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The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached #6 (Don't Worry)

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Proposition: Worry is the worst way to deal with the weather of the times. We, as Christians, must learn to turn to God is our times of stress, and we should not fret ourselves over our problems or lack.

Introduction: I need to take these words to heart.

  • Sometimes a preacher has the tendency to preach with the idea that he’s talking to other people, and it’s sometimes hard for him to take that message for himself. It’s not that this is done on purpose, but the preacher sometimes get into the habit of only thinking about what others need and what others doing. Each and every sermon that is preached is for the preacher also, but sometimes there certain sermons that hit the preacher closer than other sermons.
  • That’s the mindset I start with today. Today’s sermon hits close to home for me. I must admit it’s not because of what someone else may be dealing with that is the chief motivation for this sermon. I needed this message in a bad way.
  • This is not to say that I am not concerned about anyone else, but what I am saying is that I understand more clearly the problems outlined in the sermon today.
  • We all have situations in our lives that may cause us to worry, and to be honest, I am a bit worried. My job has me worried. I am worried about my children and their safety. I am worried about bills and money. We will see that it’s not right to worry, but I'm just being honest about how I feel.

I. What Are We Worried About?

  1. Are we worried about the basics necessities life?
    • A safe environment, Food, and Clothing are the Basic necessities of life
    • Do we need more than the basics in order to be content?
  2. There is more to life that the basics.
    • If we are constantly worrying about the basics, then we will miss out on the abundant life that Jesus offers.
    • If we are constantly worrying about more than the basics, then we will not experience the peace that Jesus offers.

II. Why are we worried?

  1. God takes care of animals and vegetation
    • The birds have enough to eat.
    • The lilies of the field are clothed beautifully.
  2. God will take care of us.
    • The birds do not work a job, but are fed
    • The lilies are short live, but God took the time to beautifully clothe them
    • If God would be this concerned about the birds and lilies, then how much more concerned is he about us?
    • Will not God take care of our basic needs?
      • God knows what we need before the need arises.
  3. Worrying does not help
    • We can not change the situation for the good by worrying.
    • Often worrying makes the situation worse.
      • We get sicker, more irritable, and less likely to think clearly

III. What Should we focus on?

  1. Our focus should be on eternal life
  2. Don't worry about tomorrow.
    • Tomorrow may never get here
    • Tomorrow may not happen like how we are worried it will.
    • We have enough issue today to deal with.
      • If we worry about tomorrow's potential problems then we might not deal with the issues of today.

Conclusion Ask, Seek, and Knock.

    • If you have a need, don't worry, but ask God
    • We try to give our children good things, why would God deny us anything good when we ask?
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