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Next one is Angels, We Have Heard on High.
Number 161 in your hymnals.
A reading this morning is taken from Acts chapter 8, verses 31 32 and 34 and five.
You might remember the episode here.
Philip and he's been with away from Samaria and has traveled by flights to the southern portion portions of Israel.
And so, he lands here and certainly wondering what's going on.
I'm sure Andy sees this unique from from Ethiopia and he goes up to speak to him and ask him.
What he's doing is reading God's word.
She says, Eddie asked him.
Does he understand?
So, that's where it begins.
He says, how can I explain it to me?
And so, he invited Phillip to come up and sit with him.
This is the passage of scripture.
The eunuch was reading.
He was led like a sheep to the slaughter and it's a Lambic.
For the sheer is silent and so he did not open his mouth.
The eunuch ask Philip.
Tell me, please who is the prophet talking about himself or someone else.
Then fill it began with that.
Very passage of scripture and told him the good news about Jesus and the Ethiopian believe that and he took that back with him to Ethiopia and from his ministry there, the Coptic Church began.
Most of you don't hear much about the Coptic Church bud in Africa, and that part of the world.
It is very strong religion followers of Christ.
And if you ever go to the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem and go to a worship service, there is divided three ways.
One with the Catholic Church, one with the Coptic church and one with the Orthodox church, and they all hold the one-third of the services.
They are.
So God works in very unique ways and it just depends upon how we look at where God places us, dog, plays Philip in this area and he responded by Ministry.
And there we need to remember that as we go through life.
Okay, some prayer requests that we have on the docket here.
As many of, you know, Kaylee cruising.
Is that how I spell it Callie.
Cali Cruisin was in a incredibly severe accident.
She's in Eugene.
I believe in death in is being ministered to there in an induced coma.
So we need to be in prayer for her and for the other gal that was with her passed away.
And so the family is truly are grieving.
Kimmy asked to pray for her great-nephew Evan who has the flu and strep and her great-grand niece Anna who has covid.
And also we have some Travelers heading out today to go over to the other side of the mountain and we need to be in prayer for her Teddy and family as they head over that way.
Plus anybody else who is traveling today.
So let's go to prayer.
Our precious father, how good it is to come before you for you hold.
All these circumstances in your hand and we do want to trust you and know that as we present our request before you that you do here and you are responding in your way.
So, father, we praise your name for that and I pray that your blessing would be laid upon every request made father.
Our desire is that the people of our community, our friends are family, our neighbors, who don't know, you would come to know you father for that is the great changing of life in our eternity.
And so we pray for the lives of people here.
And father, not only do we pray for their laws with pray for our lives.
That we would be Answer to that need and when we have opportunity to present the word of God and encourage people, to follow you, that we would take up that the challenge in our lives.
We do want to remember, Kelly, krusen, and the struggle she is going through.
We pray for wisdom, for the doctor's.
But most of all for your Mighty hand, to touch her life and pray for healing for her body.
We pray for the families.
So her family and the family of the other lady with, it was with her that father, that you would bring peace and comfort to their lives in circumstances, like this father.
It's the pain in their hurt is incredible.
And the loss is Is sometimes unbearable and yet, Lord, and even in these circumstances, you can use them to bring about a touch of you, an attorney to you and the lives of the people that surround these circumstances.
And so we pray that you would touch these parts.
We also want to remember to pray for Evan and his battle against this flu and strep throat, and the struggles that come along with that.
And we think of Anna and her battle with covid-19.
Come through it.
Well, Lord.
We also want to Remember The Travelers that are heading out now and really going over the passes.
Now, we pray for your protection on them and the wisdom in the steps that they take.
And we pray for their safe arrival in their at their destinations.
Or we also want to remember the unspoken request.
We know that each of us has those things that run through our minds and that are there, and we know that you're involved in those because, you know, our thoughts, you know, our desires.
And so father, we pray that you would Minister to each of us as we take a look at each of these struggles that we lay at your feet.
May you bless him.
Then we pray for your continued blessing as we worship you and music and through the power of your word.
Father, the mighty in us to lift our hearts.
Bring joy to your heart.
Praise You.
In Jesus name?
There are some very, very good songs that are so associated with this time of year that it's hard to see him anywhere that time other.
So, in that Spirit, we're going to
In Ransom, gay is right.
and then,
The Emmanuel Emmanuel.
Van Ransom.
she'll come to the
I am on Sam.
Amen, yes, will supercharged.
Well, let's pray before we get started.
Our Mighty.
God, how are you?
Turn? 11 lasting father who created us and brought us into existence and then has given life to so many in the world who have really called upon your name and trusted in.
You is truly the Lord and savior of all and we celebrate the coming of that savior two thousand years ago today or yesterday and today.
And so father, may you be with us.
We ask that the power of your spirit.
We be present mightily in our hearts for father.
It is the spirit who really teaches.
I have words to say, but they mean nothing apart from your guidance and wisdom.
And so father, may your spirit speak mightily through me that you would be honored and lift it up and that we would leave here blessed and Desiring of Greater change in our lives.
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