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The Sweet "P's" of Divine Protection- ψ 91

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The Sweet "P's" of Divine Protection- ψ 91


We are living in troubled times, with the uncertainty of the economy and the rising concern of the possibility of a prolonged recession, it is hard to recount a time when so many were facing such hardships: bankruptcy, foreclosures, layoffs, falling stocks, war and the still imminent threat of terrorism. In such stormy seas, a cove to shelter a battered and windblown ship is a blissful sight. In the heat of the day, the cool of a shadow to rest under is a refreshing prospect. Is there such a Shelter we can run to? Is there a Shadow of protection to rest in? We find that the answer to these questions is a resounding “yes” through the promises of Psalm 91. There is a Divine Protector who will shelter his people in the storms of life and will deliver them through the troubled times. In this message we will discover the Sweet “P’s” of Divine Protection given to us through the pen of the Psalmist, one who can attest to the faithfulness of his God in times of great difficulty and distress.

Psalm 91:1-16, NIV

I. The Person (vs. 1,2)

"the Dwelling one" (qal part. act.) or Heb. “[O] one who lives" (NET).

  • A. the One who is in Relationship (vs.2)

"of the LORD" [covenant name] "in whom I trust"

  • B. the One who Resides (vs.1)
  • C. the One who Rests (vs.1)

II. The Protector (vs. 1,2)


  • A. He is Elyon (the Most High)
  • B. He is El Shaddai (the Almighty)
  • C. He is the Existing One (LORD) {Yahweh from the verb hā∙yāh- to be, I AM Ex. 3:14}
  • D. He is Elohim (God)

III. The Pronouns of Protection (vs. 2)


  • A. 'My' Refuge: He is a Shelter
  • B. 'My' Fortress: He is a Stronghold
  • C. 'My' God: He is the Sovereign Creator {Elohim, Gen 1:1}

IV. The Place of Protection (vs. 1b)


  • A. the Secret Place the Most High (KJV)
  • B. the Shadow of the Almighty

V. The Protection of Providence (vs. 3-8)


  • A. Save you from...
    • i. Satan’s Snare (vs.3)
    • ii. Deadly Diseases (vs.3,6)
    • iii. Worries of Warfare (vs.5,7)
  • B. Shield you by... (vs.4)
      • i. His “Feathers” ---
      • ii. His Faithfulness

VI. The Proposition of Protection (vs.9-10)

[ "if..." Protasis - "then..." Apodosis]

  • A. The Condition - "IF” you have made. (vs. 9)
  • B. The Consequence - "THEN" no harm will befall you. (vs. 10)


VII. The Particulars of Protection (vs. 11-12)

"over you"

  • A. His Angels will Secure YOU (vs.11)
  • B. His Angels will Support YOU (vs.12)

VIII. The Power that is Promised (vs. 13)


  • A. YOU will Tread
  • B. YOU will Trample

IX. The Principle of Protection {Restated} (vs. 14)

Synonymous Parallelism

“Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him;

I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.


X. The Promise of Prayer (vs. 15a)

"He will call upon me, and I will answer"


XI. The Promise of His Presence (vs. 15b)

"I will be with him"


XII. The Prosperity of the Protected Life (vs. 16)

“I will give him a long and full life. I will save him.” (NIrV)



This outline is provided in such a way that it can be used and personalized to make it “your own” message.

I have intentionally left out my own grammatical and exegetical insights as well as any cross references to other Scriptures to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you personally wherever He wills.

This is a “skeleton” upon which you must provide the sinew and muscle in order to make it live and move.

Blessings, Dr. Kenny Rhodes (Scofield Seminary, CA.)

If this sermon was helpful to you in any way please let me know. It would be a great encouragement to me personally.




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