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That you may believe when all the wine is gone 2

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Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet,

            Bertrand, 74, Rene’ brother, said,  Rene-Thierry had begun investing with Bernard Madoff three or four years ago and had a total of $1.4 billion invested with him when the scandal came crashing down earlier in December.  Rene-Thierry though disappointed initially thought he'd be able to get the money back. He was very determined. Gradually as the days painstakenly unfolded Rene realized he wouldn't be able to recover financially.  Reportedly his wife had cancelled their $25,000 private club membership because they were completely out of money for such things.  Rene had grown depressed and this once joyfilled and jovial guy had lost all of his joy.  Bertrand said, "He trusted Madoff completely".   The rest is history Rene’ decided life was no longer worth living.  His joy was all gone.  Literally the wine in his life was all gone.

At 65, the French financier was found dead at his desk in hisNew York office on Tuesday December 22, both of his wrists slashed. A box cutter and a bottle of sleeping pills lay nearby. Police say it was a suicide.  This morning I’m not going to chide Rene’ for loving his wealth so much as I believe Rene’ “sins” were just very visible while so many of ours are consealed and we work hard to hide them from even our closest friends.  Like Rene’ sometimes through experiences our joy leaves us in a place of despair and loneliness and we need to understand what the disciples understood and act accordingly.  I’m grateful to God that he has neither allowed the Zeal of my neglect, my foolishness, nor the trials of this world to destroy my joy and the joy of many in this church.  But for the grace of a merciful savior all for us could be lost and never return.

What do you do when all the wine is gone?

We have arrived at the seventh day of Jesus public Ministry -  on what John identifies as the Seventh day.  As Jesus inaugrated his public Ministry He selected this occasion to increase the impact of his revelation by the demonstration of a miracleous sign.  This is so similar to the creation account captured in Genesis ( the next day, the next day …)as God further revealed His character on the seventh day of creation.  Each day of Creation brought forth new revelation of God and each day was pronounced Good.  As readers of this gospel we too should anticipate something very good.

Let’s keep in the back of our mind that seven is a special number in the scriptures.  World was created  in 7 days,   by mind

·         On the seventh day God rested, and hallowed it (Gen. 2:2, 3)

·         Seven days in a week

·         number has been called the symbol of perfection, and also the symbol of rest

So on this seventh day of Jesus public ministry Jesus attends a wedding.  He accepts the invitation and along with his disciples ( who have already expressed a belief in him by following him and inviting others to follow him) arrive at the wedding.  Oriental wedding feasts often lasted seven days. The feast followed the groom’s taking of          his bride to his home or his father’s house, before the consummation of the marriage.[1]

It is noteworthy that Jesus attends a feast on this 7th day of his public ministry.

At this feast the mother of Jesus recognizes a problem, a significant problem.  The wine has run out.  The Wine is all gone.

"To fail to provide adequately for the guests would involve social disgrace. In the closely knit communities of Jesus' day, such an error would never be forgotten and would haunt the newly married couple all their lives."108  The loss would not only have been social disgrace, however, but also financial since grooms had a legal responsibility in that culture to provide a suitable feast for their guests.  "Our bridegroom stood to lose financially—say, up to about half the value of the presents Jesus and his party ought to have brought."

Let’s also recognize that during this seven day feast this couple would be treated like royality.  Their friends would meet their every need.  So often this would be the only time in someones life that they would experience this feeling.  Jesus mother somehow knew this was the wrong time to run out of wine and the consequences of doing so.  Not just there is no more wine.  There is no more Joy!  This is an utter disaster. 

Mary, who is never named in the passage turns to Jesus.  This seems to be a step in the right direction Mary knew that Jesus was the Messiah, and she apparently wanted Him to do something that would show who He was to everyone present.  To our supprise in Verse 4 Jesus responds to Mary in yet an unexpected manner. 

"Your concern and mine are not the same"113 or "Madam, that concerns you, not me"114 captures the spirit of the question. Jesus was not dishonoring His mother. He was explaining to her that He would handle the situation, but in His own time and way. Jesus' obedience to His heavenly Father was more important than His obedience to His earthly mother.  This judgement is validated by what Jesus says immediately afterward, “My time has not yet come.” The time (literally “hour”) of Jesus is his death on the cross and his resulting exaltation in glory. In 7.30 and in 8.20, John indicates that Jesus’ opponents were not able to arrest him, because his hour had not yet come.  This is not the day.  Elsewhere Jesus’ time is spoken of as being imminent (12.27; 13.1; 17.1).

The key to us getting a clear picture of what is transpiring is to look at Mary’s response in verse 5.  She turns to the servants and directs them “Do what eever he tells you!”  Oh to have the presence of mind to follow Jesus whenever the wine runs out is precious all by itself.  I tradition of the Great people of God.  Noah did all that God commanded.  Abraham, the next day he got up early and obeyed God.  Moses,& Joshua were commanded to do all that they were commanded in the law. 

The text turns to 6 Stone water Jars holding capable of holding 20-30 gallons of water (120-180 total gallons).

The servant follow Jesus instruction filling the jars with water, then drawing some and taking it to the Master of the banquet.  To his suprise this sample was the best wine of all and he congratulated the bridegroom for the “saving the best till now”

In a passage of this nature we can easily get lost in the number of exciting off ramps leading to nuggets of truth and customs.

·         We can note that this event took place in Cana of Galilee outside of Judea where Jesus was rejected…

·         We can note in the numerology of sevens

·         We can note this was a banquet at the inauguration of Jesus ministry, a banquet that was foretold in the old testament that would introduce the messiah into the world –that banquet which stands as a foreshadow of the millinel banquet that will inaugurate Jesus 1000 year reign on earth.

·         We could note the transformation of water into wine.  As creator Jesus has the power to transform.  Moses transformed water into blood but that was judgment.  But this transformation is powerful and huge because that is what Jesus does.  He transforms.  Jesus transforms water into wine.  But he also transforms lives. 

·         One critic takes this passage and says this is ridiculous.  How can anyone change water into wine.  Wine requires fermentation and that takes time.  This is just a silly fable.  One coal miner protested, I believe this story because in my home Jesus turned wine into furniture, appliances, an attentative father, and a loving husband.  We need to see Jesus’ transforming power and rejoice.  Have you experienced Jesus’ transforming power.  When our wine has run completely out do you see Jesus as the answer?  Far too often when our wine runs out we experience the turmoil and make poor decisions.  We chose substances over relationships, things over people, substitutes instead of the authentic Jesus. What happens when your wine runs out?  Where do you go?  What relief do you seek.

·         This passage clearly teaches Relief is spelled J E S U S!  Joy…

Finally in chapter 1 John has told us in vs 14 And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. [2]   It is important that we see the glory of Jesus in this passage, I believe John’s purpose. 

We see Jesus truth and integrity concerning obey the father and the fathers timing.

We see the truth that Jesus was not reclusive.  He did not shy away from people and was engaging.

We see the truth of his power to transform

We see his glory …what John meant, Jesus internal Character.

·         Jesus is the Bliss of Heaven – Heavens best

·         The brightness of the fathers glory in love and forgiveness.

·         Jesus has glorious moral attitudes

·         Jesus is infinitely perfect

·         Jesus has divine majesty and holiness

·         Jesus is excellent and splendid and glorious

·         That day those five disciples saw a God who gives perfect gifts

·         That day those five disciples saw a God who spoke the truth

·         That day those five disciples saw a God who continually affects good purposes in the lives of his people

·         That day those five disciples saw a God who provides great,  especially in when an embarrassing situation could have ruined the reputation of a young couple just starting out.

·         That day those five disciples swa Jesus Creator with transforming power ----Something more – abundant   ----Something better

·         That day those five disciples saw a God in Jesus Christ that delights to bring more joy, Greater joy , abundant joy, Heighten joy in the lives of his people.

·         That day those five disciple saw a god In Jesus Christ this is the object or our faith and the facilitator of Blessing in our lives.

·         That day in Cana in Galilee those five disciples saw the God of Israel, revealing His Glory, attractive in the person of Jesus Christ and verse 11 says they put their faith in Him!

In 2009 where is your faith?  When the wine runs out were will your faith be?  Not If but when the

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. [3] Romans 15:13


[1]John F. Walvoord, Roy B. Zuck and Dallas Theological Seminary, The Bible Knowledge Commentary : An Exposition of the Scriptures (Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1983-c1985), 2:277-278.

[2]New American Standard Bible : 1995 Update (LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation, 1995), Jn 1:14.

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