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What time is it?

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As we navigate through perilous times , we look for answers. We have learned to look for answers from various sources and in various ways. There are some people who will not get out of bed before they have read their horoscope. Others call the mystics, consult crytals or tea leaves. Some depend merely on technology so they tend to study the news and financial reports , you know the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq. We all want to know what is happening. This is not a new development for men have long sought to want to know what is going to happen. In the time of ancient Israel , a position was created that sought to give people that heads up. For in those days the main concern was advance notice of trouble, so that had someone serve as a sentinel, a guard , a watchman. This watchman usually stood in a tower or up on a wall, and his main duty was to look out to see if an enemy was approaching so that he could give advance warning of an attack. his warning would allow the people to get prepared. if he was the night watchman ,he also had the added duty to annouce the coming of the day.
Come with me to the Book of Isaiah, the 21st chapter the 11 and 12 the verses.
Isaiah 21:11–12 NLT
This message came to me concerning Edom: Someone from Edom keeps calling to me, “Watchman, how much longer until morning? When will the night be over?” The watchman replies, “Morning is coming, but night will soon return. If you wish to ask again, then come back and ask.”
Father God ,I come before you himbly, asking your guidance and power. I ask that you give me that spirit that makes preaching not only easy, but worthwhile. Father let these words of mine strengthen a saint or more importantly bring someone to the altar asking what must I do to be saved. I give you all the honor and the praise because only you are wothy of honor and praise.
What time is it?
This scripture comes from the prophet Isaiah. Interesting enough this prophesy is not about Israel but its neighbor Edom. Edom was descended fro Esau, not Issac as was Israel athough both are Abraham sons.
Edom had been in constant contention with Israel but the Isaiah speaks to Edom all the same. Now I have told you about watchman and there purpose in the world at the time of Isaiah.
Watchman still exist. we have night watchman that guard businesses and homes. We have early warning systems , radar that notify of of potential threats to our counrty, so although the roles of the watchman has changed , the idea still exist.
If we read scripture we will find that God has also set watchman. He set watchman to serve as sentinels for spirtual safety rather than physical safety. God told Ezekiel that he was a watchman on the wall. And so these spiritual watchman, these men of God also had the duty to warn. These spirtual watchman also had the duty to let the people know what was happening. Isaiah the prophet was one of these spritual watchman.

How long?

The question asked to the watchman was how long ?
Many of us are looking for an answer to that question How long?
How long will I struggle?
How long will I be in pain?
How long will there be Covid?
How long must I patient?
How long must i wait?
How long?
And when the question is asked , we seek answers for every source but the true source.
Jesus tells us to get right now, for he says their is a night that is coming in which no man can work.
Jesus tells us repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.
Jesus says how can you say you love me ,if you don’t obey me.
Sometimes the watchman must speak,
I feel like watchman this morning , can I cry out like the prophet Isaiah!.
Can I look over in the distance and see trouble and call out , morning is coming, but their is another night!
Can I tell you that it is night time because we don’t
For the question is asked not only by you ,but the question is asked by God!
How long will you ignore the Lord your God?
How long will you be disobedient?
How long will you live in sin?
How long will chase other Gods?
How long will fail to worship me?
How long ?
I beleive that if you answer God’s question in a positve response. he will answer your question with a positive answer.
How long not long!
How long will you suffer, how long not long because I am a comforter!
How long will I be sick, how long not long because I am a healer!
How long will I be separated,
How long ,not long for I will draw all men onto me!

What time is it?

The ancient watchman also had the duty to tell folks when the day was coming for the second question asked was When will night be over?
I know today we have all sort’s of gadgets to tell us what time it is.
We have alarm clocks, smart phones, smart and dumbwatches. Computers , and weatherman that tell us when the sun will rise. And so we feel as if ther is no need for someone to announce what time the night will be over. And while I agree that these modern conveniences can assist us in in trying to determine whether it is am or pm, and whether sun may rise and the sum may set. And forcasters may tell us when to expect rain. i know who makes the sun rise, and the rain fall. You see i know somebody went to sleep last night expecting clock to wake them up, and their eyes opened in glory. i don’t think you heard me.
I said somebody was counting on a clock to ring this morning, but when it ring, they could not hear it.
somebody smart watch is just a keepsake, somebody computer just a piece of equipment.
Because when i ask what time is it ? I am telling you it is time to get right with God!
When i ask what time is ,I am telling you the rows are getting shorter
When I ask what time it is I see the writing on the wall.
Oh it is a praying time!
What time is it.
it is time to get on your knees and pray!
What time is it ?
it is time to praise him like you know who he is!
What time is it?
it is time to to stop your procrastination and choose God!
What time is it ?
It is time to serve him like you know whio he is!
What time is it?
It is time for everything that has breath to praise him!
What time is it ?
it is time saints
It is time to put ye first the Kingdom of God!
What time is it
it is time to
Come to Jesus?
What time is it?
it is time to choice!
What time is it?
it your time !
yout time to choice!
what time is it
it your time to make a difference.
because daytime coming>
yes day time is coming
nightime is ending and joy comes i nthe morning
Morning is coming and the man called Jesus is coming back
Morning is coming and their is !
healing in the morning
Morning is coming
and their is piece in the morning!
Morning is coming and there is salvation in he morning.
Anybody here want to see morning!
Anybody here want to see the bright and morning Star ,any body here want to see Jesus !
How long not long!
what time is it
it is Jesus time !
When , right now
who you
you got to live right!
you got to be right !
You got to do right!
What time is it?
it your time
Becaue it is Jesus’ Time
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