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How to Handle Your Haters

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How to Handle Haters

Every now and then I get hated on.  And what is most aggravating and annoying is the fact that you can mind your own business and still get hated on.  Even though that you are not in their business and you don’t concern yourself with what they are doing it seems like they are always in your business and always concerning themselves with what you are doing?   And you ask the question why are they hating on me they are better off than me, why are they hating on me they have more that I have, why are they hating on me they are living better than me, why are they hating on me, they are riding better than me .  But what I have come to understand is that even though they may be better off than you, even though they are riding better than you, eventhough they are living better than you, eventhough it may seem like they have more than you, the difference is that you have something that they don’t have and what you have that they don’t have they don’t want you to have it.  Whatever you have they say it’s not good enough, what you are blessed with they say you got it the wrong way.  What ever you get they say that something is wrong with it. And the only reason they say that something is wrong with it is because they don’t have it, the reason why they say you got it the wrong way because they did not get it.  The reason why it is not good enough, is because they don’t have it.

It is in this text David has slayed the giant Goliath and it’s a time of celebration in which the nation of Isreal has overcome the Philistines.  But just as everyone else is celebrating over the victory, the Bible declares that  King Saul starts hating because he now feels threatened because of the response from the women who sing saying that Saul killed his thousands and David killed his ten thousands.  And I don’t know but it seems like to me that the haters really don’t start hating until God has done or is doing something great in your life.  They did not have nothing to say as long as you were working at Brookshire’s, but the minute they heard that you were enrolling in college they started hating.  They had no problem as long as you rode the bicycle, but when they found out you had the BMW, Benz, Lexus they started hating.  They were okay that you were their co-worker, but when they found out that you were their new supervisor, they started hating.

I could not help but notice that the scripture declared that after hearing the women singing the song that king Saul was wroth and displeased. The word wroth in the Hebrew literally means hot, furious and the word displeased means to quiver or shake.  He says that they are giving more credit to David than they are me.  And the scripture declares that Saul eyed David from that day forward.  The word eyed means to watch with jealousy or to pay close attention to someone, implying having a bad feeling about the object being watched.  So in other words Saul became so angry that he started shaking. And the reason why he got so angry was because the folk gave more credit to David than him.  And from that day forward Saul started watching David jealously.  Saul could not enjoy what he did have because he was too busy watching David.  You can’t really enjoy what you do have because you are too busy watching what somebody else has.  You see David had the crowd but Saul still had the crown.  And Saul could not enjoy the crown because he was too busy focusing on the crowd.  And you really would not have noticed it until other folk start talking about it.   

What do you do, when they scandalize your name?  What do you do when they assassinate your character?  What do you do when they disrespect you?  What do you do when they hurt your feelings? What do you do when the same one talk you up when they are before you is the same one that talks you down when they are behind you?    What do you do when you find out who you thought was your ally was really your adversary?  What do you do when the one you helped is the one trying to hurt you?   What do you do when the one that talks to you is the one that talks about you?  What do you do when the one that looks like is pushing you up is really pulling you down?  How do you handle the haters?

First of all, recognize who you are dealing with.  When we get upset, angry, and frustrated with the haters we fail to recognize that it is not the hater that you are dealing with.  Because when you look at the big picture it is a demonic attack in disguise.  In other words, the real person that you are dealing with is really someone that is hiding behind the hater and that is the enemy. And when I recognize who I am dealing with then I don’t try to deal with him by trying to get even, I deal with him with the Word of God. If you get hated on because the Lord blessed you with a new house, recognize its nobody but the devil.  If you get comments about you having your own business, recognize it’s the devil.  If you get another church talking down what God is helping you to do, recognize it’s the devil.  And when you recognize that it is the devil that you are dealing with you will not fall for the devil’s favorite tool of deception.  And if he can deceive you into getting angry and frustrated with your brother or sister, then you react by saying something or doing something that is out of line with God.  And when you get out of line with God, the devil has just done his job.    Stop fusing and fighting with that other brother that is hating on you.  Stop going toe to toe with them.  You save your energy for the work.

Rejoice when the haters hate…The reason you should rejoice when the haters hate is because haters never hate on somebody that is not doing anything.  Haters only hate on folks that are doing something.  If David would have never defeated the giant then the women would not have anything to sing about and Saul would not have started hating.  But because David was doing something then David was attacked. And I get delight in when they hate because that lets me know that God is getting ready to do something great or God has done something great.

Not only does it let me know that I am doing something .  But it also lets me know that I am doing the right thing.  You see if I am doing something wrong, haters really don’t have nothing to hate on you about.  And the reason they have nothing to say because if you are doing wrong and they believe that they are doing right, they don’t have to say anything to try to push you down beneath them.  But it is when I am doing the right thing.  When I am going the right direction, when I am saying the right thing that is when I get attacked. Go on and talk about me when the Lord blesses me.  Go on and talk about what I can’t do.  Go on and talk about the accomplishment that the Lord has blessed me with.  That just gives me joy in knowing that I am doing the right thing.

 Remember the battle is not yours…  You must understand that whenever the haters attack you they are not fighting against you, but they are really fighting against God.  And I know that there have been lot of people that have tried to fight against God but they lost.  Goliath tried to fight against Him and he lost his head.  Pharoah tried to fight against Him and drowned in the Red Sea.  Herod tried to fight against Him and the worms got him.  Stop trying to fight with the haters because if you try to get them back say something back to them, you have taken the focus off the mission and you have started focusing on them. It is not your job, it’s not my job to take care of the haters. That’s God’s job.  My job is stick with the mission.  And if He took care of Goliath and He took care of Pharoah, then I just believe that He will take care of my haters.

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