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God, we praise you because we do believe that you have given us the gift of of knowing you through knowing your word. Specifically, as we've been reading through the gospel of Mark, the good news Apartments, the story of Jesus. And today we have the story above is an interaction here at the synagogue.

God, I pray that you would open our hearts to the meaning of pray that you would reveal the identity of Jesus. And I pray that you would help us know and understand not just as a general truth. What is this mean? But to us individually, what is this? Truth mean to me that we learned about Jesus, his words in his works. In the ministry. They had praise in Jesus name. Amen.

So if you were with us from the very beginning of our study, then you would know that one of the key things that we said, we would take away of our study from Mark. Is that you would know for yourself. Who is Jesus? If we as you've been coming as we've been studying marks. One of his specific goals is that he would reveal the identity of who Jesus was and he's giving us information. He's telling us the story. The story of is unfolding. And in in Mark chapter 8, which we'll get to, we have Peter's confession of, who Christ is. If you're not familiar with that, encourage you remark, read ahead and see what work that God is doing in life of Simon Peter. But one of the reasons we always come to scripture is not so that we know the story of Jesus, but it is so that we personally know and understand who Jesus is, and what does he mean into my life? And as a result, what do I do with these truths? We believe that the Bible is God's word for us and help us understand. How is life live best. We talk of kids. All the time. We read it. This is not new Sam's creation, but we read a Bible, a little Bible story book when the kids were younger still little. But it says, God's word tells us how life works best and it really is that simple. We go to God's word because we believed that the very author of life one who created all things, the guy who knows, all things reveals to us. How life works best. And so this morning, as we study, we are going to see two things that Mark is going to put in front of us to say here is evidence of who Jesus is number. I told you that the title, The astonishing amazing Jesus because it really is what Marcus is saying. So when we end our our time in the word together today, here's what I want you to know. I want to be able to answer. What was so astonishing about Jesus. I want you to know very specifically, what was so amazing about Jesus. They almost seemed like to do the same thing. We use those words interchangeably. So, I'll, I will show you what Mark is saying, why was Jesus's body? So astonishing people? That that heard him speak. The people that heard him as all his ministry. Why were they astonished? And then we're going to finish this morning with verse 27, because Mark is very specifically leading in the story. He says the people were astonished, she's going to show that they're amazed and then as if reflecting pool, party Bi-Mart tells us You're the question, people were asking among themselves. What is this? What do we just see? What are we doing here? What we just experienced because it didn't fit any box that they have it. So we want to end with Louis Marx, own question. What is this? And so we want to take a look at what is it mean? What does it mean for you to now know why? Jesus a Sonic? Why he amazed? And we want to take a look at. What does it mean? Okay. Now, let's begin. I don't want to take a look at this. First, the first statement this astonished to take a look at verses 21 and 22 Miriam against for now and immediately on the Sabbath, he entered the synagogue and was teaching And they were astonished at his teaching. Free taught them as one who had a story and not as described. Let me unpack a few things. First of all, this idea of going to the synagogue, the synagogue was what is the place where the Jews would gather? The synagogue begins to become a part of the Jewish cultural life is if you know the Old Testament or you don't, there was a time where the Jews worship by going to Temple. But after the temple was destroyed after they were kicked out of there, when the Jews began to basically build Senegal to be very similar to what we are doing today. They built the place. Where did you should come together? Naked, read God's word and pray. Now at synagogue, you would have somebody typically a rabbi or a scribe, who would take the scroll. So today we have our, a written copy of the Bible, each of you probably have it. You also have it on your phone in these times. It was very rare to have the word of God and the fact he was, it was truly almost a sacred thing to have the written word. And so you would have a copy of the, the Hebrew, the Hebrew scripture from the Old Testament and they could be on a scroll. And the way that they would begin, if there was a teacher or they had the scribes and they had the rabbi's that attended the synagogue. Sometimes you have a visiting teacher and they would invite that visiting teacher to take the scroll to come and read the scroll and then interpret very similar to what we're doing today. We read God's word and then we discussed together. What is the meaning of this text? So when we come to this scripture, Jesus, that the scene is Jesus has come to a synagogue. He's recognized as a teacher and he's asked to share that the dinette scroll, he would have read a scripture, and then he would have shared the meaning of that text. Now, who was described the scribes or the one in charge of literally copying down those Sacred Scriptures. They need help and it's deemed place in the Jewish culture. They were in many ways because not only did they handle the, the the topping in the care of those Scrolls, but they were the ones who because they were so highly regarded. They were basically, like your civil lawyers. When there was a dispute, you went to an awesome time to describe, describe because he knew God wall. He absolutely respect.

And so this is not somebody that when we see the comparison to Jesus pop, not as long as fried, you need to understand. There's not a lot of higher positions in the Jewish culture. You had Pharisees, we had scribes, we had Rabbi your teachers with just to give you an idea. The setting is a synagogue much like we're here, we're gathered and they're recognizing that when Jesus teaches he doesn't teach like a scribe. No.

I want to get to the next word here in. This is the help us understand us.

When we use the word, I don't know what we're beat. We coming to use in. My generation was off and we always take something is awesome. I don't know what the new word is in today's culture. I don't know if I use the maze a lot. Sometimes. You feel like a crazy man, crazy, good. When your mind is like that where you recognize, you just encountered something that you've never encountered before the word here for astounding we could use many different ways with the the best word picture. I can give you as I was trying to research with it said it was literally like being struck in the face, but and knocked unconscious but not physically unconscious because it mayn't like butt in your mind. You're you, you are so strapped by what you've heard. That you're knocked out of your senses and you ever use that word. I don't have, we've used it as a threat to people. Am I going to knock you out of your senses and 4th of this word? What they're saying was, when they heard the teaching of Jesus, they were literally knocked out of their senses. And what I think that means is they had no box even process the way that Jesus taught them. Now. If you understand that astonished. So, basically, thinking and Counting me something. That was so unique that you couldn't process or understand what you had just seen. I don't know if if that happened to you in your life. I know that sometimes that's happening here. Right? Have you ever had something ever happened? You were immediately like you get that sick feeling in your stomach and your, you have a hard time processing. What, what just happened? I've had that happen in fear. This seems to be the reality that sat there in a setting where someone teaches and it's so rock their understanding of, I've never heard anyone, describe a rabbi talk like this. So you got a completely unique kind of like when Rabbi Gamaliel talk to us what they're saying was no we don't have the comparison at all. Do what? We just heard it. Let me explain a little bit about why. Because what it says is they were astonished at the teaching. For. He taught them as one who had Authority. I want to dig a little deeper in this. This work is, what does it mean? If I do, if you read the gospels Matthew Mark, Luke Ford on the stories of Jesus. You actually encounter. This is why is people will often comment. He teaching, as long as it's already a lot myself. And I never have research to figure out what this is actually mean, in general. I think, I know what I mean. So, I did some some bigger, Dippin deep deeper.

Why would you trust me thing? I say after that, I dug deeper.

And this idea of authority, this word is specifically once again when it's helpful will take a look at the original languages. I'm not a scholar, but there's the word here cuz I figured out what's exousia it? Specifically almost always use when referring to God's own authority. And so, they weren't saying the comparison is not. He's teaching like one of the scribes or one of the rabbis and he has more Authority. They're saying we get sent. This man is teaching as if he was God himself. Continue with the Ford. I only think of authority has to mean that, you might think of and we'll take a look. The first In this, passage will take a look at the second. The first ever had somebody can reproach you,, but in that arrogant condescending way and you say you are somebody thinks they they actually have position where they can tell you what to do for you. You run into somebody who is telling you to do something immediately. I don't think you're talking to the right guy because I'm not the beginner here. You are somehow stepped in and immediate question. Is it? So we come to Authority like who are you if somebody tells you who are you to have authority over me? Or if, if we're talking about expert, norfield, who are you to tell me about your expertise or what? You know, I should be teaching you. So this is the first idea of authority is basically do. You, are you in a story? Tate, a person? Do you have the right to be able to say these things? Are you the authorized representative? That's the first question. And then that's only when I get to hear the second meaning of this Authority is might, is basically, do you have the ability to have the power to do what you said? We'll get to that in the next but so this idea of a story Jesus preachers in the synagogue, in the people are literally knocked out of their senses. If we were to make a more direct translation because they don't know how to properly understand what they have just heard. Because this man who is teaching was teaching as if he was representing. God himself that he was revealing got himself an example. Just so we moved from the more bed to the West Bay.

I don't think this is in the notes to let me just turn to Matthew 5.

And let me show you a specific example where Jesus is teaching with authority. So you understand. Yes, I get it. He wasn't teaching like the normal fries. Saint Matthew 5 verse chapters 5 through 7 really record, a lot of Jesus teachings on the kingdom. And in verse 21, through example. Matthew 5:21, Jesus is teaching and he said, you have heard it said to those of old, you shall not murder and whoever murders will be held liable to describe. Normally do they would read and then they would interpret, but they never referred to themselves as the authority. They wouldn't refer to other writings. So they would always refer to certain rabbis. Where they would prefer to traditions. But you notice how Jesus started because you have hers. So basically you've been taught by other rabbis or scribes and then he says, but I said that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment. They're so very clearly you've heard this. This is the way you've heard a thought but I said I said, there's another one Matthew 5:27 you suppose. You have heard it said You shall not commit adultery, but I say to you, everyone looks at a woman with Watson and tank already committed adultery with her. In his heart is not basically standing in the middle of saying. I'm the one who interprets. What the meaning was. I know you have your interpretation through your scribe's and through your rabbis or through tradition and Jesus. You've heard this, what I hear is I am telling you the heart behind it. You have heard what lust is. I'm telling you the heart behind it. Years and years. No shocking. Is that Jesus says in 5:43, you have heard. It said You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemies, but I save you love your enemies. And pray for those who persecute Jesus is very clearly come into stopping and saying, I know what you've heard and I know what you believe about the scriptures, but I'm stuck in his authority to truly interpret, God's heart. In God's Will, and each of these things on anger, unwashed on Levi enemies. Okay. Did you have a little better understanding of what they may have seen and understood nobody had ever taught like that. Nobody hears. What you her, but I'm going to tell you me, I'm stepping into the authority. So very simply. Here's the answer to the first question. What Spanish the people about Jesus and it was this Jesus talked with the very authority of God, simple question. Simple question, simple answer, Jesus taught with the very authority of God. That is what amazed the people. I'm going to take a little bit longer leopard. Read verses 23 to 28. Let me read them again for you. It says it immediately, there was no synagogue, a man with an unclean spirit and he cried out. What have you to do with us? Jesus of Nazareth. Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are. The Holy One of God. What Jesus rebuking saying, be silent and come out of him and the unclean Spirit convulsing him and crying out with a loud voice. Came out of him? In verse 27 says, and they were all amazed. So that they question among themselves. What is this? A new teaching with authority? He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him. And that once his Fame spread everywhere throughout all the surrounding region of Galilee a few things. I want you to see about this scenario. So Jesus has finished teaching. He is finished interpreting a text. And we have a man with unclean Spirit. We would also called it. This would become a demon and we'll take a look at a building healthy theology demons and in what should be our foundation understand was taking place. But here's what I want you to see. We've already seen in Jesus Temptation that the devil is real, right? So if you were with us on our journey, we've already kind of pulled back the the the B cover here and then spits on the truth is that there's good and there's evil immediately after Jesus baptize you out in the the desert and it being tempted by safe. When we took a look at who Satan is an adversary that he's the father of lies. He's a tempter. And so he immediately try to come say we're going to see immediately that again and again the the the kingdom that Jesus was claiming the kingdom of what we call life is going to run up against the dark. And we're going to see that play out here. Just has finished teaching and literally a man stands up. Now. I want you to see something that's amazing. So if we talk about demons or unclean spirit, this would be in reality, Jesus. Enemy, right? This, this is the, the Bible tells us more tools to take a look at it to see if I steal kill and destroy, but I've come to give you life, we're talking about

A demon makes himself known and I want you to know here is what happens when the king of light comes into contact with the king of Darkness. You might think if their enemies that the demon will try to assert himself would try to injure. Somebody would try to introduce would try to injure. Others might think, is a lot of things that might happen. If you have two kingdoms in existing side by side and there truly was a fight in the struggle for, who is control, what you see is not a fun, not a struggle. You're going to see the king of Darkness. Step Up recognized king of lightning, simply acknowledge. Who is, it's only thing you could do is take a look at what happened to you. The first thing that unclean spirit says, it's a question because what have you to do with us? Jesus of Nazareth birthday? We see if the demon recognize Jesus identity immediately. The demon knows who Jesus is. In fact, if you want to get in Theology of firms that he's human, that Jesus was not just God. He was gone and flashy was incarnate. He called him, Jesus of Nazareth. Secondly, the demon acknowledges Jesus power, he does. Have you come to destroy us? It's a question. He recognizes you. Jesus is in immediately, honestly, if you think Satan and demons or we call fallen angels exist to fight against the plans of God and here we have the Kingdom of Light coming into contact with the kings of darkness. And what's going to happen. You might think there might be a struggle, but she's going to come out on top. Let Me Tell You, Folks? No fight. No struggle. There is one thing that happens is unclean Spirit, recognize you decide, any, he affirms. The Jesus has power over him and then he affirms Jesus, as the Holy One of God. After he does those three things immediately. Just by his words. Jesus shows his power over the demon by simply speaking. The spirit. Oh wait.

So the second thing I want you to see is what amazed the people about Jesus. Now, if you were in that room, you're in the synagogue on me. When we read the scriptures. We are Western world that we probably don't see it. A lot. Don't talk about a lot. But the reality is there, when we read the scriptures. God is real. His angels are real, Satan is real demons are real. It's just Fallen Angels, right? And we I want us to go a little deeper so that we can build a geology. I don't want to leave you just there. This is a great opportunity to lay a solid foundation of our understanding of of demons, but here's the second Point. What amazes you about Jesus if this They were amazed at his authority over the unclean, spirits, or demons. He spoke and they obeyed. Astonished at his preaching, his preaching had Authority or his teaching Carrie, the very authority of God. They were amazed at his power. Right? That was member. I talked about authorities to things for the ball is. Do you have the right? Do you have the right to be talking this way?

Now, if you doubted, whether Jesus have the right, right? Basically, hate talk is cheap. Show me, right? We have, we, we think about that often. Don't tell me. Show me. They did see Jesus. They saw his authority to teaching, and now they actually saw the power the stood behind at teaching. So, when he sees an unclean Spirit, Jesus, simply speaks, and the unclean Spirit departs. No fight. No struggle. Jesus has absolute complete authority. Over Satan and over evil. Now, I want to build a theology. I'm going to give you 4 versus going to go through them quickly and I want you to, I want to just mention you, we have seen this before. This is 99 central doctrines is simply a helpful booklet. That outlines theology has the number. I'm just going to point you to the section on demons show me point this out, you have this day is. Alright. This is something that it's a PDF. I can send you, it's just a helpful. Explanation of of many of the different aspects of theology or fade. For example, the Angels, you can go through it and read and find yourself a, a solid foundation for your faith as you read through this. But talk about demons. This is what These are described as demons are Angelic beings. So demons are angels. Send against God and now I'm continually work evil in the world today. It's I drove 16 Secor i31. Luke 10:18 even suppose God and seek to destroy his work. As seen in the Bible, description of Satan, the head of demons, who seeks to steal or steal kill and destroy the demons have power. They are limited by God's control. Can only Act of God permits in the end for which it is originally created. Now, we talk about unclean spirits of who they are. Let me give you four packages inside, right? We were just introduced to the reality of unclean spirits, or demon possession. We saw in the ministry of Jesus. I want to give you for scriptures to help you understand. One of these are the scriptures that help us build a space in the promises of God, rather than a sphere. A blind kind of fear of the reality of evil, which we know. But we often times don't have proper boxes. So I don't have these in in. Do you have these tests actually, okay, if you genes 6:10 through 13, This is just a reality that evil exists in the battle was real 613. If you're taking notes, finally, be strong in the Lord in the strength of his might put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we wrestle against flesh or not. Try again for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. But against the rulers against the authorities, against the cosmic Powers over this present, Darkness against the spiritual forces of evil in the Heavenly places, and then we're told therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand firm. All right. So, what is the armor of God? The armor of God has his promises that he's given to us in the scripture when take a look. So this is the reality evil does exist. And there is a battle that is not just against flesh-and-blood 1st, John 3:8. You got to understand. Jesus is a double Destroyer. Whoever makes the practice of sinning is of the devil for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. But look at this, but the reason the Son of God appear was to destroy the works of the devil. This is what you see happening in the gospel of Mark. Jesus is coming in immediately by unclean Spirit, recognized him. And all I can do is recognize his authority. But why why it one of the reasons you just came it was to destroy the works of the devil and you saw it immediately. The man was being afflicted by this unclean spirit is cast out. John 10, 10 through 11 references passes multiple times, but here's what I want you to see. Jesus has come not only to work against the devil, but he's come to give you life and bring you safely home. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that you may have life and have it. Abundantly, Jesus died and the Good Shepherd, Good Shepherd, lays down his life for the Sheep. Jesus came not only to destroy the works of the devil. He came to fight against all that Satan is doing, and Jesus is going to lay his life down. Jesus is come that you might know. One. He came to give you life in the here and now, and he's laid down his life to bring you safely home. You need to know these promises. When we understand the reality that sin exists, the evil exists, the devil exists and demons exist in our world fighting against God and fighting against us. Lastly, Colossians, 2:14 215. You need to understand that in Jesus death. He triumphed over the rulers and authorities. Colossians 2:14. 215 says by canceling, the record of debt that stood against us with his legal team. And that's the reality that all of us have sinned. And because of that, Satan has a power over us is that he has an accusation in front of God. We are not in the Kingdom of Light, but we are owned by Satan in the kingdom of darkness. Satan can accuse us of sin. And anyone that can be accused of sin is under the power of the evil one, and Jesus comes. And he triumphed over them, because anyone who has Believe In Jesus says, the record has been cancelled the record of debt that stood against you, in his legal demand has been cancelled. It's been nailed to the cross. He's disarmed, the rulers and the authorities and put them to open shame. Now, that first aid, open their eyes to something else. There's rulers. There's authorities, does principalities. And there is, there's a, a, a power of Darkness that exist in this world, right? Well, it's evil exists and evil is fighting against God. I think one of the most natural things that we would see in our world. Is that terrible tragic? Things happened in a world that is broken or evil. And Satan exist and demons exist. They're not responsible for all the things. You can't blame all of my actions. But what I can say is, it's real and God invites us to put on the armor of God. The armor is trusting in God's promises and you need to know. Jesus is the devil, Destroyer. Jesus come to work against the devil to offer you life and bring you safely home. And you need to understand that Jesus has already won. The victory has already one. He's already triumphed over Satan. By giving his life in the cross and removing the accusations. So now you get to walk in Jesus Victory. Okay? Now so the summary, what you need to know is hey, it's real demons can cause true human suffering and Brokenness. Next thing is, but you just have power over. Satan. And I'll just add this one thing that just so that if your processing and maybe making a next connection, there is nobody, nobody that has Believe In Jesus has a spirit of Jesus that can be possessed by the demon. The spirit of Jesus is the spirit of the Living God is in. You you don't he doesn't share you with the devil. If you have accepted Christ into your life. There is no way that the spirit of Satan or a demon can exist in your heart and body. Okay. So just want to make one more connection. That's not the be-all end-all, but I thought we say, hey, we got to make sure when we come in to pass is like this and see the reality in the Brokenness of our world or something that we don't talk about like demons are unclean spirits. You have a solid the ology to say, okay, but I know four things that help me. Say I have faith that you got it and not fear on what's out in this world. Now, I want to bring this home. Because we've taken a look at what was astonishing about, Jesus would take a look at what amazed the people about Jesus. And I want to end with Mark's own question that the people are asking, which is what is this?

I want us to take a quick look. I want to refer to something else and this thing I such a doctrines and it's miracles.

Because what we're going to see is if if just think with me for a second. The Jesus is Jimmy says he is. So he he's coming and he's preaching preaching at this. He has a very authority of God. We see that when he encounters unclean, Spirit Jesus, Lilly shows the power, only God could have ever possessed.

It begs the question. If we see a person who's teaching with God's Authority and who has God's Authority, who is in front of us, but what do you expect and over and over again? When you read the New Testament, did Jesus perform be called Miracles? So here is captain on Peanut Butter, really fits into a larger category will be called me and he's going to give sight to the blind. He was cast out demons. What is able to bring Lazarus back to life? The man who is dead, Jesus able to take disease and, and make it make someone completely whole, right? We'll take the wiper seat using able to speak things into existence since I want to talk about miracles for a second. Miracles. It's number 33 in that are 90 on the fence of doctors that says this, a miracle is an event in which God makes an exception to the Natural order of things for supersede. Natural laws for the purpose of demonstrating, his glory and validating. His message Miracles are recorded throughout the scriptures miraculous signs and wonders. Sometimes evident. When a prophet or apostle was speaking, God's message the people because we believe God to be all-powerful and personally involved in this world. We believe he can and does perform Miracles back. I would say we should expect if there is a God that exists. And he wants us to know about him and we should expect if it got exists who literally created the world. So he is he is he exists in the world is something he created. And we have in this world with there's all kinds of natural Law & Order that our world runs according to there's laws of physics. We, we see an entire realm of natural laws that nobody can break that. We can't break the natural laws. If there's one thing all of us must admit to is that the end of the day, the natural laws that exist. I can't defy the laws of gravity to get up the space. But the reality is that all of us are are basically under the control of Now. It's a normal natural laws that we see are somehow set aside in a way that we know is impossible for a man with Leprosy and it disease does not go from Amex to completely clean by someone speaking a word. In the realm of magic or not talking to run with Spirits, were not talking booty. You were talking about natural laws have been set aside and what can't explain that. The only thing that could explain that is right is magicians. They study a sleight-of-hand or how do I pull off something that looks so real? How to make a coin disappear that you didn't think was there? How do I take your ring and all the sudden, make it move from your hand to somebody else? And what you know is if you watch Magic, then you also know, then you also have all the book, they reveal how they do these tricks. In the reality is we're passing by Magic because it seems to set aside laws that we know that are impossible to break. And it makes us wonder. How did he do the trip? He really loved it, but we're what we wondered. How did he let it like what was behind that? What would Jesus? What we see is a very God who made the universe, because he's got himself is able to step into our world and he is able to enact his law over than any point in time that he wants. What we're seeing is a God, that who not only is proclaiming the guys, but in situations like this demon, or with any of them, your computer's. God, set aside the natural laws. What did we just see? Because apart from a God, who controls all things, we have no answers. In case this is what a miracle is a miracle is the reality that in our own human strength and according to Natural laws. Nothing like this can happen. The only way happens. It's not Magic. It's just a God exists, who created the whole system, who created all things, and created us, literally steps in and speaks what he desires into existence like he did beginning.

I'm so this is where I want to end.

Jesus words and his his Works. Leave us with one undeniable conclusion. In the person of Jesus God himself, has come near God, sharing it, his messages with a message as far as who he is and how we can enter into the life that he's giving. And we back up just a few verses. What we know is that the kingdom that he is come from claiming that we can enter is true. He has invited us to repent and believe in the Kingdom. We know that the kingdom to Jesus is inviting us to enter is true. Maybe if I would just give you a physical make, maybe a mental image. The other day. I was watching something on the forces of nature like to watch documentaries and things, right? And I was watching the episode was about the the single largest grouping of tornadoes. We have ever seen in the world and it was in the middle of the US and they, they had categories of tornadoes. And 4/2 hours, this one area of land covered several States experienced, the largest concentration. I think it was Category, 5 hurricanes tornadoes.

And I was just watching the video was amazing. As you would see, the tornado, forming the clouds and all the sudden. You can't see it touchdown. And wherever it touch down. There was, there was a Visual Evidence in the destruction would have brought it was it was my number and it literally was just picking up car and it picked up houses. You have your, there's a story of tragic nor even an elderly man and his wife and they were trying to run for safety. He's holding his wife's hand and because of the force of the storm. He literally picked her up and carried her away, not by feet. Not 15 ft. They don't know. Where did the tornado literally picked her up and carried her off between us are natural forces of amazing instruction. It's all based on the laws of physics of cold air in hot air and how did he get to come together? But when they come together and they catch Brown, here's what you see. You see a path of destruction. LensCrafters wake. The best thing I can tell you what we saw is to help us understand. Is that, when, when Jesus in in the, in the person of Jesus, and in the power of Jesus in the authorities that the Kingdom of Heaven has touched down and everywhere, there is not a path of Destruction. There is a path of life. And healing and everybody who comes into contact with Jesus, this Supernatural force. Not a natural force of a tornado. Is that the literally, they're sealed their shame that everything that they knew was different. They heard of different masses. They heard a message and they also saw the power of God of power. They couldn't explain as I was reaching and grasping forgot. How do I only thing I can think of is shops in recognizing that is, what Satan desires a path of destruction.

Trace to Satan and his demons and in sin. And alongside comes this, this other Supernatural force that we have no words for but Jesus began to speak. Definition saying here is poohgottie and here is his tank and then Jesus begins to invite us into knowing and following and everything that is in Jesus, which is healed is cooking.

I'm so, What is this? I told you were in town. What it means for you. So here's my question. So just do you process. I can't tell you what, I can tell you objectively what the text means. So I can tell you what it means for you because I can just take this text reply. What do you choose mean? I can't tell you what it means to you. That's you. I want talk about what it means for. You only, you can talk about what it means to you to hear question one. What would it mean if your search for authority of Truth, how to build your life ended?

Because in Jesus, if this passage is true, she just came teaching in the very authority of God and telling us about God, and his kingdom and how we enter into his kingdom. He's giving us the singular truth. We're building our entire lives on the changes everything. My first question is, if we understand the text, what is founded? The people was that they came into contact with God himself teaching in the synagogue.

Astonish them. Some first question, what would it mean to you? If your search for authoritative truth ended because that's what we're seeing in Jesus teaching. My follow-up question for that if you're still not sure what it was simply. This then where is the authoritative? Truth that you're building a life on? I don't say that in a negative way. Condemi way. I simply wanted. If Jesus is not the truth, you're building on, don't like what is the source is? It you is it something else?

What is the stores that your building on? I'd be honest with yourself. Where would where you get truths to build your life on? Where are you? Finding that? Second question on ask, what would it mean to you to know that evil does exist and Brokenness and hurt exist? And it's real. But the whole that truth against the true that Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil and bring you safely home. Because that's what it means. Jesus power. Is that evil is real. Satan is real. The Works of the devil are real but something greater than Satan is here. What would it mean to you? The confidence that I know the guys who has power over all things, what I mean? What kind of peace and joy? What might that provide?

If you're still processing that question, my follow-up questions to