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Did everybody to Sandra pray?

Or probably got thank you for the TV for victory, in your name. Father God. Thank you for doing my passes.

Thank you for the Jersey, Turnpike for come to this church. Bodyguard for the prayer warriors that come to the church by the guys that are Watchmen in the night.

Standing for battle with that possible. Thank you for the damages of, Arkansas. Thank you for all the lessons. He's learned from that man. Follow God.

Rising up out of that bed. Probably God.

You know, you hurt me so bad.

Lord let your Holy Spirit fall on this place. What is the worst food place in our hearts by the clothes off and worship. You are my work?

Apple Store.



Olive Garden.

The world's you are worthy. To be worthy. You are the same yesterday today and forever.

Call Leon Howard.



OK, Google

Trader Joe's.


I love you.


Snyder's Plumbing.

How do you say?

Play ChuChu TV.

How do you spell power?

it made me want to

Power Rangers with the homies.

Google show and tell.

Anime me.

Angela and Tom, and all of them.



Praise, you are worthy.


Who are the warriors?

Bill Doran.

Can you?

The Hardin.

They are green.


Can you please?

Tell change.


Say go away.

Call Brandi.

Around have somebody.

Did you just do what you can,?


Hallelujah, hallelujah. So far.

What is still on the throne in the Holy Ghost?

Navigate to play sports in your own life. Who plays all the time. I think about the Lord, as when you think about what he's done for you, when you text me from here to provide instruction, from lies from the Shelf. Anchor Bar.

First, we are going to have a noodle. I want to see a play button program for Christmas. Okay? I'm going to be on the 19th. December.

The third Sunday.

Or do you have a new play program? Jamaican has came up with an outline here.

I cannot break down back home. He's not going to do anything in this. Homemade gushers fruit juice available. Make yourself available.

How to hold people to a schedule that's a character-building thing, but it doesn't work all the time. So if you're here, so brother Lawrence has a car club that is willing to come. And we are going, we're going to do it on the 11. Saturday 11, which is 9 and 3 days for the following next next Saturday. They don't want to get down. They don't want to get you a present. So my question is,

It's your job to give a present.

Every 7 years.

Saturday, this Saturday.

We can do it after church, whatever. I'll do whatever. But if you're here.

Hallelujah. The program. Orange, chairs, Saturday, the 11th. Have some kids. You're okay. I will talk more about that now on the 4th. Everything I want to bring you up. I know Robbie Pastor, John is 10000 *.

Thousand to one. You know, what food increases the sanctuary. A tall glass of bottle farts. Example, and I'm not picking on, you. Don't bring me pizza rolls,, Bring your big bulge 77 Oz cups.

Please do not treat this like a cafeteria. This is not a cafeteria. This is a paper and this is the house of God. Make me holey right for me to be a sanctuary. Holy. This is a holy place and it's just disrespectful.

I see you in a bit or telling you right now, do you want?

Can you play paper plastic? Michael.

Quest. I was asking him about how you doing about it.

something about they're trying to get him on this life. Therapeutic therapeutic cheap dismissal today at 7:30 in the morning to kill my dog today. Now.

Raeford. Please don't forget about paying for Papa Johns. The day do what you can do.

It's not a thousand people, but a thousand people depend upon receipt. Furniture here. Can you take you?

And I miss you. JonTron, live feeds don't happen. Either side of us work. They do what they know. They got a few charges of what's going on and just doesn't musicians gear, April 13th.

Another another.

I asked.

Essential oils, head cold. Is there something you didn't know? He was with somebody or whatever on Thanksgiving, and she has a cold. So I don't know if you want to do whatever you want to do. Guys have to talk to me information long. I feel like if I did say something, something happened to somebody would be on my house.

Solgul postings on Facebook.

Broadcasting stuff out here. But anyway, all your information. Just so, you know, that's the case.

Set an alarm.

Thank you.

Aaliyah Aaliyah.

Never let us down. Never give up. Electric knife.

Help us.



Caroline mobile.


Google. Trinity Hall.

That's Amore. I just want to go for some reason, you guys noticed.

I can see growth in myself because they can fall from a word spoken out of anger or something, but you know, alright.

And you're my sister.

I paid for his award.

Love you, Darlene and Frankfort in.

Anybody know how to fix.

Easy listening.

Oh, yes. I I want to play.

Speak the word right now.

Thank you for giving us an apple pie.

All right.

I just pray for it tonight if you were to go forward, I'm pretty.

Anointing fall.

He sent this message where you would watch.

Don't touch her one. Going to talk a little bit about.

But I feel like he's a people.

Can you see that God is in control and control?

But this time so we can look back in retrospect. We can read the work, we could see what was going on with John chapter 11 to play. There was a man in the Land of Oz. Name was Joe, that man was perfectly upright and one.

The worst.

T a w m e bro, we're perfect for perfect. One in your physical strength, successful sound very quiet. One who is morally and ethically Jewish?

Typically, gentle a couple together purpose.

That doesn't Define. You're going to see a lot of parallels here tonight. Okay?

Also with 7,000 3000 camo, 500, yoke of oxen 500, very great household. So that this man was the greatest of all the men.

As you can see that he's got a Nissan 2020 and call for the Beast. It was so when the day is out there, fishing work out about that job center. Take to fight them and Rose up early in the morning. According to the number 10, burnt offering everyday. My son. I mean, if you can say I passed, I passed. I pray for you. Hallelujah Shepherd undershepherd. Hallelujah, praise Christian. Pray for Jean. Needs to bring him back in one day. What about you? You pay for YouTube? Getting on your knees to pray for your chance, to try to find your kids. Doing what joke is doing. What are you becoming a man and woman in that way? After giving of your time that you're setting? Your kids at the altar of the Lord and giving them a call from God. Bike carriers that they come back to me like really. I mean my calls. That's my prayer.

Mason, come and get back in the house.

Do Indian for not getting a little teenager girl, squirrel nuts and thinking at their house.

He's going to Skype with kissing and go to work.

You doing for your kids every day, 10 every single day, cuz it was hard enough about people that are not here Saturday here, or you just kind of. In this instance. They work for Joel to pay for people to get that.

Now, there was a day when the sons of God and Satan came also.

Lord said unto Satan. When's,, stop texting. I serve the Lord instead from going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down. In other words. He's looking for someone to destroy it. He's looking for someone to take out. He's asking for one of God's people.

We're still goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Jesus told Peter to stay awake is looking to take us out. And where does he start?

Where did he start? It starts at the Hayward right now. We know Jesus in his mind. He wants to post. She wants to get you bickering and it did. That's what he desire for you. Is I Hate About You.

Yo Gotti. Don't let him.

The Lord said birthday. The Lord said unto Satan has to go that there is none like him in the earth. A perfect. A perfect. I'm up right now.

you know, they talk about Hebrews 11 being right here. He said have you could imagine how many people were there in the population time? But he kicked out one.

Do you think that Peyton before God and said, have you considered your servant job? Are you considered charge time the wall? Are you I think that's what happened. As I read scripture and is out, and that's what I see and that's what I believe.

Pastor John songs. Ronald. He said, I'm there was none, like, you don't get me wrong, but I am letting you know what you have for granted when you get here. Hallelujah, what about tomorrow? What would you do? Well, he ain't here. So what are you doing? So far? We're doing. I'll tell you what, I'll start by telling you. I don't care where it is, what it is. That's the way I would do whatever I could to keep this ministry go. Whether it was I don't care what you do for work.

You got a lot of food. I don't know about you, but there's none like you.

Lips are moving in the church. That way to show it. Exactly what we have to be appreciative. God has given us in a man.

The man whose future about you. Tell me what about you? Are you going to buy some direct number to the courthouse?

That's a natural. The Lord is dead. I'm sorry. You a joke or not. I was knocked out made a joke about his house in about all that. He has every Star Nest aware. I just text Nicki Minaj. Are you here? Are you here? Yes, you could be in a relationship right now on the street right now in prison right now, we can talk. Call just in a bad place because of the work of the Han told me so many showing. The only way I know. That's the bottom line.


Call dr. Han. Workers of the time, the preaching of his word, the way I passed it on to the Lord pictures of a thesis statement,. As you can see, it's different, the drug testing your patience. God is allowed to test his mouth and a whole reason is because he says,

Is everything and I guarantee you God are some pricey watch couch by hitting. This is a

Why didn't you say, did you consider my my serving telepath? Where is other friends names are over here and

Well, I need to get their names for. Anyway, why did you pick that up?

Why didn't you take that? And I believe that God is trying to get you and me.

Don't do it or not.

Thank God because I stopped and that's you're on your own. That's what I believe is doing on this side of it on this. On this claim, you trying to get us but you're driving a purpose, all the time.

Mercy, Heaven, Grant you permission to take me walking towards roll 1000 times. Do we got it by mistake? So, he knew exactly why she knew exactly. OK, Google head. Take everything you have only about himself.

13th. And there was a day when his son's on his doctors and their eldest, brother's house, in the world station bus workers, use whoever party in the world. No, they are one day. Very good out there. How you doing? Nothing?

And there came in Messenger on jojo verse 14 and the and the sapience telephone them. Took them away. Yeah, they have named the turbines with the edge of the storm. And I only I'm escape to talk to imagine you're talking to her in the conversation and then this happened. While he was at speaking that came out and said, so there's another one coming here. This isn't, this isn't this, isn't a discipline in his life because he has fallen from Heaven. Again. I got burned up the sheet on the servants and consume them, and I only have his and I only escaped alone to tell me for 17 why you was just another instead.

Why? He was just speaking of 14. I'm 17, and my son, and my daughter eating and drinking in their eldest. Brother's house on smoke. The four corners in the NFL.

Rock music.

How is your pain with the world? Cuz you don't know when you're going to die. And you can die in.

Thank you. Your bike would go but if you're living a lifestyle, she said a prayer. Could you ask Jesus to come into your life? There was a formation. There was no sanctification. There was nothing in your life that you allow God to do.

His kids didn't even people in the church again, expected.

What happened to the Giant?

Didn't you just get a wake up in 7 hours later?

Just cuz he was going to pick up with you by style country.

Covid-19 first 19 making everything happen. No idea what's going on, but I wash dishes are all day long.

All day,, tell me what happens when something goes wrong in our life.

Ages of, what's the remedy for your problem?

First 21st, naked came. I out. We haven't even got you. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? You need to get in a place? You don't talk about the movie? Ask him first.

How many times have you said. Thank You, Lord.

Never never. Never never.

Charge card holders.

Bernard principal during not. Now when bad things happen in your life good hiding place and worship because he is allowing it or he basically what are the two species are allowed to do something bad to you.

Chapter 257 to sing for when coming down and seeing how I'm going to still wasn't satisfied. Just as it sounds like a personal problem, frozen into the bottomless pit.

Do you know what is good?

I mean, my friends into my time in the second time. Never Satisfied, 1st Street, Traverse City of North 7th Street on South consider my servant in your journey.

I forgot to bring the ticket.

The movie me against you as we trying to take away his health.

Take me to North Station.

Bridgeport Pharmacy.

I mean. Now, take yourself. Listen to scrape himself with golf and you sat down among the ashes. Synonym.

Ben said his wife. I tell him that we received. Did not Joe skin. Repeat going to Stop & Shop.

Painting, can you die from paint?

He just started. And I know what to do. I'm probably getting excessive. I don't know, we know that because that's what you said.

Why did Dean Kamen?

Is dance a sport?

Dial, you encourage those with shaky.


That one did not know he was going to have to see what he saying. You are these people inside. Sing.

But now there's five when trouble strikes you in your life.

This man is telling him.

Don't worry about, I've done so much for other people. God is not going to next.


He was so.

And pain was so miserable.

So now it's Brenda.

I tried.

Urgent urgent.

I don't know if you could tell you that. I don't know if you could just sit there and

Schedule mode it to hurt you.

But that's what I'm saying. She has done so much for the

and you encourage people shaking hands.

Pastor has doing a lot.

Is Buddy. You go for your relationship in the Bible talking about in the Bible?

Don't ever forget that with this.

Should read about Daniel about the fiery furnace in the Bible. I'd like to ask you this morning. I think there's a horse in there and I don't know if he's really honest with you. A word with you.

I'll show you guys go to come again for. Allowing us to stay over here in Romans. Chapter 5 is start testing arcade Intel. I need James chapter 1, lunch going to be broke with. Romans 5:3 and not only saw a tribulation also knowing that took Nation workers patients and she's serious.

It's not the problem. We're here.

the Book of James chapter 1 of knowing this, that the trying of your faith I'll just die there by God.

There's a characteristic to my life now that you be tested for that person to estate.

Whatever. You may experience in your dog. Never steer you got going on, but whatever it is,, I'm seeing a real person. I'm not going to voicemail.

What is a major difference and that one very general, high-ranking official that you like Joe is,? But whatever you call Yogis Grill.

He was a great guy.

1st Corinthians, chapter 1. I want to talk about faith and I want to talk about

We know that.

1st Corinthians. Chapter 1.

Explain one. There's a bunch of these persons.

I sent me not to baptize what you preach the gospel. Now was wisdom of words. That's the Cross of Christ, preaching of the Cross Parish Jade's, Palace.

420. Where is the wife? Where is the Scribe the world or another into Evolution into whatever? Reincarnation Swift, please God by the foolishness of preaching.

Saturdays, are you going to do for the summer? We know that your wisdom with the wisdom of God of this world. Go back with me.

I'm sorry.

Real quick 2:5 your face in the wisdom of men. But in the power of God is a major contract wisdom and tape. What is it? Makes you think, you know, case is based in the word?

Play Backyard book Genesis.

Genesis 2:7.

Send. I'm a dork dress form, adjustable Hospital.


I'm about to go into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Remind me tomorrow instead of the garden dao-ming SI.

Dog. Eat Estero, dog show. First 18th Avenue North.

Hallelujah. Go with me over the 3-g of the garden. Where's the wisdom of the world? Is the wisdom of the world?

Has God really said that that if you eat of that tree.

I'm a serpent said unto the woman you song. Brush fire for God. You with no. Back in the day, ye eat thereof. Then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as Gods knowing good and evil are sick. And when a woman says, she was good for food and that it was a tree to be desired to make one wise. Took of the fruit and gave also unto her husband.

Why do you think God says that though. The world wisdom of this world. The wisdom of this world?

You think you're smart, you think educational breakfast somewhere? That's my pastor preaching about the wisdom of this world for far from showing up in, help taking a whole time. And bunches and bunches with you.

Wisdom is not the answer. Wisdom is not the answer and he said, talk to you.

Like I said, if you eat that real bad. Why you say this in the doll? Why do people eat?

Because she listened to her key with to worldly wisdom or had time to plan and scheme and he said cuz the wisdom of his wisdom.

so, Wisdom of this world is ridiculous to get out of your mind, get that in your mind and education. Are you talk to another one that don't have their kids in a Christian school or in this school? Pictures of what is like?

It Came Upon her. When you I'm born again and I don't want to the world, the world. I don't I don't give myself to you messed up the word. I don't do it. I don't do it. Wisdom will tell you what to do. You don't worry about.


Psalm 103.

I just got the word cultivation.

Or God's word Tamanna fix. It can burnt out blessings. They can print out whatever it wants to as long as the word is mixed with your pig. Start working. That's why you said only believe what does that mean? It means it's impossible to do anything on its own because your paper about giving you the directions to go to and I'll give it a perfect to a flying cell phone. Other word for the chasm hasten, the word.

Psalm 103 3.

You believe that you've been forgiven and that you can be still.

I believe it.

I believe she's forgiven and that can be here by 10 p.m.

Jesus told his disciples. How many times?

Any update. Hallelujah, I need a part of. The Bible says that he gives a major face to a little piece of himself in that way. And then he wanted to go ride with me or something.

It becomes something. But we're not doing that myself.

Take me to Jeremiah 17:14.

Chucky stitches and they were good.

Jeremiah 17:14.

Naomi Outlaw. Hey me. And I shall be safe for now art. My praise. Hallelujah. Does it take a corset. Get your faith into your existence, get your face into this world, you know, you up, you kill you. Amen, hallelujah. Well, if you don't mix your face with this where you are never ever ever see or have dick in your life. You're be an empty shell. Yes, the Bible talks about making this a number eight in the Garment spotted by The Flash pulling out of the out of the Flames of hell. Are they going to make?

You think I could get stir, know you got to go. I got you this this word and how do you do that? My practice that you don't normally do like getting out of b o l caution to the ridge.

Call me Isaiah. MP3.

Isaiah 53:5.

He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities and which his stripes. We are here. The picture in your life, and I always hear. Are you going to be? How would you fix? I just seen your mind.

Get oil. I didn't like you.

I want to 7:20 back with me.

Untuckit 107 verse 20 of them from their destruction. Hallelujah, with his word. This word is forever 7th. Heaven alive, you free. This world Motel you physically, mentally spiritually, just got off to Performance in his time frame. That's where we get mixed up. That's where we get discouraged, you know, the words.

Starting Bible.

Right now.


Teen Queen for someone on site or other supreme power or authority, is a group of body of a person or a, how to install a gold coin into or characteristic of sovereign of a solvent or Southern Sports Authority in degrees above all others, reporting specialist. That's what Sovereign means.

That's what we got to do. Just wait on the Lord Pastor. Few weeks ago. I'd never even have wanted him to get sick in the first place.

God has allowed.

All we can do is wait. All we can do is wait. Hallelujah, all we can do is wait and pray, and don't stop until you later. Yes. I'm praying. I'm praying the second year was the first year, so real. I was just crying and crying. And I said, I knew that was my dream.

He was like a real bad tooth, fairy spring.

It's just very strange.

Crying crying.

Patterson Avenue. Give me the Book of Joel.

Or you more than ever, I started back to life back to tell took all that away.

That's the only reason I didn't want to see.

I told you. I knew it. I knew you would.

Pastor John Isner. Is not person just left. I might as well finish. I'm right here. Romans, 8:35 and 8:35.

Like I said earlier, guys.

How to change? These are the same.


We all know the scriptures free famous person, scripture. Romans chapter 8, 35, who just separated from such a pretty word for piece of wisdom.

As it is written by CPS killed all the day long. I was on the bus.

Romans 8:37.

We are more than conquerors. I am persuaded. I need the gas on 90 teams.



Separated separated.

I don't know how to get to say. I love you. Call me right now.

Austin Moon.

What's the Temptation that we have to overcome? Philippians. I was going to ask about the Foxhole.

Wednesday night shows. Bout It Bout It.

God has a plan for you.

I just really hurts for you and told me if I didn't want to do things that are good for you. Bible,, Jesus word and you mix. It talks about no mixture not true. I got some pictures I got on it. The white mixture caught on his word or two.

I'll tell you what.

I will sing.


In your life.

Perfect timing.

Taapsee Pannu.

That's what I said.

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