preacher and friend of Jesse) Preaching up a storm…people falling out.
Jesse saw where the elders were, but they weren’t in their chairs. Jesse asked where they were. He was answered that they were in the city. He said we are servants here, Jesse. They say, “what can we do for you,” rather than what you can do for them. Jesse thought, the only other seats on that throne were the place where humans sit. Angels don’t sit. They stand at attention. People sit in those seats, because we are sons and daughters.
Jesse saw the hand of God. (You know why they say Holy, Holy?) Those angels have encircled the Throne for trillions of years, and every time they make a circle around the throne, they see a side of God they have never seen before. Then they proclaim, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Great God Jehovah!” Then, watch my finger barely move. When He, God, slightly moved it, one of those angels went, bam, up against the wall. It didn’t hurt him. Jesse thought, if the Father just moves the wrong way, it’s over. This creator!
So, I understand the Trinity. Jesse saw the Father, I couldn’t look at His brightness…I saw the Son Jesus, now I could hold Him, and I asked the stupidest question anyone could ask. I asked where the Holy Spirit was. He’s on the earth was the answer. Jesse (felt stupid) and said, Yeah, that’s right.
I met a family as I was going to the Throne who were in an airplane accident. There were 6 of them. They said, “Hey, Jesse!” He said, “You know me?” They answered, “We know everyone here.” Jesse asked what they were doing, and they said they were going on a picnic, and asked if he wanted to go. Jesse said, Yeah, but the angel said you can’t. So, they said when you get back from the Throne, we will go on a picnic. Ok. I’ll remember, and Jesse said he would, too.
They were together as a family. Jesse asked the question about him hearing that people don’t live together in Heaven. He said, No, you can. You will know your wife, but it’s not like you think. It’s so much higher. Jesse was told that they were a covenant family. All of us. Much higher and greater than earth.
When Jesus (I think) would preach, people would fall out by the hundreds of thousands, even in their spirit bodies. It was amazing. Jesse was looking, but he was laying flat. The angel was feeding me fruit until it was running down his cheek, but when he bit, he could feel the surge of strength. Jesse knew if he stood before God looking at Him, he would have died.
Jesse didn’t meet Moses, but he saw him from afar off. He was a very big man. He noticed his clothes. All those patriarchs, you should see that robe of Moses. All the people wanted to get to the Thone to be around God. Jesse was looking around and thought, and asked an angel, “why can’t Jesus and God be apart for long?” LOVE The angel said as Jesse left the city, the angel wanted Jesse to remember what he had asked of the angel.
Jesse wanted to repent at the throne, but he had nothing to repent because it doesn’t exist. In Jesse’s mind, he could remember stuff, but in their mind, it was washed away never to be remembered again. There’s nothing. No repenting in Heaven. It doesn’t exist at all.
There are people that you would never thought were there. Jesse saw President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The angel said that the Great God Jehovah has been merciful. Jesse knew not to ask another question. I asked the Apostle Paul, “Were you married?” Paul said, the reason I didn’t put any of that in there, is what good would that do?” Now people would recognize the message. That’s why you don’t know about Jesus between 12 and 30. What good would that do? We need to be hearers of the messages of what is going on. Then Jesse said, “I won’t tell anybody if you tell me.” He just laughed.
I could go on for hours about so many little things. The angel said when they walked out again, he was going to take Jesse to his home. King David was bringing Jesse around.
Jesse ran into Jonah. I went down the street of the prophets. I know where Brother Hagin is living. I know the houses they are in. It looks like St. Charles street in New Orleans, and Manhatten where they had block mansions in the 1800’s. It’s the only place that has block mansions. In New Orleans there every block today has mansions in the Garden Division. That’s where the prophets and the patriarchs live. It’s amazing to see that.
I said to Jonah, Hey, and He said Hey, Jesse. How are you doing? Jesse said, “I want to ask you a question. How did it feel to be in that fish. I thought that was a viable question. I didn’t know if it was a whale, fish….He said, “Jesse, you are focusing on the wrong thing. I was in disobedience.” He didn’t say a thing about the fish. “I was in disobedience. I wasn’t thinking about how I was breathing or living. I was thinking, you idiot. I was thinking if I ever get out of here, I am going to do what God told me to do.” But you know, he still got mad after God told him what to do. You know, God was merciful. See, some of you don’t think JFK could be there. JFK repented. Now what he did, I don’t know. It’s none of my business. I saw him. He didn’t have a robe on…he had a gown…but you knew who it was.
I passed this building, huge building, Jesse said he would like to go in there on the way to his house. He was told he was not allowed to go in there. You can’t see what’s in there. I knew in me that I should not ask that question any more. I still don’t know what’s in there. That building was huge. It looked like the Pentagon. Not like it looked but that big of a size building. I don’t know what was in there.
At the Throne I saw something I’ll never forget as long as I live. In the smoke I saw babies coming out. They had the ability to fly. They had Charlie Daniels nightgowns on. I said, “What is that?” I was told, that is the thoughts of God. When God thinks, he thinks children. I could hear the little voices saying, “Will you make me a Spirit? Will you make me a Spirit?” You see the soul is the mind, will, and emotions, and the thoughts…and God would go “Whoom! And breathe forward. And you could see the breath of God. They became a living spirit and were placed in the womb. So…if you have had an abortion or a miscarriage, your babies are alive. If you have recently had a miscarriage and you don’t live much longer, you pass away; You will teach your children the oracles of God. You will. They can’t wait to see their parents. If you wait a long time, there are others teaching them as you grow older. They grow faster than a normal child, but they are taught the oracles of God. But let’s say you miscarried a child 4 or 5 years ago, and you went home to Heaven, you would teach your own child the oracles of God. They are waiting to see you.
Now when God breathes, life takes place. When I saw my mother breathe her last breath, God brought to my attention Adam, when God breathed into his nostrils, he became a living spirit. When someone dies and you see them do this, (breathe their breath out) wooooh! God is very close to that face, and He receives that breath back into the giver of life. When my Mama breathed her last breath, He received my mother back into Him.
Every time God breathes, life comes forth. So, when He thinks children, and they make requests, “would you make me a Spirit?” It seemed like thousands of them going out to become living spirits to be raised like you see today. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Why? Because He is a Creator. He breathes Himself, and that’s how life begins. Then all the mechanical parts start to take place. You have got to have that Spirit. You take that Spirit out of the body, it is over with. I don’t care if they do things. They can put you on life support, and your body goes on, but you are gone. The spirit is not there. The body doesn’t know what to do. It needs a soul to know how to function in this life.
David opened up the door to my house. He said, “Jesus, made a table for you!” I said, “He did?” I love foyers. To me foyers should dictate what a house should look like. This house of mine now…they say I live in a mansion. This house makes my Heavenly house look like an outhouse. Nothing compares to what I’ve got in Heaven. I have a beautiful home now, don’t misunderstand me. I walked up to this table, and it has 2 golden eagles sitting looking at each other. David said, “the Lord personally made that for you.” I said, “My, I’m doing good!” and they said, “yes, you are!” They said look around. A lot of it looks like the taste I have here. Louis 15th 16th. Straight leg not curved. I kinda like that kind of furniture. Jesse said, “Why is that?” He said, “every desire is given. Would you like a condo in Paradise?” Jesse said, can I have one? He said, you can have a mansion there if you want one. Anything you ask is given. All desires are met. Every desire you can think of, God does. You know, it’s the same way here (on earth), if you believe it.
That’s why I saw all those beautiful condos and mansions in the city, but I could walk in the country and have that, too! Whatever! God said, “I’ll do the same thing on the earth if someone will just believe me!” “That’s my theme this year…what shall I do for you? He doesn’t think limitations, people do. It’s God being God!
When I came out of my house, Jesus came up the street. I hit my knees, you know. He just laughed, He was laughing. He tapped me on my shoulder and said, “Jesse, go tell my people I’m coming!” He got stern with me then. I said, “Lord, they know you’re coming!” He raised His voice a little bit and said, “No, they don’t! You go tell them, I’m coming.” I said, “Yes, sir. I’m yours to command.” Jesse said that’s why he works so much. I can hear His command coming at me. Do this!” So, it is hard for Jesse to slow down. “ I was standing there, and we were just talking, and I said, “Thanks, for the table.” And Jesus said, “I did my best.” Jesse said, “this is nice” Jesus said, “I thought so. I knew what you like and I know your taste, but I added some of mine in there.” Jesse said, “Every time I look at it I’m going to think of you.” Jesus said, “Thank you, Jesse!”
Jesus said that it was time for Jesse to go to work. It’s time for you to go home. Jesus told David to take Jesse back by the way of the mountains. “ He likes mountains.” Jesse said, “Thank you!” Jesus said, “Remember, go tell my people I’m coming!” Jesse says that is why he works so hard. “I’m under a command”, Jesse said. “From God Almighty, through the lips of Jesus Christ.” That’s why Jesse knows the difference of the voice of the Father, the voice of the Son, and the voice of the Holy Ghost. He has heard them physically many times since then. He knows the distinctness of every one of them. Also, they come into harmony, and they all speak as one. The 3 speak as 1. It’s the most amazing thing. You are not going to know that unless you fellowship with God. It’s more than going to church. That’s good, but you have to do that (fellowship.)
As I was walking, the Apostle Paul came up to me. Abraham came up to me. Jonah came up to me. A bunch of people I didn’t know. I never saw my Mama. I didn’t see any of my family. Maybe it’s because I wouldn’t want to go or something that I don’t know. I can’t explain it. Then Paul looked at me and clinched his fist…Preach this gospel! Jesse said, “I’m going to preach this gospel, I’m going to do it. David said, “Sing!” Jesse says he doesn’t sing much any more. He said, “Just let every word be a song!” And Jonah said, “Obey!” Jesse said, “Yeah, cause if I don’t I’ll wind up in a fish myself!” It’s what I was thinking, you know!”
“I know without a shadow of a doubt, I want to get outta here. I’m not looking to be a big preacher; I’ve lost all that craziness. I won’t exploit this thing. But I’ve got to tell you something. I saw Jesus cry. When I looked at Him, it was so bright, but I saw tears. He said,…, I’ll never forget this as long as I live. He said, “My worst day is yet to come.” Jesse said, “I thought the worst day was the crucifixion.” IT’S THE JUDGMENT! Jesus said, “You know Jesse, when I said in my Word I will wipe away all tears, he said that includes me, too! He said, Jesse, I can’t change it. I can change it now, because I’m the Savior. But in that day I won’t be their Savior, I’ll be their judge. I will have to declare the law of God. I can’t change it. I have to wipe my own tears.” I saw water fall from Jesus’ eyes. Jesse said he wanted to do something. Jesus said, He did not want to tell His creation to depart from Him due to iniquity. He said He didn’t want to do that. That day is yet to come. Then Jesus said, “You’ll see it!” “That’s going to be a tough day,” Jesse said. For God Almighty and for Jesus Himself. Jesus said, “I can change it now. Preach that gospel, Jesse. That would be one less I would not have to say depart and one less tear I will have to shed.” Jesus said, “I don’t want to do this, but I must!” Jesse said, “OK, Lord!” Then Jesus said to take care of yourself (to Jesse). “Watch over your body. Satan doesn’t care if you live or die. What he cares about is where you are. If you die and go to Heaven, Satan says, “Good, I’ve got him out of my hair.” If you die and go to hell, then he deserves what he got. When you give him trouble, it is on earth. He was looking at all these great men. Jesse looked at Paul and doubled his fist in victory, and so did Paul.
“I haven’t obeyed on all, I’ve missed God on some of that. I would get so tired. A young man, a child, gave me a word of knowledge: He brought me back to Heaven. He said, Jesse, the Lord told me to tell you something. Tell me young man. The boy said, you know the devil is afraid of you. You will run him over and kick him in the head. You just beat him and walk on him. Jesse said, ‘I like that Word.’ So, the devil quit coming in front of you and got behind you to push you. He said you don’t need to rest. Come on, there are people dying and going to hell down the street. Come on or you will never complete your destiny or reach your destination. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” That went off in Jesse like a shotgun, and he heard the Lord say, “Take care of your body.” I’ll say it publicly. “At times I have missed it again. Joy or Kathy will say, go home, take a nap or do something.” Jesse said, “This command!” “I’ll be 72 in about a month. This command! I hear it 24/7. Not to be big. I don’t care about any of that (earthly) stuff. I want to stand before him on that day and say, ‘I fought a good fight, I’ve finished my course, and I kept the faith.’ I have to learn to listen to this flesh. I’m not in bad shape for a man my age. Most of my staff can’t keep up with me. But there has been times God has told me to rest and I didn’t. I’ll be honest with you. Then I would have to repent over it.”
God said that He appreciates Jesse’s tenacity, “I appreciate your willingness to work. But there is much more for you to do.”
“ You know most people I started out with are dead or retired. I’m not looking to play God. It’s just that I’m about my Father’s business. But, I have to be careful. I don’t want Satan to use that. And the Lord has warned me about those things. I believe that’s a Word for some of you in here. Cause you have to complete your destiny and reach your destination.”
So, I stepped into that contraption. They said, “We will see you soon!” Jesse thought, Soon? This was 33 years ago. I was 39. But a 1000 years is as a day with the Lord as far as they are concerned. He was there 25 minutes ago. The millennial kingdom is only 2 days. That’s a 1000 years reign, that’s a day, that’s it. Jesus has only been gone a weekend. So, if you had a wife or father or a mother, uncle or aunt, or grandparents that has gone home in the last 20 years, they have only been up there maybe 8 minutes. Their time, not yours. Jesse saw that.
I want to know that man who said, “I made it!” So, as I was coming back, going at a phenomenal rate of speed, I don’t know if I got out of the galaxy or not, I don’t know, cause it was going so fast. The next thing I know, I’m bent over at the bed. “The first thing I did was look up to see where the hole was in the roof. How did I get out of here? I had been in Heaven for 5 hours and 15 minutes.”
Jesse looked at the clock, and said “Oh! it’s 6:45, and I have to preach tonight.” What he didn’t notice was that he was lit up like a light. He didn’t see it. He was shaving. Took a quick shower, brushed his teeth. This man that picked him up was usually a constant talker. He didn’t say anything. Just backed away when he picked Jesse up. Not one word was said. He was lit up, but Jesse couldn’t see it.
He got to the service at 7:00. That’s when the service started. When he got out of the car the man was awe-struck with open mouth. Jesse thought he might have offended him in some way. So, he went into the church and walked in the sanctuary. Jesse started to walk down the side of the church, and everybody stook up and looked at him. Then they looked up at the lights. Jesse was shining, lit up, but he couldn’t see it. They looked to the lights, the tv lights, there was no spotlights. He walked up the steps, The pastor looked at him and just backed up when he looked at him. He gave Jesse the pulpit at 3 minutes after 7. No singing!
Jesse stepped up to the pulpit. He told himself, “I’m not saying anything about this. People already think I’m strange enough as it is. I’m not saying anything!” There were 800 people there. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have been in the presence of God today.” Bop, bop, bop all the congregation fell down. “I didn’t have one person standing up. So, I sat down on the platform for 30 minutes.” People were crawling trying to get out of the church. “I didn’t say nothing about it. I preached a little bit, and they had a great service. They were weak.” But the light began to fade, I never saw that.
“I got back home, and I said, I’m not telling Kathy nothing either. But I said I’ve got to tell this woman something. I said, Kathy, sit down I want to tell you something.’ We get a knock on the door, and it was Kathy’s sister and brother in law. ‘I just held my peace.” They were on Jesse’s board, and he was about ready to start talking; and Kathy’s sister, Deb, said, “You know, I had the strangest dream last night. I was sitting out with my 4 kids, but I don’t have 4 kids. I have only 3 kids.” I looked at her. I said, “Debra, you had a miscarriage didn’t you? She said yeah! Jesse said, Debra, you have 4 kids. When I told her that, she bust out crying.” Kathy was praising God, and Debra’s husband was, too. “I thought, don’t say nothing or they are going to fall on the floor. You can’t just say those words…or they do it. That’s an action and reaction. I said Debra, you have 4 children.” Jesse said he saw them (the children). They asked was it a boy or girl? The answer was that it looked like a boy to him. The little boy kept looking at Jesse. “Well, I’m his uncle, but I didn’t know that.”
“You want to know when Jesus is coming? Every time the government gets involved killing babies. God sends a deliverer. Pharoah started killing babies and God sent Moses. Herod started killing babies, and God sent Jesus. We’re killing babies again, and ladies and gentlemen, Jesus is coming.”
‘I’ll close with this. Brother Copeland and Jerry asked me if I would come to minister in a conference. Buddy Harrison was sitting behind Jesse. This was years later. The Lord told Jesse to go home and write that book. (about his testimony in Heaven). Jesse said, “God, I’m not writing that book. People think I’m crazy enough as it is. I can’t write that. Buddy Harrison tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Jesse, I don’t mean to intrude, but God just told me to tell you to write that book.’ 2 witnesses… I went home and talked to Kathy about it. I said OK. So, I went to Harrison House, and I sat down. (He, (Buddy) told Jesse to start talking) I talked for 8 solid hours. We taped everything I was saying. He(Buddy)said, ‘Was there snow on the mountains?’ Jesse said yeah. ‘Was it cold?’ Jesse said, “What difference does that make?” When you write a book…people see expression on your face when talking to them, but in a book you have to write it down. Jesse said,” No, it wasn’t cold, come to think of it. I touched it. But I knew it was snow. Which means if you like skiing… Every desire. And we wrote that book. That book, “Close Encounters of the God Kind” became number 3 in the nation. It has ministered to millions of people all over the world. I gave 100% of the money from it to the ministry of God’s work. TV was paid for and other things. God has been so good. It’s still selling like crazy.
God said He wouldn’t mind giving you that experience Himself. You have to pray it out. I don’t know how long it would take. It could happen tonight. I may take years. All my life after being saved, I wanted to see God.
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