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"It's Only a Test" 1.16.2022  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  31:37
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Praise the Lord. Everybody praise the Lord, everybody let everything that has breath. Praise the Lord while you were standing. I'm just going to ask you to remain standing as you agree with me as I pray that God increase as I decrease. Hallelujah, heavenly father. I thank you this morning. Hallelujah. I thank you for who you are. I thank you card for working in my life and giving me the opportunity to share your word. Hallelujah! Actual God, that the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable. In your sight, my God, my strength, My Redeemer, let the redeemed of the Lord say. So, amen. A man. You may be seated in the presence of God this morning. Thank you. Jesus. Greetings. And salutations to every one of God's people this morning. I honor you Pastor. I tell hallelujah. Thank you. Not only my teacher but a good friend. Hallelujah, and, of course, my pastor, Hallelujah, Pastor Steven Burke. Hallelujah in the mighty name of Jesus, the rightful titles. Hallelujah. Thank you, God. Thank you Deaconess, for that introduction. I am not alone when the speaker view only going to be here for about 45 to an hour. Hallelujah. Is that alright? Hallelujah. Jesus? Praise the Lord.

Superintendent, Natalie read the scripture already today, Force Peter chapter 5, verses 5 to 11. I need to text on a couple of things that could be a couple of different titles of message, but I have decided on talking to you today about the test. You know, when you're watching the TV and all of a sudden it is interrupted and it says, this is only a test. Have been any more information would follow, but it is only a test. That's the name of my message to you today. It is only a test.

So that we recover a different scenarios. But I've decided to choose. Jewelry to talk to you about today. And I decided not to talk about silver, but to talk about gold. Antique a gold to Ava live. Remember, it is only. Attempt. I hope it's what makes sense to somebody, but if it doesn't, I am confident that God's word will not return unto him void.

Park. Let's talk about the problem you had yesterday. Just yesterday, not last week. Talk about that situation, you had yesterday. The pain you had yesterday, you had your neck, your back, your foot. Jump yesterday. I'm here to tell somebody that that's was your test.

That was only a test. Shouldn't have been the real thing. Read what I've known about this and heard of your testimony of how you overcame, but it was only a test.

The devil. Some people don't like to talk about him and soon as he appear being ready to cast them out. But sometimes we must have a dialogue with the Devil. Sometimes we must ask him. What are you doing? Here? We must say to him. When you are not, welcome in my home. We must say to him. Don't touch my child. Do whatever you want to me, but don't touch my child. My grandchild, my brother, my sister.

A dialogue with the devil. Let's pause for a moment and see how well you did on your last trial exam.

Up where you thought about it and you realize how you came through your test yesterday. I just have this question. Can God trust you. The handle everything else. Can God trust you to take you to the next level. Because the next level brings the next devil. If you are still a baby and Christ, you can only handle the staff sergeant of the devil's. Army Sergeant don't have the power or the qualifications to throw anything bigger at you. So now, you're going to have to graduate up the fire jumped, and up the Corporal and Lieutenant Lieutenant Alleluia and general. Are you ready for your next devil? The man. How did you do on your test? Can God trust you when you are going through your troubles when you are going through it, you'll feel like balling up in the bed can eat. Can't sleep. Calling every prophets and prophetess all over the place. Pray for me. I'm going through.

Truck fuel.

Are you still dealing with your low level? That was from yesterday?

I will attempt to show you. How cold? You see we all like gold. Y'all know. I like gold.

Don't look at me. Look at me dead in my face.

All of us to be one of shine. Someone to outshine one another. Can you imagine if the sky at night, only had one star?

Impossible. No. Need to try to outshine me. But some of you couldn't handle what I have to go through to be where I am today. You only consistent with the size and talk. But you couldn't handle it because I saw you yesterday. I saw you. When you was crawled up in your bed, so I can, but my back hurts. I can't get up on the bed. I don't want to eat. I don't feel like eating. I don't know what's wrong with me. How did you do on your test yesterday? No, that's got the gold. Gold is mentioned in the bible, 417 times all in different contacts. Gold is a valuable thing.

Cold. Hallelujah can be very bright or quietly bright. Not tall, but quietly bright. It's associated with illumination. Prosperity luxury quality, Prestige and sophistication. There were a time and only the very must have or to do can afford goal.

Direct me to tell you before we get too far ahead in your thing of gold. Keep in mind that gold before it can shine. Listen to me, carefully. Only shines after it has been washed. Beacham melted shipped cut design in whatever shape and decide they want the Brethren. They want the necklace. They want to unclip a nose ring, whatever. It's have to go through some things before it can shine.

Isaiah, 48 10 says, behold, I have refunded not with silver but I have two of them being the furnace of Affliction. Hallelujah. It's not some Affliction in a furnace of Affliction, Israel suffering in Egypt was like that of a iron smelter Infernus. We feel our little problems. We can function, we get so I never understood about a Christian that is anxious or depressed. Don't send me. No, no, no, text telling me what a must-read on. What am I to learn? I am telling you my own opinion. I have never understood a piston that is anxious and depressed.

Maybe when I grow more and Grace, I will get it. But as I stand before you today, I don't get it Deuteronomy. 420. 12 tells us What the Lord Has pitching you and brought you forth out of the iron ore furnace. Run out of Egypt, to be on to have my people of inheritance as you are today. No, it's good. He's going to text you like goals and he said, afflictions.


Candy truck you with that. Are you going to stay in Egypt?

Hallelujah. Somebody Let us investigate how this thing works. Your text paper. Hallelujah. I don't know if you've ever gone through anything of substance.

Maybe a hangnail and that was enough to do you win?

Maybe your eyes and that was enough to do you win? What if you have gone to anything like death of a loved one, loss of a job, your bread? How you're going to pay your rent? How you're going to survive, how you're going to pay your car, note, 10, Tech husband, sick wife.

Rip. Murder.

Whatever your mind can conjure up right now if you have ever gone through that. How did you come out? How did you come forth? Come forth as gold or you're just here today? Somebody's how you doing? This one foot in the grave and one foot out?

But I don't want to talk to you anymore after that. Because you going to put me down into your floor paranoid. Sometimes you can't even bother to talk to some people you call them.

My God, how did you come out?

It's only the spirit of God that can help you come out safely. And it's only the spirit of God that can help you come out like gold. Remember job. I know everybody like to preach about all the problems that job have but I like to talk about how did he end up with all the problems. He didn't do? Nothing is going up to the devil. God says, have you considered my servant job? Not only that dope have confidence in God, but God confidence into

Sometimes we come to church and we look nice and we talk nice and sometimes we speaking something that sounds like tones. And let me tell you something, the devil coming, right? With us. That's what job Sons and Daughters. When they came before the presence of God's, the devil came with them and God had a dialogue with him. What are you doing here? Then? That the answer is that I do consider myself a tentative answer.

You think God going to Smite couldn't fight them down and kept them out. What we want to do is get thee behind me. Satan. Let me know cuz I'm going to show you who got the more power.

I only worry when Satan is behind my back. What if I am fully dressed? I don't even have to think about it. If I am fully dressed, Hallelujah. Somebody I don't have to worry about my back. But we going back to go.

Encourage someone to stand forum. Trump said when he was going to his thing, you know, how the story go while he was praying, one servant came in. He didn't finish praying to come in, didn't even finish praying. I don't know if the one and another one, and another one, and he also had a foolish spouse.

She's a looker smell your mouth, your friend can't even come close to a far-off then talked to him for seven days. Boils and sores.

Just that why you're just don't curse God and die.

Let us try not to be those foolish pass or sister. Don't tell nobody nothing about God. If you don't know who God is.

Hallelujah. To a purpose in his heart though. He said when he has tried me.

Therefore job knew it was a trial. He said I will come forth as gold. Not, I might come forth and I hope I come forth come forth as gold. But only after he almost has tried me because God knows the way that he must go. And people start talking as we say, Susu in jobmaster done something wrong. He must have sinned against God.

They are here today wondering why you are up there wondering. How come you? How come you not them? And, of course, thing they will say but I didn't want it anyway.

Like they're doing you something, you didn't want it, you want it but you couldn't get it because it's not your gift. It's not for you.

Pastor always says some were sent and some just went.

When you look at me, you might just see.

But so is cool.

The original goal is, well covered in dirt, Hallelujah. What up, the God has picked me up and watch McLean and Grandma a little bit and break me a little bit and noticed me and my god. I've been reading him. Brick themed. How are? Because I'm received by the blood of the Lamb redeem forever. I am

My God. My God. Can you handle the testing of God? Can you go to the fire? Hallelujah? It's when you look at me, you can see the washing an American on the molding. It's all right. Cuz you're looking at me in the physical. You're not qualified to look at me and the spiritual.

They said, who God calls. He qualifies the called.

How about that? I know everyone. That is not qualified. They're talkin about the call. What is wrong with that picture?

Remember Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. Or of the Caucasian says, Rack Shack and Benny.

If you don't walk into your fire like a boss. Like a president. I am here to tell somebody you will be thrown in. You better walking or you will be running like the three Hebrew boys. Confuse everybody. Wait, then we destroy three n. I c for Starbucks on, on 24th Avenue. Hallelujah, somebody in your trailer. He will be there. John 14 said that's not your heart. Be troubled. Somebody. I don't know about you, but my friend, Bob Marley said that baby, don't worry about a thing because every

We just got to continue to work and to walk. Like if it's up to us.

Shrek men, stick your chest out. Hallelujah, some of the women who like to shake, shake whatever you want to 6 cross, whatever you want to cross your eyes. If you have to walk, answer your phone. It's like a America.

Walking expecting to see go up there cuz that's what he said. I will never. Never. Never leave you or forsake. You even when he has to leave himself. Don't worry. I will send the comforter.

We got to keep praying. Hallelujah. Keep working. Till Jesus comes. Hallelujah, you know, I got like 67 Pages here in the message is almost over.

Even in your compositions. I'm not saying we shouldn't be friends with people that are not Christians. I'm not saying we should be friends with the Jehovah Witnesses, because they believe something different than us. That's their prerogative. What's when you are friends with them, you might supposed to demonstrate faithfulness to Jesus Christ. You are supposed to represent your brother.

You're not supposed to have itching ears and asking questions be confident in what, you know, only a test done here. Hallelujah. Can you pass your test?

This is a trial run. This is a trial run. And the scripture says, Satan is like a roaring lion. I can tell you right now, if I hear a roaring at the door, I'm late. I am out of here.

If I hear any dogs barking, I'm gone. You going to tell me he's like a roaring lion walking to and fro.

Daddy, kept me. No. No, no, no. No. No, I got to be careful of your tire. And let me tell you something, else coming down to the text. Again. Your text is not only in your pan. Or in your practices such as in also, your dress.

Y'all don't get quiet on me now.

Well, I agree, we could have a conversation about what to wear, What Not to Wear all day long. It would amount to a hill of beans.

And I don't want to talk about the physical a tire because if you have the Holy Ghost inside of you, get you, if you are appropriate or not. So I'm going to leave that alone, but I'm going to talk to you about being dressed properly, spiritually. If you really are a warrior, you going to need to hear that I do. I don't sing it no more cuz you're lying. You know, we could sing lies, right? You are a warrior with your weapon, in your right turn. I don't get tired of me and holding up a Bible in your hand. But can you even want the scriptures? I don't care if you can sing, or if you can do poetry, if you can play the music, beat the drums. If you don't know the word of God, which is the only thing that's going to think of you in big trouble. You can sing the song, the word.

So we got to be properly dressed for this. I put on the whole armor of God, if you don't have no buck. Hallelujah. Hallelujah, you got to walk in your pet like a boss head on. Your back is covered.

Helmet of salvation, you got to be saved and Sanctified and set apart. And not just said, Lord, forgive me of my sins. You got to come set apart after you got to stop doing the things you used to do. Going to print sister, used to go hanging out with her. Friends used to hang out with Hallelujah. You got to talk different different. Hallelujah. Cuz you have to hop on the breastplate of righteousness. then when the Devil Comes,

don't give me no headache. I did. But I don't give enough buckets. I did that yesterday. I passed that test. Bring on the next level d-money bring up the next level General. And I'm here to tell you. I got the power of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah.

Your loins Girt about with the truth, which is the Gospel of Jesus, your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel. The good news of Jesus. Hallelujah me walk in and telling somebody girl. Let me tell you about the man. I was looking for a minute. I don't fight one. Hallelujah. He picked me up a steep at my feet on Solid Ground. She said don't go there. Go here. He's at Broad and await further instructions. But I am the way the truth and the life. No man. No woman, don't follow girls not transgender. He knows she could have more since y'all don't hear me on three-way. No one comes to the father, except you're coming through me. Hello somebody.

Remember if God gives you a test. I said have god-given. No one you created. Got some of us creating our own exam and then biting our nails. I feel like I'm being persecuted. The fighting against you. Somebody. Mark, one solar Sports. Why nobody don't like because of your attitude.

Peppa Pig. I said, good morning. Good morning. Don't worry about it. I wouldn't do it again.

That's your phone. Choose your own unfriendliness. Don't take her. You need a new.

It's a. Let this mind be in you. That is also in Christ. Change your mind, you change your circumstances.

We just got a second in a fully trusting that I don't do anything. Unexpressed. Something. What I want to tell you. I expect something all the time. I do something good. Every time. I know the colors are telling me, you can be like that. I'm expecting every time. God bless me. I don't know about you.

I got to deliver me out of a problem, I expected, but that's what he said. He will do.

I expect to see you because that's what he said. I'm going to tell him, I know he don't forget, but I just want to remind him that. Reminder, but let him know, I know. I want you to know that, I know that you said, That you're going to walk with me. Are you going to talk with me? But I feel lonely today. Lord. Can you talk to me? Tell me something? I don't want to know about that. I don't want to know about brother, Chris. Tell me something about myself.

This is only a test. Do I need a little bit more mold. And over here. Do I need more shaping over here? Search me, o God. I know my heart today.

Walking Faith continues to work. Like it's up to us and pray because it's up to God. Hallelujah! Continue to do the sewing and leave the growing to God, man.

If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it. No, that's a note that you know, that, you know, I've Got Confidence that God is going to see me through. It doesn't matter what it looks like. It doesn't matter what it feels. Like. I know my redeemer lives as me yet. Will I praise him?

Point Blank. Can you imagine? If you passed your test heaven will be your reward. If you pass your test.

Don't stop biting your nails now.

Heaven, where there is no more sickness. No more. No more crying. No more. Because every time you turn on the news, somebody death or dying Revelation 21, 23 says the city won't even need any lights. Hallelujah. We will need to start at the Moon. Hallelujah, for the glory of God. Give the plight of the light. My God, we're up in heaven, where God is? We will reign with him forever. Man. I encourage you to try to call today, go through the process going through the text and web for your final exam. I win your fire comes and when your flood comes one song writer said some through the water, some through the flood, some through the fire.

Somebody on fire or you're flip come and it's real. I pray that you do to pass the test and come forth as gold sex with me. It is only God bless you. It's not by might. Nobody power. By my spirit is not by my. Do I buy Apollo? Buy Myspace.

Find my speaker.

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