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Salvation seems like such an elementary principle.
Salvation means the difference between eternal hellfire or eternal blessedness.
So it is not a topic to be ignored.
Also if it is so simple when is the last time you talked to someone about salvation?
have you ever.
When Night Time Comes
How many of us get down in the dumps when night time comes?
How many of us ponder the deep things of life when darkness comes?
Or does shame sometimes control your actions?
When we read this passage I think it is important to pay attention to a detail in verse 2. What time did Nicodemus come to Jesus?
When we get put in a position where our backs are against the wall.
It can make us come to terms with our mortality.
Our fragility.
No matter who you are at some point you come to that point in life.
In that moment you gonna search for answers or ways to ignore.
Regardless of Nicodemus’ reasoning when night time came he had to go search for answers.
He could not sleep without answers.
When night time comes in your life don’t run to all these wrong places.
Do like Nick and run to Jesus seeking answers.
Go open your Bible, send me a text or call to talk about your Bible questions.
You tired of being alone?
You tried of being out of peace?
You tired of feeling hopeless?
Run to the cross.
Tonight we are gonna talk about what this passage teaches us about salvation
What Does it Mean to be Born Again?
You cannot see the kingdom of God unless you are born again.
What does that mean?
So we have all been born into a physical life full of life.
We are able to enjoy and understand this life because we are alive in it.
We are able to understand spiritual things and enjoy the spiritual realm of life only if we are born into it.
When you were physically born you were not born into this spiritual world, you were born dead to it.
So if you are to enjoy the spiritual world.
You must be birthed into it.
You need to be made alive in it.
That is why you need to be born again.
I kind of like using the example of being a zombie for the lost.
You are dead to everything that matters, mindlessly wandering, making things worse and causing the living to have to always to be ready for battle.
A zombie is hopeless doomed for death and don’t have the capacity to realize it unless extreme intervention.
Some zombies can be “redeemed” if someone has the antidote.
After being given this antidote your senses come to life, your heart starts to beat.
Being born again is Jesus breathing spiritual life into you.
Can Salvation Be Lost?
Is salvation permanent?
Can it be lost?
To answer that question let me ask you a question.
Can you be unborn (like physically)?
It is impossible.
You cannot be unborn.
I am a firm believer in:
Once saved, always saved.
One because Jesus uses this example.
I don’t think Jesus would have used this comparison if it were not the issue.
Romans 12 talks about the mind being transformed.
Your mind gets transformed by the Spirit you are not going to want to go back to being dead.
How many living people are gonna look at a zombie and be like that is what I want for my life.
Also Philippians 1:6 makes it clear that God will complete his good works.
Salvation is a good work and God is not a liar.
He will finish what he started.
You probably wondering about those who were involved in church and active in their faith but then ended up going off the deep end and living a wild life.
The answer is simple.
They were not really saved in the beginning.
Scripture tells us that the devil can appear as an angel of light 2 Corinthians 11:14-15
Mathew 7:22-23 tells us:
Scripture makes it very clear someone can fake salvation.
They can make themselves look like a Christian.
People can fake it and the fakers know the true nature of their heart, until becomes hardened but then Scripture still can break through that hardened heart.
That probable leaves you wondering how can you be sure of your salvation.
Which brings you to our next point.
Fruit of the Spirit
The fruit does not lie.
The fruit shows the nature of the heart.
You look close enough at plastic fruit and real fruit you can tell which one is what.
the characteristics of Galatians 5:22-23 can be faked only to an extent.
Love- You can make people think you love all.
But can you fake the inward emotions you feel towards people?
Joy- Again you can fake to an extent feeling joyous, but on the inside you know rather or not if you feel hopeful or hopeless
Peace- You can tell people you have peace but again you know rather or not if you have sustaining peace
Patience- Patience is not something i think can be faked.
Patience is something most people struggle with.
If you are growing in patience it is a pretty good sign
Kindness- Anyone can show kindness, but not all can show godly kindness regularly.
Putting others before yourself (Philippians 2:3-4)
Goodness- Can you be consistent?
Faithfulness- What priority is God in your life?
Gentleness- How do you treat others?
Self-control- How easy can you tell yourself no?
Now the characteristics of the zombie nation are
Sexual immorality- can you chase down sexual sin without conviction.
Can you look at porn guilt free?
Can you sleep around without feeling guilty?
Impurity- Can you have sins in your life and justify it without conviction?
Sensuality- Is your life more about what feels good?
Or what is right?
Idolatry- What has priority in your life?
What does the actions point to?
Sorcery- Do you fool with witchcraft?
Do you welcome the devil?
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